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November 21 2014

Caveteen Overcomes Unbearable Symptoms with Primal

By Guest

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep coming in. Thank you for reading!

real_life_stories_stories-1-2My whole life, I had horrible gas. It was just how I was, and my parents, siblings, and I all accepted it as normal. As I got older and accumulated a good deal of good friends, this began to be more and more problematic. I would find myself feeling like my gut was near bursting because I would hold this in during school to avoid social excommunication. On top of that, I had the WORST allergies. I could barely go outside without sneezing a ton, having an itchy nose, ears, and throat, or having a stuffy nose and itchy skin. Even indoors I would sneeze all day long. I had to put the tissue box and trash can next to my desk on occasion. It sucked—it really did. I don’t know how I would have lived my life that way.

Around age eight I was tested for celiac disease. The results came back negative, which led me to seek out an allergist. I was diagnosed with an allergy to every form of pollen for which they tested, and was prescribed with a cornucopia of allergy medicines, one of which was the size of a quarter (but much thicker). None of this worked, so eventually (around age 11) I went to a naturopath/acupuncturist who diagnosed me with dysbiosis of the gut, and put me on a yeast cleanse. I had to avoid all sugar (sweets, fruit, etc.) but still include plenty of complex carbs for whatever reason. I followed blindly, yet strictly, and did feel somewhat better afterwards. After this, I continued to deal with moderately bad gas, and my allergies would still get very bad certain seasons.

I was fairly neutral with food (eating/snacking as I was hungry) and completely oblivious to its effects on my health. The kicker is the fact that I was a vegetarian much of my life after age seven, purely because of my taste preference. I defended my decision because I thought it was based on a “healthy avoidance of fat and cholesterol from red meat,” though I had no idea what I was talking about. Obviously it’s not very difficult for someone from age 7-14 to buy into conventional wisdom and all it entails.

In the summer of 2012, a family friend suggested that I go gluten-free (GF), dairy-free (DF), and sugar-free as it greatly helped her son. I was fairly skeptical, especially as I had a negative celiac test and loved sugar. I became almost entirely dairy-free, significantly limited gluten my intake, but kept sugar in my diet. Health was not exactly an appealing term, nor is it by any means today. I, like probably many others, saw health as a generic way to be better than everyone yet eat disgusting food. I was horribly mistaken but had no clue what health REALLY was. Paleo health is near-optimal bodily function with no problems.

So I continued to eat this way, partially GF/DF, until the summer of 2013. My health was continuously getting worse and worse. I was having chronic headaches (which everyone knows really suck), getting acne (that was “normal”), etc., etc., and worst of all, having chronic, uncontrollable bad gas and debilitating allergies. Unlike before, I began to have horrible migraines that would have me bed-ridden and nauseous, and I would occasionally actually throw up. I knew something was very wrong, but I didn’t quite know what. At a certain point, I figured my lack of adherence to GF/DF was a possible cause, so I decided to give it a complete go. I only ended up completely maintaining GF, but stayed mostly DF.

I was having such great trouble living with my body, the burden of these symptoms weighing me down from enjoyment, and I was unable to shrug them off despite every attempt. Previously I had been only casually attempting to find a solution, but now I went into high gear. I began spending much of my free time looking for a cure. I spent hours upon hours, months upon months, many nights until 3am scouring the internet for a cure. I would input my symptoms, look for a condition and then look for a cure for that condition. I would have attempted to use Western medicine, except it had already failed me despite all of its attempts.

I became convinced that the cause of the thing I was trying to cure, bad gas, was a “damaged gut.” I didn’t really know what that meant, but it propelled me onto a search for anything that could heal a damaged gut. I came across a variety of supplements and herbal remedies, nothing diet-related. Despite all of the time and effort I put into this, NOTHING worked—no enzymes, herbs, etc. I finally got an appointment with a gastroenterologist and hoped this would bring me the answers. The problem was that it wasn’t for a month or so, and I wasn’t prepared to wait that long.

