Butter Chicken in a Silky Sauce

Alison Mollenhauer was right on when she named the recipe she submitted for the Primal Blueprint Reader-Created Cookbook Contest “Butter Chicken” instead of simply “Chicken Curry”. Yes, the recipe has spices like garam marsala, cumin and cardamom. Yes, the air in your kitchen will be heavy with the enticing aroma of curry. But it’s the silky, rich, lick-the-back-of-your-spoon texture that really stands out in this dish. The credit goes to a generous amount of butter and the addition of cream or coconut milk, mellowing the spices and turning this fairly simple dish into something luxurious. The moist, tender meat of chicken thighs can take some credit too, as the chicken practically melts in your mouth with each bite.

For this recipe, Alison uses a marinating technique that makes the chicken as tender and flavorful as possible and you can too if you “do” dairy. Marinating meat in Greek-style yogurt (or other acidic dairy products like buttermilk) breaks down the enzymes in meat and tenderizes the protein. A yogurt marinade is especially great with meat that leans towards dry or tough, like chicken breast or lamb. In the case of chicken thighs the marinade adds additional flavor and tenderness, but since dark meat tends to be tender anyway those of you who don’t love dairy can skip the yogurt and still end up with a really tasty meal.

As the sauce bubbles on your stove, lean in and inhale. Even with all the spices milling around you might be able to detect the distinct aroma of the cardamom pods. Although cardamom is part of the ginger family, it will probably remind you of cinnamon or nutmeg, as they share the same sweet-spicy aroma. Inside each pod are dozens of little seeds that will flavor the dish; the pods will pretty much dissolve as they cook so there is no need to remove them at the end. (If you buy ground cardamom seeds instead of the pods, use it sparingly in this recipe. A little goes a long way.)

Alison’s recipe feeds her family of five with leftovers remaining, and we can’t think of a good reason to cut the recipe in half even if you’re not feeding that many. Butter Chicken is the perfect dish to make in large quantities and eat over the course of several days. The flavors will just keep getting richer and that buttery, creamy texture even more irresistible.


  • 4 pounds chicken thighs, chopped into 1-inch cubes
  • 6 garlic cloves, crushed
  • 2 teaspoons garam masala
  • 3 teaspoons ground coriander
  • 3 teaspoons ground cumin
  • 1 teaspoon chilli powder
  • 1 teaspoon paprika
  • 3/4 cup Greek-style (thick) yogurt
  • 7 tablespoons butter, chopped1 tablespoon white vinegar
  • 3 tablespoons tomato paste
  • 4 large tomatoes, peeled and chopped
  • 6 cardamom pods (crush pods slightly to release seeds and more flavor)
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1 1/2 cup cream or coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup fresh coriander, coarsely chopped


Combine chicken, garlic, spices and yogurt in a covered container. Refrigerate for an hour or two.

Melt butter in a deep pan. Add vinegar, tomato paste, tomatoes, cardamom and cinnamon. Boil rapidly, stirring until sauce is thick (approximately 20 minutes).

Reduce heat to a simmer and add chicken. Continue to simmer, stirring occasionally until chicken is cooked through. Add cream or coconut milk, simmer a few minutes more, and garnish with chopped cilantro.

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  1. Shan spice packets will get to the same place without the cost…gotta go to an Indian market to get ’em though. Use the “tandoori” chicken mix for this recipe.

    1. Tandoori chicken is NOT the same as butter chicken, they are 2 totally different combinations of masala/spices.

      You should really consult someone educated about Indian cooking before spreading erroneous information about something you clearly don’t know about!

  2. If anyone has traveled through India – one would have noticed ‘Butter Chicken’ is THE National dish in Northern India. No menu of any local eatery, big or small, is complete without Butter chicken.
    Alison recipe is great, here is a slight variation as learned from a star rated Indian chef..
    After marinating the chicken as directed, grill it in an oven or on a gas/charcoal grill.
    Puree the tomatoes and cook them till all the liquids evaporate – now add the grilled chicken and butter, simmer for a while – finish by adding cream or coconut milk.

    pureed tomatoes can be cooked in bulk and frozen. If you ever have leftover grilled chicken, just combine the cooked frozen tomato puree and butter etc. and you can have Butter chicken in a snap.. Enjoy !!

