How I Take My Coffee

I’ve got another awesome success story coming up later this morning, but first…coffee.

As I said on Friday, I take my coffee very seriously. So, no April Fool’s here. Just a great giveaway for any coffee lover out there…

I’m not a breakfast eater as many of you know. As a result, my morning coffee is important to me. It’s a sensory experience I enjoy as well as a ritual that kicks off my day. Sure, the caffeine offers a little pick-me-up, but I make it count nutritionally with a collagen boost, too.

I love Caveman Coffee, and it’s my favorite brand of beans to start with. After grinding those fresh (one of the great sensory pleasures of human existence), I pour them into my French press—the only way I make coffee. Once I add the hot water, I’ll let that sit for a couple minutes. In the meantime, I put one scoop of Vanilla Collagen Fuel in my cup and add just a bit of my prepared coffee—not quite a 1/4 cup. I’ll stir it up (the best way to blend everything in my experience), then pour in the rest of my coffee and enjoy!

Here’s what it all looks like, plus a little commentary on coffee and collagen for a morning fasting routine.

Let me know how YOU take your coffee. (I’m always up for new ideas.) Have a great week.

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Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. Coffee equals black.

    Plain and simple. I do like the occasional bullet proof coffee.

    1. I like cream (half and half is too sweet) but sometimes I prefer black too. Not sure how I feel about flavored collagen…but I can just put it in a smoothie or something, right?

  2. Make that a cup of hot chocolate instead and I’m all in! 😉

    Looks like you have it down to a science Mark, well done.

    I drink two large glasses of water each morning with 5 grams of d-ribose each (which probably breaks my fast but oh well) and 10 drops each of concentrated minerals. I have my first primal meal at noon, next at 6 PM, and at 8 PM have a cup of bone broth with collegen. I’ll give yours a try when I finish my current batch, which will be soon.

  3. Followed both! Thanks for all of the quality info Mark! Truly improved my health!

  4. I love coffee!!! Almond milk and monk fruit. Followed both on Instagram.

  5. I use San Francisco Coffee Co. organic, biodegradable cups and Straus Family Creamery organic cream from reusable glass bottles.

    1. I like medium roast kona coffee with french vanilla creamer.

  6. I enjoy my coffee in a lot of different ways, but on a daily basis I generally take it black.

    As a treat, sometimes, I’ll do it with some heavy cream and a little bit of maple syrup as a sweetener. Maple syrup and coffee are surprisingly good together.

    I used to do a bulletproof type coffee but I wasn’t getting the benefits from it that were reported, I felt, and I didn’t need the calories.

  7. I entered your coffee giveaway. I’ve been drinking my coffee with your college fuel twice a day for months now. I hate going out for coffee – I am snobby and want my primal kitchen version. I even travel with it. First thing I pack is my coffee kit: coffee hand grinder, press, electric whisk, beans, and collegan. I feel at home even when I travel.

  8. I love coffee and have been hooked on French Silk from Mariposa Coffee but I’m willing to give yours a try. I’m in.

  9. Following both. Thank you Mark and team for such quality information!

  10. I started using collagen in my morning coffee a while back. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one. Sometimes I’ll add some Ceylon cinnamon and a tablespoon of MCT oil also.

  11. Oh man I have always wanted a nice French press. I have one I got from Walmart for around $15. Very small, almost entirely metal and glass, but I had issues with the steel mesh part fraying very quickly and also molding because I let coffee grinds sit in it too long because I ran out of coffee and have 2 toddlers… Anyway the mold would *not* come out of the mesh, but every other part came clean easily, so now I have a meshless French press. A stoneware one sounds beautiful.
    Good luck everyone 🙂

  12. I like my coffee best iced with a butt load of light cream (half & half is too thin and sweet, heavy cream is too thick and… well, heavy).
    But I do really enjoy some cold brew plain and black. If I’m doing what makes my body feel best, I’m drinking it black, or not drinking it at all (I tend toward panicky when caffeinated, plus a host of other symptoms, but oh the benefits! Would love a post on good reasons NOT to consume caffeine).