In this summer of 2013, when I became completely GF (which didn’t help much at all), my symptoms were sometimes UNBEARABLE. I would literally sometimes be gassing all…day…long. My allergies often made it impossible to think (forget about maybe being happy or enjoying my life). I went into the school year suffering from all of this, plus, I was at a new school for high school. My headaches were very bad—daily at this point. In November 2013, I had a headache that persisted for two weeks, making me unable to focus in class. One day I came home, unable to do anything, lied down and cried, and my mom decided to take me to the emergency room rather than wait for the scheduled doctor’s appointment (not the gastroenterologist). They laid me down for five hours and pumped into my blood a saline IV and some drug combination used to “break migraines.” This was probably one of the worst experiences of my life (having never been in a hospital bed before), yet one of the greatest reliefs I’ve ever felt. The worst part was that I didn’t think I had any control over this.

At last, what I now recognize to have been the most important turning point in my life, I found a lead. It was now December 2012, and I had been continuing to helplessly suffer from flatulence. There was a small lead on an endurance biker’s blog who had used the “Whole30” to heal his gut. I wanted to see what it was, but not have to pay for it, so I went google-crazy. I found Nerd Fitness, Balanced Bites, The Paleo Mom, Paleo Leap, The Paleo Diet, Robb Wolf, Chris Kresser, etc., and my personal favorite, Mark’s Daily Apple. I learned about the paleo diet—what it was, how it worked, and how I could do it. I was extremely eager just to try it, since, apparently, it said I could fix my problems in 30 days—a cure that I might have given my left hand for (not completely joking, either). As Robb Wolf calls it, the “greasy used-car sales pitch” is likely what sucked me in. 30 days? No problem.

Cutting everything out was easy, really. With the desperation I faced every day, I would’ve done anything. The problem was that I was still mostly vegetarian, only having gained a taste for chicken. I did eat eggs, so those two things became my dietary staples (chicken curry, shredded chicken, paleo mayo, salt/pepper, curry powder, chopped grapes and pecans, and carrot sticks for dipping—really good stuff). Anyway, I implemented this diet, and finally had a world of research to look through. The more and more I read from these paleo/primal sites, skeptically cross-checking the claims and references, I had drunk the cool-aid (correct grammar—had to look it up), along with all of its sweet truths.

January 2014 was more or less my Whole30. I was never committed to the Whole 30, but I was certain that I wanted to stick with this paleo thing for life. It all made so much sense and I just continually realized how much more important life was to me than food. Not to mention, this food is pretty darn tasty because it is exactly what our hormones have developed to want.

After a month I still had some problems, likely because the Whole 30 wasn’t enough to correct the gut imbalance and leaky gut that I had developed. So I had to “Break the Vicious Cycle.” I found the GAPS diet and thought it was best for me, but I eventually realized it was too much. It was too strict for me to handle on my own. I must throw in, I have done all this research myself, but I have an awesome, very supportive mother who helps me however she can, despite being a busy single mother of four.

After the practically traumatizing experience with GAPS, I fell off of the wagon for a long while, basing my eating on paleo but never being able to fully stick to the diet to the extent necessary to correct my flora and heal my gut. I’m fairly certain I even developed an eating disorder—I would go from a diet (meant to heal my gut and correct my flora imbalance) where I felt deprived, to eating a bunch of ice cream and crap on the weekend. I always stayed away from grains, gluten, legumes, and vegetable oil, but I would just go headfirst into sugar. This was likely due to a combination of personal problems and a lack of confidence in my diet, losing sight of my goals in essence.

Regardless, I still felt much better than I had, maintaining a mostly Primal Blueprint diet and keeping up the search for a way to end once and for all the SIBO symptoms of occasional gas and bad breath that continued to plague me for a while. I also wanted the answer to why I was NEVER satisfied after meals. I am now on my own personal diet, limiting all fermentable substrates as per the Fast Tract Diet, and attempting to reset my leptin hormones as per Jack Kruse’s recommendations.