    1. My Indian friend told me that butter chicken started as making a meal out of leftovers and because of that it’s still looked down at in many parts of India; however, in West, it’s synonymous with Indian food!

  3. Elle – check Shan spice packets ‘ingredients list’ before you buy. They used to contain loads of MSG – lately I have noticed they do not mention MSG but do mention sodium content upwards of a thousand mg per tsp. Best to mix your own spices as Mark has done from virgin material.

    1. Yeah that too!

      Not to mention that the tandoori spice packet Elle recommended will NOT come out tasting like butter chicken!

      She clearly knows little to nothing about India or Indian food — the equivalent of those who think chop suey and fortune cookies are actual Chinese food!

      1. What is wrong with you? Your negativity is irritating. We get it, you’ve had butter chicken before. You’re still a dick.

  4. Do you know if it freezes well? This may be a great dish to make on the weekend, then use later in the week. I’m making this week. Yummm.

  5. Wow, that looks so delicious I can’t believe it. I better go eat something, I must be hungry!

  6. my oh my… Last night I cooked thighs, trying to make up my own recipe to submit, then I see this the next morning. This is one I will print & file for use over & over…

    1. I can attest it’s delicious with Coconut milk….I would use 1/2 the amount at first if you want to try it out and decide whether or not you like it. My husband prefers the tomato base w/out the coconut milk though. Depends on what you’re in the mood for. I found that the coconut milk tone’s down the heat a little.

  7. Oh my gosh Chaohinon, coconut milk base is AWESOME in butter chicken. I think it really tempers the spices, so it still has a spicy kick but a smooth creamyness to it also. I don’t know if that makes sense but trust me, it’s AMAZING!

  8. I’ve been eating Paleo for about 3 months now, and I have always been told no yogurt or butter, as they are dairy based. Help me out here.

  9. Heaven. I love the long list of spices. I am learning how to mix spices as time goes on but I am not quite there. I will have to make this soon!

  10. Funny that you published this recipe yesterday, cause I was looking for a recipe with chicken and found that recipe directly on the main site.
    Cooked it yesterday. Had all of the ingredients at home. Never happens when I look up recipes 😀
    Was good and rich as I like it, but not as good as I thought it would be. Wonder if anybody has some improvements on this recipe. 😉

    1. I’ve taken several indian cooking classes, and I’d add a teaspoon of ginger paste and a half a small onion, diced small and saute the onion in the butter until it almost dissolves. Also, a touch more salt if you want it authentic. 🙂 The reason some butter chicken is so red is that they add a few drops of food coloring (no thank you!)

      1. I wish I had read this before. It was good, but needed more flavour. Onion, ginger, pepper and salt would have done it. My spices were super-fresh, but I’d definitely add more next time.

    2. just make sure you have all the spices and that they all are of good quality

      1. Hi,

        Can you recommend some really good places, online preferably, to buy excellent, fresh, and top quality spices? Herbs too, if you know of any?

        I’m just starting to teach myself to cook and want to know as much about spices, where they come from, all the variety’s, and where the best places are to get them. I’m deaf and there are no cooking or culinary schools where I live, so I am pretty much on my own when it comes to cooking. So any help at all, tips, info, recommendations, etc., would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Anyone reading this, on this wonderful Blog can feel free to email anytime, with any help.

        Thank you for your assistance.

        Helen –
        [email protected]

  11. Compliments to the creator of this recipe! It was absolutely yummy!

    I too look forward to tomorrow’s left overs!