  13. I’ve been wanting to try a french press !!The coffee sounds delicios?

  14. I put a stick of cinnamon with my grounds then add hot water into my French press while brewing. A splash of heavy cream and a little sugar, yummy

  15. I am simple with my coffe. Actually start the morning with 2 glasses of water then a cup of hot black coffee. I keep it simple. When I have coffe in the afternoon, I like just a little cream….literally a drop. I still want the taste of coffee

  16. Since I actually like the taste of coffee, I add a couple scoops of Vital Proteins Collegen Peptides. Would love an unflavored version of Primal Kitchen Collegen.

  17. following both on Instagram. coffee with a little coconut milk and monk fruit. will give the collagen a try

  18. I’m more of a tea kind of girl but I take it black (or green or whatever). I’ve never enjoyed coffee but I learned to drink tea plain when I was trying to kick my diet soda habit during Whole30 so I figured that since I put so much work into enjoying plain tea, I’m going to stick with it!

  19. About to have my first child (Wife is in early labor now) I think i am going to need some coffee.

  20. Coffee recipe starts with organic beans of course usually dark roast. I use either French press or an Aeropress (from Amazon). Add 1 tsp MCT oil plus pat of grass fed butter. Sweeten with chocolate flavored stevia drops then add scoop of Primal Kitchen Collagen Peptides and some coconut milk creamer. Breakfast in a cup

  21. E-mail address given and
    followed both (Mark’s… and CavemanCoffee) on Instagram.

  22. I like my coffee with 1 Tbsp Coconut Oil , 1 tsp. Butter, and vanilla stevia.

  23. Can’t start the day without my coffee with a splash of heavy cream and then my smoothie with Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel. I entered, as I’ve been a huge fan of Primal Kitchen products for years. I need a French press, new coffee, and a new tumbler for my new apartment!

  24. I followed both marks daily apple and caveman coffee. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  25. I like mine with grass-fed, unflavored bovine collagen and a dollop of heavy cream. The cream is non-negotiable!!

  26. Following both on Instagram and I commented on Insta posts that I had entered

  27. Mark I like my coffee with liquid organic creamer and I get your emails

  28. Add whipped heavy cream infused with vanilla or cocoa powder. No sugar and feels like a treat. Yummy!

  29. I love my coffee with cacao powder, a dash of cayenne, cinnamon, liquid stevia, pinch of salt, homemade cashew milk and occasionally a dab of coconut oil. I know it sounds like alot but it satisfies my chocolate craving for the morning!

  30. This was the perfect thing to read today. I’m getting back on track with eating right and exercising; I also often put my coffee and protein shake in a blender bottle to go!
    I love your site and encouragement, Mark!

  31. I love my bullet proof coffee, but will definitely try Caveman Coffee!

  32. Now following both. Mark’s Vietnamese Coffee recipe wth four sigmatic mushroom powder, Wild cocoa buttter pastilles, MCT, Kerrygold butter, heavy cream, pastures egg……such a treat…save for weekends only. Looking forward to trying CAVEMAN COFFEE!!!! Thanks Mark!

  33. With Whole Earth Baking Blend (raw sugar and stevia) and Cream.

  34. Followed both on Instagram. You have been my go to for everything Keto. Thanks for all the great info!!

  35. organic fair trade coffee, grass fed collagen,organic Butter, mct oil (c8),organic chia seeds…mixed in blender..Then off to the gym.

  36. We take our organic coffee with MCT oil, butter,
    Collegian,2 eggs Maca, and blended in a glass blender

  37. I find that if I stir coffee in the french press prior to pressing, then you don’t have to push so hard Mark, but I guess you’re getting another workout with your method.

  38. Coffee with a dash of HWC and a scoop of collagen frothed up. Following both!

  39. This is for my coffee loving husband! The $100 Primal Kitchen products is for me! I love Primal Kitchen products especially their salad dressings! Yum! Followed both on insta!

  40. YUM, coffee.
    I like it black, with heavy cream or with a bit of stevia, or MCT oil.
    I like it real or decaf.
    Bulletproof coffee is delicious!