1796514_732415913479679_3675079278141932935_n (1)I continue to feel better, knowing that my old self is merely dust in the wind, and my newfound body is the one in which I will enjoy my existence and treat well for as long as I live. At this point, I have probably spent hundreds of hours reading and researching ancestral lifestyle related things and know more than most people alive. I have boundless energy, and am the only kid in my school that bikes to school, even being one of the furthest away (5 miles each way). I sleep extremely well, waking up quite refreshed every day. Every meal I eat tastes like the best I’ve ever eaten, and I prepare every single one myself, leading me to consider a backup career as a chef as a strong possibility. I am implementing all aspects of Primal Fitness, walking as much as possible, doing the weight exercises, and sprinting. I still have a little way to go in my path to achieving an optimal body from my previously damaged, vegetarian and grain-based self, but I know what I want and I am certain of how I will get there. Most importantly, I am able to enjoy life with a body that functions the way it is supposed to.

Anyhow, I know that a genetically concordant lifestyle is right for me, but feel that it is my calling to help others. NO ONE should have to suffer the way that I and so many other have simply out of conventional wisdom and ignorance. People should also know that there is a better alternative way to live, and it’s possible to not have headaches and acne, or not be constantly hungry and randomly tired, etc. I will do anything I can with my life to perpetuate the primal ideas and help people to recover from, and not fall victim to, the “ailments & diseases of modern life.”


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  1. The POWER of youth! Sounds like you’re on the right track!
    Keep up the good work – helping others be well while creating joy through food creations would be an awesome life! WTG!
    You’re a well-spoken advocate of health already!

  2. Wow! You are an incredibly articulate young man!!! Congratulations on your health improvements. It’s an inspiration to see someone taking such responsibility for their own health at such a young age. You obviously have smarts and insight:)

  3. HI Matt,

    Yup. I was also allergic to everything and had LOTS of bad gas.

    All gone. Amazing. I like you feel great!

    I did a page on what I eat each day. I share it with friends sometimes….

    A few try it and it works when they do. Most ‘know better’. Not a surprise I suppose?

    But I and you feel great :).

    Nice job !


  4. How old are you? amazingly articulate. thanks for sharing your journey.

    1. Thanks so much everyone! I noticed that I made a mistake on the dates, I found Primal in December 2013 and dove in during January 2014, the next month.

      Also, I am 15 and am a sophomore in high school.

      1. I wish I had half your smarts back when i was 15–I could’ve had decades of a head-start into solving my own health problems. The existence of internet back then would’ve been a BIG boon.

        1. Never look back and say “I wish I had” or “I should have”. Learn from your F-ups and power on!

      2. This is so nice to read! I’m also fifteen, and I don’t meet too many other teens who are interested in this stuff or have the patience to learn from anyone…I’m glad there are younger people taking charge of their health.

        Congratulations on your story, Matt. Super cool!

        1. Hi Eliana,

          it’s great to know that I’m not alone! sometimes it can definitely feel that way given that none of my friends really think they need to take care of themselves ????…

          I had no other choice with the way I felt, but primal has allowed me to have a chance to really enjoy my life and, going forward, try to help other people from not suffering from avoidable stuff…

          Let me know if you want to talk! I’m sure it’s not often we will find other teenagers who know much about this ????….

          – Matt

  5. Inspiring story Matt, well done! You look great and so happy in the picture. I wish I had discovered the primal way at your age. You have such a bright future ahead!

  6. Nicely done! I had horrible stomach pains starting when I was in high school, up until my mid 20’s when I cut WAY back on gluten and dairy. I was diagnosed with IBS 10 years ago but I haven’t had a ‘flare up’ in years.

  7. Way to go! I especially appreciate your decision to take your health into your own hands when Western medicine and conventional wisdom failed you. It’s a good reminder for everyone who suffers from various ailments and their doctors just scratch their heads and order tests.