  12. I made this last night and it was fantastic. My 11yo son took one bite and murmured “Oh my god” and my daughter piped in “yeah, mom, this is amazing” WIN! Also, it was mild enough spice-wise that my 19mo baby ate it (and ate it and ate it) with no problems.

    1. I found them at an Asian supermarket (along with every possible spice under the sun, I love walking around there 🙂 )

  13. I just tried this recipe tonight. A couple of things needs to be noted:

    If you have trouble with finding cardamon pods (or cardamon for that matter), use nutmeg.

    For those who like spicy foods you may want to add a little salt AND some cayenne pepper or hot sauce.

    After I put the chicken in the butter sauce as instructed the water in the chicken made the sauce “soupy”. I had to add a little stock to make it thick again. After I did that, the family loved it.

  14. I made it for dinner too. Mine turned out the same way, soupy. But was able to thicken it up. I added chili pepper flakes to my dish and it needed salt too. Everyone liked it. Yea!

    1. Interestingly, turmeric isn’t really necessary in this dish since it helps with digesting legumes. Plus, many garam masala blends include tumeric.

  15. I made this for dinner yesterday. It was great. I skipped the tomatoes added a head of cauliflower cut up into the mix and it was fantastic.

  16. I made this last night. I ate it over cauliflower, boyfriend ate it over rice. It was DELICIOUS. The only thing I would change for next time is adding lots of veggies to it while it is cooking. Mine was also soupy so the veggies would thicken it up. Plus, I am partial to one dish meals (rather than an entree + veggie side dish).

    1. What veggies would you add? I thought the same things (a bit soupy, which would be great if you wanted to stretch it out and make a sort of soup with it, also a love of the meat+veggie meals).

      I’d add maybe more tomatoes (well-drained), okra, maybe some cauliflower?

      Thoughts? This recipe is absolutely the yummiest thing. It’s now a staple in our house.

  17. Mine came out very soupy also. I’m thinking there may be a difference between everyone’s version of “large” tomatos. Also, my butter seems to be separating from the sauce. It did taste good, I think the enhancements of veggies, a bit of salt, and more cayenne would be perfect. I’m going to add more chicken and spices tonight and continue cooking it down.
    I found all the spices at Natural Grocers (Vitamin Cottage). Also, the last line, freshly chopped coriander, is cilantro, just for those of us who don’t know they are the same thing… : )

    1. You know the recipe called for only 1TBSP of vinegar. I think if you added 1-2 more tablespoons it would be tangier. I thought it was missing something – I think it was that. Plus it needs more heat like cayenne pepper.

  18. I am going to be picking up the ingredients for this recipe this week! I am going to add additional veg, and I was thinking, eggplant, bell peppers, zucchini and probably cauliflower.

  19. I stumbled upon Mark’s MDA a few weeks ago and have just started reading up. I like a lot of what he says (preaches) but unfortunately coming from the Paleo lifestyle I’m not sure exactly how this dish made it into the wild.

    Granted, it’s delicious (my wife and I made it this evening), but even so I’m not quite sure we can ever eat it again. I (mainly for fun, partially to keep myself honest) use about.com’s calorie counter (https://caloriecount.about.com) and for kicks inputed in our slightly varied (read: healthier) version of this recipe, much to our dismay.

    Screenshot attached of the nutritional information, but the short of it is even with modified amounts of fat in the recipe (reduced butter, etc) our total calorie count for the recipe is 3070 calories (614/serving *5 total servings): (screen shot: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/417848/MDA%20Buttery%20Chicken.png)

    When ONE serving has 50% of your daily allocated values of fat (and mind you, I’ve kicked up the fat after going paleo and reading MDA) and 75% of your saturated fats, not to mention 75% of your daily cholesterol allotment… and once again mind you, I know I didn’t eat just one serving of this… something’s gotta be done!

    I figure if we make this again we’re going much leaner on the meat (boneless, skinless lean lean chicken) and going to tone down or eliminate the butter all together. I understand that the recipe is “Butter Chicken” but pl-ease, that’s one heck of a calorie dense meal (and unfortunately not very filling for this Grok).