  41. I take my coffee with a scoop of collagen, some coconut milk (canned & full fat) and some raw honey….can’t beat it!!

  42. I like your Primal Kitchen Mayo Avacado Oil. It’s great with artichokes, and fish sandwiches.

  43. Dark roast strong pour over. Bullet proof blended with collligen.

  44. I’ve entered the giveaway and followed both accounts on Instagram. Thanks for this awesome giveaway.
    I love your blog. Thank you for the encouragement. ?

  45. First pre workout cup is black, second cup, post workout has a Tbs of heavy cream.

  46. Coffee, French pressed, with half and half….ahhh…best way to start a day!!


  48. I agree coffee in the morning is wonderful!! & I just started using collagen powder in my coffee ! I am excited to reap all the benefits from it !!

  49. Coffee black, from freshly roasted and ground beans, with AeorPress. Collagen added. Never tried a French Press, and I’d like to. I’d be pleased to try your coffee, your collagen, and your French Press. Thank you for the chance.

  50. I love my French Press, too! It is so simple and really makes good coffee.
    My usual routine is getting up at half past five, preparing coffee and breakfast for my family. Then I usually have some minutes on my own – my morning-coffee-meditation.
    I only add some milk, that’s it.
    Greetings from Austria ?

  51. Collagen, cinnamon, and cream. The smell of fresh ground coffee beans is sensory heaven.

  52. Always looking for a new way to prepare my coffee! Right now I am using my homemade maple syrup as a sweetener but it breaks the fast. I just can’t drink black coffee.

  53. I will have a cup in the morning. Vanilla Collegen and at times I add grass fed butter, a dab of cinnamon, and MCT oil. Blend it all together. Good stuff.

  54. My morning Joe is everything to me. I love your Chocolate Coconut Fuel with my coffee and I add French Vanilla Nut Pods.

  55. Not a big coffee fan, unless it is bad for me stuff–instant cappucino. But I haven’t had that in many moons.

  56. Honestly, I enjoy variety, but usually some kind of fat blended in (coconut oil, grass butter, cream or a combo) and a spoon full of unflavored collagen powder. Like the idea of using the Primal Collagen Fuel. Yum!

  57. Nothing to inspire you here! I’m taking a break from keto and making my own frappe…: 1 bottle Premier Caramel flavored protein drink, ice cubes, 3 scoops of a collagen (1&2) powder I buy at Sam’s Club, and 1 heaping tsp of Folgers freeze-dried coffee in a Vitamix. Quick, cheap (the best feature)…and rather tasty. 🙂

  58. Daily intake
    1-Bulletproof coffee large
    1-Coffee and coco milk
    1-black tea
    1–green tea
    1 detox tea
    All brain – heart healthy and anti. cancer
    following both you and the caveman

  59. I make my coffee as a pourover with a Kalita wave and a dash of cream, or an espresso with a Moka pot. I’ve been an Instagram follower of @marksdailyapple for a long time, just subscribed to @cavemancoffeeco. Thank you!

  60. Great contest, would love to get my hands on these items!

  61. Start the day with coffee with a little coconut oil and cacao powder!

  62. I’m curious as to how sweet it is. I’ve bought the unflavored Collagen by Primal but have hesitated on the Vanilla…
    Think I’ll try it next time I’m out of the regular

  63. I usually drink my coffee black. It sounds good to try the Collagen as an addition.

  64. Damn, I live in Godzone, only just behind Italy in quality coffee (and streets ahead of the USA) and unable to the competition. Maybe next time.

  65. I ordered some of your products recently and received in the box a free sample of the collagen fuel. Put it in with my shake and it was delicious as are all your products. Thanks for the sample, great way to advertise, and I tell everyone about your products!

    1. Colin, thanks for your note, and I’m glad you enjoyed the Collagen Fuel. It’s great to hear the feedback, and I appreciate your spreading the word about your experience with the products. Best — M

  66. It’s great to find I’m not the only one whose breakfast consists of GOOD coffee. It’s been that way for years and people, including many physicians, look at me like I’m a loon. The junk in motel rooms doesn’t cut it and one of the first things I look for when I’m on a trip is a good coffee shop so I’ll know which direction to head in the morning.