  8. Fantastic! Congrats on realizing how important your health and vitality are and doing the work necessary to find your own path. You are decades ahead of us older folks who struggled with such problems for decades. It’s thrilling to see a real-life example of someone with the courage to think broadly and act to improve himself. Good on your mom for all her support along the way.

  9. Certainly sounds like you have celiac (I do, and had lots of the same symptoms as you before getting diagnosed – bad gas, bad breath, awful migraines w/vomiting, congestion and bad allergies, skin issues, etc.) Sometimes there are false negatives on the blood tests. Anyway, glad you discovered a better way of eating and hope you continue to feel better and better. Congratulations on figuring it out at such a young age – you’re saving yourself years of pain & poor health.

  10. Matt,
    Awesome story. I was amazed how you overcame sugar.
    Was that the turning point for your health improvement?

    1. Thanks so much!

      And yes it was; after a year of continuing to search, I narrowed down the cause of perpetual digestive problems to definite dysbiosis/SIBO (remnant from my vegetarian, oatmeal, brown rice pasta, and sugar-based days). One thing that I am taking right now as an antimicrobial is coconut oil, and I can sure tell that something inside me really, really hates it (I practically want to vomit at the smell). I’m working with an SCD/GAPS type diet and certain probiotics to introduce carbs in a way that won’t feed any overgrowths/bad bacteria. I still crave ANYTHING sweet or carby like the dickens but I know it’s not me who wants it, so I don’t have it.
      As a growing teen, I should definitely be eating some good carbs, but I can’t be feeding bad bacteria/archaea, so it’s the first priority to fix.

      1. Matt, you mentioned the leptin reset you’re working. Follow that protocol closely and I bet you’ll see those sweet/carb cravings disappear. Mine did, in about 8 weeks.

      2. There are coconut oil supplements that have no taste or smell (if that helps).

        1. And as for the sweet cravings, try L-glutamine supplements–kills them off lickety-split!

      3. Matt,

        Great story and I think the probiotic path would be a good one. Judging from your history, I may suggest a high quality (Saccharomyces boulardii(italics)) supplement. It is antagonistic to many of the nasty bugs that tend to populate the gut biome of sugar eaters. It seems yours are entrenched and may possibly be influencing more than just your digestive process.

        1. Thank you.

          I had heard about this strain through Chris Kresser’s podcast and will definitely try it along with some soil-based organisms.

          I’m just wondering whether introducing new microorganisms could somehow contribute to an overgrowth, as I’m really unsure if what I have is more of an imbalance in the LI, or too much bacteria in the SI. Might I be better off to starve some bad bacteria with a near zero-carb diet & antimicrobials for a while (I have to add, whenever I am eating ANY fermentable foods, even healthy veggies, a sour taste in my mouth and gas/grumbling stomach seem to be a bit worse). Any thoughts?

        2. Matt, Have you tried any forms of pre fermented vegetables? Homemade sauerkraut is a good place to start. I know some people who had issues that were not helped by standard lactobacilli probiotic capsules. The S. boulardii made a big difference for them when nothing else worked.

      4. I have sort of a loose idea that sugar cravings are wrapped up with the brain chemicals, serotonin and dopamine. I craved sugar for years, because it made me feel euphoric and optimistic. Without it, all was grey and sad. It’s taken 5-6 years for my brain to get over that. If I eat a sugary treat now, it does nothing to my mood. It’s still amazing to me! But your mileage may vary; I am a good deal older than you, and female. Grats on persisting!

  11. Matt, I am proud of you and happy that you discovered these secrets as a young man. I’m sorry you suffered so much, but you have a long life ahead with fabulous opportunities to share your experience and add even more. I like your style. Best of luck.

  12. Congratulations! Now please do the world a favor, and become a physician, a teacher (science?), or a nutritionist. The world needs to benefit from you, young man. 🙂

    1. I came here to make the same comment.

      Matt, you already have more hands on direct knowledge of nutrition than most doctors and nutritionists. Seriously, the field is packed full of quacks, and most either blindly follow corporate guidelines, or have some drug or product to push. Recent UK research shows that obesity is a bigger cost to society than smoking or armed conflict. Improving human nutrition is a huge world wide problem, and someday you can make a contribution.

