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Wednesday Webbin’

Worker Bees’ Daily Bites:

All the news, none of the trans fat! There’s plenty of controversy brewing in health today, and we’d love to hear your viewpoints!

Angst or Antidepressants?

A study from JAMA [1] reports that antidepressants are perfectly safe for teens – something that will no doubt fire ongoing controversy, in light of the FDA’s own warnings [2] about antidepressants for teens. Many countries ban antidepressant prescriptions for children due to significant health and safety concerns. What’s interesting is that antidepressants do appear to help teens deal with anxiety, but when it comes to depression, there’s no statistical significance over placebos.

“In the studies involving depression, 61 percent of patients improved while on antidepressants. But 50 percent of depressed patients taking dummy pills also improved.” – Boston.com [3]

Dicey subject. What are your thoughts, Apples?

This is Emagic’s Flickr Photo [4]

Spice Up Your Efforts Against Diabetes

Cinnamon may be good for those with both types of diabetes! Here’s the clickativity [5].

This is Bitzi’s Flickr Photo [6]

The FDA Debate Continues

We make no secret of our disappointment with the FDA as an institution ostensibly created to protect public health. From hiring, firing and publishing practices that look like a Pharma pajama party, to misguided approvals processes, to this latest news [7], we think our tax dollars deserve better. Don’t miss the click – it’s a worthy read, Apples.

See you tomorrow!