Worker Bees’ Daily Bites: Fitting in in 2008

Despite her five-a-day frappuccino habit and penchant for late night Mickey D runs, the tabloids are reporting that Britney Spears has purchased herself a whole slew of skimpy new outfits to wear once she slims down to her former pop princess physique.

While the list of things one might have in common with Ms. Spears generally falls under the “few and far between” category, buying clothes a size (or two) too small is something many of us can relate to. It’s an ego boost of sorts, to slip on a smaller size and realize that, while you’ll have to give up breathing and you definitely won’t be able to sit down (or stand comfortably for that matter) the zipper is up and the button has fastened…ummm…more or less.

For some, fitting into the garment might mean a week of being more careful about food choices or kicking up the exercise routine a notch, but for others it could require a three-month hunger strike, followed by a serious stomach flu, a prolonged bout of mono and a bad head cold, by which time the article of clothing in question will more than likely be out of style!

Although the new year is a time for fitness and wellness resolutions, one goal everyone can stick to is vowing not to punish themselves to fit into clothes. Instead, this year make a choice to use clothes as an incentive to stick to your other resolutions (like your ultra-realistic and supremely attainable goal of being beach ready one-week post new years!) by following these simple steps:

1. If the shoe fits, wear it…

And if the shirt doesn’t fit, leave it behind. Shop in the moment, not for what you coulda, woulda, shoulda fit. For example, if you’re looking to lose large amounts of weight, opt for items with Lycra that will fit today but will not look utterly ridiculous when you lose another 10-15 lbs down the road.

2. Tag… you’re it?

Can you honestly recall the last time someone peeked at the tag in your pants or shirt and criticized you for your size? Or, perhaps worse, announced it to the public? Turns out, we’re the only ones hung up on the number on the label and we’re also usually the only ones who see it (bar the dry cleaner of course, but its very rare that they regale customers with stories about other patrons’ clothing size!)

3. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure…

Closet full of so-snug clothes? While some might find them motivating, the majority will be deterred if they’ve worked hard only to find that their “goal” pants are still too small. Instead, purge the stuff that doesn’t fit and leave only the items that fit, are fashionable, and make you feel fabulous.

4. Every good deed deserves a reward…

Logged your miles on the treadmill? Perfected your push-up? Whatever your fitness goal was, you made it and deserve a treat! But rather than indulge in a swanky dress for a night on the town or a fancy new suit for work, buy something that will keep you motivated to maintain your fitness goals. A high-tech pair of sneakers for a runner, a new aerobics outfit for a gym bunny, whatever it is, make sure its something that will get you excited to work out.

At the end of the day, an item of clothing that fits well is often more flattering than something that’s too snug, regardless of the number on the label. And besides, when was the last time you took any advice–fashion or otherwise–from Ms. Spears?

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