      1. I appreciate the support, and I have no doubt in my mind that this is THE thing that I want to pursue. I’ll do whatever it takes. Thanks a lot for the encouragement, both of you.

      2. I couldn’t agree more! We need truly knowledgeable people in the field. I was having a conversation with a nutritional and alternative health provider and mentioned systemic candida. I was treated to a condescending lecture informing me there was no such thing. We have to be our own experts.

        1. Matt, you are heading in the right direction, and your persistence and candor are incredible! I am considering going back to S. boulardii, having had nominal results with daily fermented veggies (no more eczema) and continuing to struggle with cravings. I seem to be unable to keep up with VLCD for more than a few weeks, then start sneaking sugars in the form of fruits. I am about to embark on a fitness regimen as I have made excuses for not exercising (and lead a truly busy life) and hope to find my way to healthier living. Depression has been hounding me lately.

          Keep us posted! It’s so exciting and encourages me to press on!! BTW….Leptin management is a real help!

  13. Thank you for sharing your amazing story. Keep sharing it! You never know who you might help 🙂

  14. Awesome. Very articulate, well written. I hope you speak to every school board and PTA in your area you can. We need to heal your generation if there are going to be many or even any afterward.

    You’ve got some work cut out for you, but we will all try and help as we can as well.

    Great job.

  15. Matt……YOU ROCK!! I wouldn’t wish that horribly tough time on anyone, but you made it through and were meant to share that story! Thanks! Stay strong and positive and keep going!

  16. Wow, 15, articulate, and knows how to feed yourself properly. You are setting yourself up well for the future 😉 I wish had gained your level of insight at the same age! Keep it up,and spread the word. I see younger coworkers being sick all the time (colds, flues, etc.). I haven’t had a cold in years. I eat chocolate my main “sugar-slip up”), and I get stuffed up right away.

  17. Congratulations Matt! You really are very lucky to have found this at such a young age! Keep it going my friend!

    1. Lucky??????? didn’t you read an article??? Kid was trying anything and everything. going for every diet there is. how is that lucky? its actually hard work and determination to find an answer no matter what it takes. thats what real winners do. the harder I work the luckier I get.

  18. Good for you! I agree that eliminating the side effects of an industrial diet is motivation enough to stick to clean eating for life!

  19. Great sleuthing! How about instead of carbs and coconut oil you don’t like, you add fat like bacon, avocado, olive oil. If you are hungry or craving this fat could be what you are missing.

    1. Thanks!

      I actually eat mostly fat, I’m on a near zero-carb diet right now because I’m still experiencing a sour taste in my mouth, heartburn-like symptoms, and gas in my intestines, definitely related to low stomach acid & excess fermentation from some sort of bacterial/archaea problem.

      I take HCl & enzymes with meals, and I take coconut oil as an antimicrobial. I am currently thinking about sticking with this and re-introducing carbs along with probiotics after this “overgrowth” seems to have died down (because I do notice my symptoms getting better after avoiding all fermentable material for a week or so).

      I’m just stumped on whether this final push I’m making will be effective, and could use any suggestions. I appreciate the suggestion

      1. Matt, have you considered using anti parisitics during this phase? On her latest blog, Dr Grace has a link to a site about yeasts with a lot of info on “weeding”.

        1. Hi, I am using coconut oil, and I used a round of oregano oil (2 weeks) but don’t want to overdo that as I don’t have a function medicine practicioner (that I know of) within 50 miles. In combination with short-term zero carb I think it should be enough to kill any overgrowth and soon I’m going to begin a probiotic regimen and something like SCD to feed only good flora. Thanks for the advice, and I’ll check out Dr. Grace’s blog post!

  20. Way to go Matt! How incredible that you are discovering that you are master of your own health at your age.

    Did you ever see the GI specialist? I’m wondering what kind of advice you got from conventional medicine. I don’t think they even acknowledge SIBO exists.

