August 21 2009

Contest: Kettlebellin’ like Magellan

By Mark Sisson

The Prize:

A kettlebell! You know it’s Primal. You know I like ’em. Time to get one. GoFit makes an assortment of heavy Primal objects, and their colorful kettlebells top the list. The winner will receive his/her choice of kettlebell (between 7 and 45lbs). If you don’t win, you can grab your own at And if you’ve already have a kettlebell, GoFit makes some tricked out pull up bars, medicine balls, and weight vests.

The Contest:

This one is super simple. Sign up for the newsletter. That’s it. If you sign up, you’re entered to win. How do you sign up? Enter your (real) email address in the field under “Weekly Newsletter” at the top of the column to the right. Click “Subscribe” and you’re done.

And if you’ve already signed up for the newsletter, you’re already entered to win; you don’t have to do a thing!


This prize is only available to residents of the 48 contiguous states. [If you don’t live in the U.S. and you win, I’ll ship you a bottle of my Master Formula instead, and the kettlebell will go to an alternate winner.]

The Contest End Time:

Midnight, tonight! (PST)

How the Winner Will Be Determined:

A random drawing will be held among everyone who is signed up for the newsletter.

To track all the contests visit The Primal Blueprint Health Challenge Contest Page for daily updates.

Visit The Primal Blueprint Health Challenge for challenge details.

[SPECIAL NOTE: We don’t have any evidence that Magellan did any actual kettlebellin’, but he sure would have been ripped if he did.]

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9 thoughts on “Contest: Kettlebellin’ like Magellan”

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  1. Err, the title says “kettlebell”, but further down it says “the mace will go to an alternate winner”. Copy-paste error? 🙂

  2. I’m already signed up for the newsletter, so entering was easier than typing “Marksdailyapple” into my web browser!

    What a coincidence, I just bought my first set of kettlebells on my way home from work yesterday afternoon! Both are 25 pounders and I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet. I actually reviewed Mark’s earlier post on kettlebells before making the purchase and discovered that two of the three video links are no longer functional.

  3. Choice of weight? Awesome! The heaviest thing I own is a 12-lb medicine ball. It would be great to have something heavier around the house for when I need to work out some aggression.

  4. I hope I finally win one of these! This would be the ultimate prize for me…wow. I can’t even express how great it would be!

  5. Kettlebells are so versatile. I throw my 1 pood (35lbs) bell in a backpack with some towels for padding and then go hiking/sprinting/etc.

  6. I have blast straps & a pull-up bar, so this kettlebell would be the perfect addition to the collection.

    GoFit’s gravity bar is pretty cool.

  7. Mark, we’ve recently launched a new website at GoFit.Net and many of our links have changed. Feel free to come by the new site or shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to help with link updates!

    Keep up the good work!