Smoking Gun

We know, we know, there’s very little chance that you, dear reader, are struggling with smoking, but here at Mark’s Daily Apple we’re suckers for a good science experiment (especially ones with high volumes of grammatical and spelling errors!)

With that being said, can you believe that in the year 2008, with as much information as we have on the dangers of smoking, people are still puffing away? We’ve know for decades that this stuff will kill you! We know for some smokers, scare tactics (this video, the entire “Truth” anti-smoking campaign, and the fact that in many states, you and your filter-tipped buddy are no longer welcome in restaurants and bars) simply aren’t going to be effective. After all, if they were, the tobacco industry would have gone bankrupt years ago and been nothing more than a nearly forgotten, laughable relic of yester-year.

But every now and then, reminders such as these can, for some smokers, make them think about what they’re doing and perhaps encourage them to take incremental steps towards kicking the habit for good (or at least gross them out for a few minutes!)

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