  67. I entered and followed @marksdailyapple and @cavemancoffeeco

  68. Hmmm, coffee and MCT….absolutely the best way to get the morning workout started. Love the idea of adding vanilla flavor. Seems more appropriate than bacon haha.

  69. Love my coffee..Perfect way to start the day!
    .Dark Roast…Black 🙂

  70. I like your coffee ritual. I switched to a double wall steel French Press because KIDS.

    1. Followed CMC sand already followed MDA.

      Maybe I’ll try to toss some of the Vanilla into my ice coffee instead of almond milk. I had to end my passionate heavy cream be I am a saturated fat super responder. And because I was probably turning into heavy cream.

      Hmmm… I like it poured over my ice coffee, not mixed. I guess I could mix it in a shot glass. Would my Starbucks Barista think I was insane if I asked them to do that?

  71. I’ll take coffee black, but I also love adding butter and coconut oil.

  72. The recipe for greatness:
    vanilla mct oil
    1 scoop collagen
    dash of cinnamon

  73. Straight black unless it’s awful coffee, which I’m too old for

  74. I’ve entered and I like my morning coffee just like yours, Mark! Love the vanilla!

  75. I did it! Just started looking at Instagram again and went again and LIKED CavemanCoffeeCo and Mark’sDailyApple. Thank you for your coffee video explaining your take on breaking the fast. – Darcy

  76. Hot and black. Occasionally I’ll add in some coconut oil and grass-fed-butter. My daily grind comes from “Counter Culture Coffee” because they are amazing and local to me.

  77. Entered this giveaway after following you & Caveman Coffee on Insta! Cheers! 🙂

  78. I love a cup of coffee with some heavy cream in it, but will be switching over to the Vanilla Collagen as cream can feel too heavy for me. The ritual of morning coffee is very important! Also, I want to start using a French Press, I boil water now and concocted my own sort of filtering/French Press method but hadn’t jumped to the real thing yet.
    Thanks for offering this giveaway 🙂

  79. I have followed both Instagrams (cher277). Thank you for the chance, and have an awesome day!

  80. Always on the lookout for a better cup! I read this the other day but forgot to enter the giveaway. I usually froth a little raw cream (from a local pastured dairy) and add one or two drops of stevia before filling my cup. Mine either has to be black, or with both cream and sweetener. I don’t like cream only or sweetener only, and I love trying different coffees!

  81. 14-16 oz AeroPress coffee (Vermont Medium and Bulettproof Decaf this week), 1tsp Brain Octane, 1/2 tsp grass-fed ghee, 1/2 tsp cinnamon. Shake it up in 20 oz KleanKanteen.

    Or just black.?

    1. Rob, also wondering this. Did you ever get an answer?

    2. If you’re strict and technical, then yes, collagen breaks a fast. There’s evidence that glycine—the most prominent amino acid in collagen—can inhibit autophagy, but it was a convoluted animal study where inhibiting autophagy with large doses of glycine after brain injury actually improved outcomes. It probably doesn’t apply to someone adding a scoop of collagen to their coffee. Besides, even if it slightly reduces autophagy, a little collagen won’t negatively impact ketosis, fat-burning, or energy intake.

      I’m going to say “technically yes,” but “realistically no, collagen doesn’t break the fast.” Avoid if your main focus is autophagy, however. Best — M

  82. Mark, my compliments on your website and focus on health, especially at our age. You asked about how I make my coffee. Before I answer that, I have to say that I love smooth (not bitter & not burnt) flavorful coffee.

    I start with Whole Bean White coffee. White coffee is just a very lightly roasted coffee bean, often to the color of yellow to gold. This process leaves more bioflavonoids, antioxidants, caffeine, and flavor.

    I then grind to medium-fine. My preferred method of brewing is first Cold Brew, then AeroPress, and finally French Press.

    The challenge is finding whole bean white coffee. The only way that I’ve ever found it is searching the internet for “Whole Bean White Coffee” and pick a good micro-small batch roaster.

    Thanks again. Got to go and read more of your site.

  83. What type of grinder do you recommend for grinding your coffee beans? And what type of French Press do you use?