    1. I did actually, but I had already found primal/paleo and really felt like it was the way to go. I know for sure that there were no dietary suggestions, but they did propose a SIBO breath test, which I never did because I was and am certain I have it or an imbalance (due to excess gas, bloating, GERD-like symptoms, a sour taste in my mouth from an unclosed LES, and seemingly low stomach acid in relation to that, my strong reaction to coconut oil, among other things). I did not want to take the sugar pill and feed them at all, however in the last year I learned that sometimes my will would be completely overcome and I would feel like the equivalent of a drug addict with sugar. When the flora control the vagus nerve leading directly to the hypothalamus, I believe the cravings they want are not far from an addiction. However, the root source is not the brain, but the gut flora, so it can definitely be cured.

  21. Matt, one other possibilty of a migraine trigger is caffeine, from coffee, tea, and/or chocolate. I gave up caffeine completely at age 21 and it worked for me.

    Also, I would like to add my voice to the others who are encouraging you to consider a career in medicine or nutrition training. Your story is compelling and you’re a good communicator!

    1. I can vouch for chocolate being a migraine trigger. I realized at 18 that my migraines were from chocolate, and I haven’t eaten it since (now 50).

      Sad at easter time, but after so many years it doesn’t matter to me anymore.

  22. Hi, Matt – congratulations on your dedication and openness to finding solutions – so admirable, and will serve you all your life. I kicked SIBO – took a while – and would be happy to share the steps that I took and think were effective if you are interested. Is there a way to find you to send an email?

  23. Matt…what a wonderful personal story! Very inspiring. You would be perfect as a health coach , learned through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. My story of healing is similar to yours, and I’m in school there right now. I look forward to being able to teach others that they can have the life they were meant to live with the power of food. Please go to my website… There is a free book and other literature on the home page where you can learn about the worlds most successful integrative nutrition school, and be the instrument of change in people’s lives. Congratulations on finding the best you! Hugs!

  24. I also recommend highly, to finish finding your root cause…to visit you will find the rest of your answers for your root cause there. I have faith that you will be successful, and hope one day to read about your successes in the world of nutrition.

  25. Incredible, absolutely incredible.
    You have already had such deep insights and have wisdom beyond your years.
    You will be one to watch.
    You could change the world.
    Congratulations my man, be the future.

  26. Matt, what an inspiration! I wish I had taken the initiative that you had in my teens and figured out my own gut and allergy problems. I’m glad I found Primal 3 years ago, life is so much better when you feel good. 🙂 Best of luck to you on your future path of teaching and spreading the good word!

  27. “He who dare to fail succeeds”.

    Matt, I applaud you for your tenacity. And by the way, you should seriously consider being a writer; or better yet – combine it you newly founded love for cooking. A win win situation (;

  28. Inspiring story, Matt. I applaud your efforts in finding what works for your body. Great job!

  29. I WISH that I knew as much as you do at your age! You are an inspiration young man keep up the good work!

  30. And, Matt, please do your best to avoid GMO foods and milk containing bovine growth hormone. (Very important for gut health.)

  31. Awesome story Matt!! I also had a relatively traumatic experience with the GAPS diet. I would be really interested to know your experience.

  32. Epic story brother. That’s great to hear.

    I really get a sigh of relief from reading stories like these. It can be so scary and depressing dealing with the medical industry who generally has no clue about our mystery illnesses and symptoms.

    Best of health to you,

    Evan from NJP.

  33. You are the smartest 15 year old I have ever met or heard about in my 62 years.

  34. Your success story sounds much like the one I’ve been writing for a few years now, except I only keep adding to the background and am still working towards the success part of the story. My family affectionately referred to me as “fart queen” growing up. Thank you for the inspiration – I only wish I’d started searching on my own as young as you (then again, blogs were only starting to be a thing odd people did on myspace).

