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“Going Primal is so expensive!” Is it? Randy Oveson begs to differ. Randy emailed me in early December, just before a medical evaluation to determine his insurance rates. Read his story below, and keep up with him over at The Primordial Man.

If you have your own Primal Blueprint success story and you’d like to share it with me and the community please contact me here. Have a wonderful Friday, everyone, and thanks for reading!


I’m 48 years old. A couple of years ago I tried getting a new life insurance policy. The one I had in place was going up annually at an exponential rate (as they tend to do after their normal policy period). Well, my physical was a mess and the company had to “rate” me very low, meaning that because of my health I was at significantly high risk and the cost of a policy would be much higher than I was quoted.

So in February of this year I decided to start P90X. It was so hard and took so much time. I was tired all the time. It was killing me to get up at 5 am in order to get a workout in for 60 to 90 minutes as that program required.

Then in March I came across your book, The Primal Blueprint. It made sense. I dropped the P90X and started living Primal. Within 2 weeks my energy was so high I wanted to workout. I felt like running places, not just walking. In August we moved to Utah and I began hiking in the mountains a couple of times a week…all the time eating Primal (my wife LOVES the recipes, BTW.)

Well, not only do I have great energy but I lost 50 lbs and went back to get another life insurance policy. My agent just called and said that after this recent physical I was rated “superior preferred” their least risky category. My new policy will be significantly lower in cost to my old policy, saving me thousands every year.

I know I did the work, but your guidance made it so much easier.

Thank you my Primal Brother!

-Randy Oveson

A week later Randy emailed me back with his results…


Here are some specifics –

  • Weight at beginning: 280 lbs
  • Weight at time of After pic (about a month ago, just before the insurance medical exam): 230

Insurance savings –

  • Term Life Insurance cost at beginning: $361.66 monthly (with annual increases)
  • Term Life Insurance cost new: $206.25 monthly (flat for 20 years – as select preferred)
  • Annual savings first year: $1,864.92
  • Savings over next 20 years: $37,300+ (unsure as annual increases varied)

Basic diet –

  • Breakfast – Eggs and Bacon or Protein Pancakes
  • Lunch – Salad with beef, chicken, or pork or sashimi (Allow myself tacos once or twice a week as a cheat).
  • Dinner – Meat, Vegetables and salad or Curries with salad or other recipes the wife likes that fit my diet (Veggie Latkes, for example).
  • Snacks – Nuts, Coconut/Nut bars (homemade), homemade beef jerky,
  • OtherPrimal Oil, Primal Sun, Primal Soil, Vitamin C, Multivitamin, MSM
    Only drink water, isopure protien drinks, or coconut water

I take a day off about once a month. This time of year I save it for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I have found that it is best to only ever take one day off at at time. Two is difficult to come back from, three…nearly impossible.

Workouts – I try to get out and hike in the mountains a couple of times a week. Lifting 2X a week – short bursting.

Obviously I could do more on the workout side but overall it’s yielding pretty decent results so far…

-Randy Oveson

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