  35. Good for you, man! Your previous existence sounded miserable. I’m so glad you found the way out. Feeling good in your body is quite the revelation if you haven’t been doing so. One begins to wonder how they managed before and how they didn’t value it as much as they should have. I think sometimes people don’t really believe it will work and don’t want to sacrifice things they enjoy if they won’t get results. How great that you figured it out! And, you discovered another very important thing: modern medicine doesn’t always have the answers and you have to be an advocate for your own health.

  36. Thanks so much everyone! I really appreciate it. I’ll try to spread my experience and what I’ve learned to whoever it may help. Maybe I’ll be a physician, work on nutritional policy reform, or something similar. The encouragement means so much.

  37. Hi Matt,
    We seem to share a similar story and set of symptoms… mine were at their worst in my 20s though and seem to be closer to sorted out at 30. The thing is that while I was reading your post all I could think was how much it sounds like Histaminosis/Histamine Intolerance, or even Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. Is that something you’ve explored before? I strongly suspect that things could be even better for you with a low histamine diet… or at least that would be the thing to try if you ever hit a “stuck” point or plateau in the healing process. At least that seems to be part of the puzzle for this Celiac chiquita!
    Susanne 🙂

  38. I wish you had caught the free that just happened. You can use that to access the doctors that participated, and I can tell you a major focus was on healing a leaky gut. Check out Dr. Amy Myers who was the host. They follow the Functional Medicine philosophy, not conventional, although most are conventional doctors and specialists too. I bet one of these doctors can help with complete gut health. Also a great site is (Food Matters) which has a free trial then 7.95 mo, which features amazing movies and documentaries about all aspects of food and health.

  39. Matt,

    Thank you so much for sharing your amazing story. I can identify with your check on grammar as I do the same thing!

    In reference to your issue with coconut oil, I have had a similar problem to straight coconut oil. If I include it in cooking, such as sautéing or roasting, it does not bother me. I am wondering if you could sub coconut butter or a mixture of coconut butter and oil? I also remember reading about negative reactions to too much coconut, especially as it relates to the after effects of killing the harmful bacteria. The die-off is still in your body, creating the unwanted side effects. It sounds as if you are going through a major detox period!

    Have you tried bone broth? Using cheap, grass-fed beef bones such as knuckle, you can benefit from an abundance of wonderful healing properties. You can drink it warm, which is great this time of year.

    You definitely need protein from meat sources. Eggs may also be an issue for you. Chicken is too high in omega-6 to rely on completely. What about salmon or other fish? Just start with a little at a time and progress as much as you can tolerate. Beef roast in the slow-cooker with bone broth is a good starting point as it gets very tender and easy to digest.

    I hope some of this is helpful!

  40. Matt… can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am with you! In spite of your obvious intelligence, spunk, & determination, you seem to maintain a humble heart, even while taking your health/life/future into your own hands. You are teachable, yet you don’t just swallow any old idea without doing a ton of research. I know there is place for your input, to help others. Even at 15, you have credibility! You’ve lived it; suffered under “conventional” medicine, & found a way out. Just… wow. About the SCD diet: in Jan 2014, I was dangerously ill; 70 straight days of severe diarrhea, other painful symptoms. Doctors ran tests, scratched their heads, prescribed this and that. Nothing worked. Finally I, like you, got desperate and did my own research. Started the SCD plan. Symptoms started resolving in 3 days! In another couple weeks, was much better. Read about the gut microbiome; took probiotics & fed them, etc. SO much better. May I suggest a topic for your investigation? I read the research of Drs Phinney & Volek, authors of The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance. With your knowledge base, I think you’d enjoy their book: The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living. In a nutshell, many of us in the low carb world have embraced the healthy fats, but neglected the healing effects of OPTIMAL amounts of Protein, due to a misunderstanding of the science regarding gluconeogenesis. Anywhoo… maybe you’ve already read all this. It’s discussed at length by Raymund Edwards, Optimal Ketogenic Living (if interested, just google his name and that phrase). Like you, he’s all about the science, & the healthy results. I certainly wish the very best for you, Matt. You’re truly an inspiration!