    1. Oh please, nobody does calorie counting here!

      And “one serving has 50% of your daily values”.. Dude, who’s guidelines are you following anyways? Can you even trust these governmental guidelines? There are plenty of examples of various groups (esp. tribal groups) eating most of their calories from fat and they’re completely healthy. The people on this website are in love with fat. Your body needs it for proper functioning as well as energy. EAT the butter, EAT the skin, EAT the cholesterol (which your body needs!). I’d recommend a bit more research on this site as well as affiliated or linked sites before making your diets with less calories. I understand you’re probably afraid of gaining weight and dying of a heart attack because that’s all that you’ve heard, but seriously..

  20. Made it with a side of masala veggies and cauliflower instead of rice. Pretty damn good! I think I went a little heavy on the tomatoes, oops 🙂 Still, I’d give it a 8 on 10.

  21. My chicken is marinading right now! Butter chicken from the Indian takeaway is a favourite with the 2 men in my house so I am under some pressure to make it good lol. I already added turmeric partly to at least make it LOOK like the takeaway version lol and partly because, well turmeric is good for you. Anyway, thanks to everyone that’s left comments so far, it helps with my own preparation.
    Here’s looking forward to a scrummy meal tonight. I’ll let you know what my “judges” think 😉

  22. I’m new to PB lifestyle and cooking and was wondering how many servings this makes?
    Also, who can tell me the grams/kgs of roughly how much protein i should have per meal..eg, chicken, beef, fish…i don’t think i am having enough..

  23. Thanks to Resurgent for the great tip to grill the chicken- I just tried that and it added a whole new dimension to the dish. I’m in butter chicken heaven!
    My top tip is to make sure that you reduce the sauce down until it’s nice and thick as this intensifies your flavours. (Your sauce will be a vibrant orange red colour.) It’s correct that the sauce will “split” or that the oil separates and that’s the beauty of Indian curries.
    Don’t substitute the cardamon- it’s got a gorgeous and very unique flavour- my concern with nutmeg is that is can easily overpower the other ingredients. And by all means, season away- my husband always adds extra salt to his plate!
    For those concerned about the calories and fat- just serve it with heaps of vegies on the side- you should be able to feed at least 8 hungry adults with this recipe.
    Finally, thanks to everyone who tried the recipe.

  24. You guys had me going — I was really confused by the recipe calling for “1/2 cup of fresh coriander, coarsely chopped”. I was wondering where I was going to find a coriander plant. Thank goodness you post photos of the ingredients so I saw it was supposed to be cilantro 🙂

  25. This was a big hit for us! We added sliced red pepper and a touch of Cajun salt. The meat was very tender – thanks for the recipe!

  26. I LOVE this recipe! Served it over rice. I added a teeny tiny bit of salt to it at the end, but otherwise no changes. Chicken was tender and full of flavour. It did come out a little soupy though, wondering how to change this. Also wondering the difference in results between using cream vs coconut milk.

    But I found it was even better on its leftover days! Sooo good.

  27. Cooked this with the coconut milk, added a teaspoon or two of salt at the end, and substituted chili powder with about 2 or 3 teaspoons of chopped peri-peri (preserved chilies).

    When I added the chicken to the sauce, it looked as if there was not enough liquid in the pot. I was anxious that the chicken on the bottom would burn and the chicken on the top would not cook. So I added a little more butter and tomato paste to get it going.

    Great recipe, it comes very close to the Butter Chicken served by a popular curry house down the street from me. I think they add more tomato paste to their recipe, as their sauce is almost red.

  28. Mine also came out soupy even though I used less coconut milk (I was using the remains of a container from something else. I left out the tomatoes, too, (son doesn’t like them and I don’t like to peel tomatoes), but I added a bit of extra tomato paste to compensate. I served this over steamed cauliflower florets. I added salt to mine at the table, as well as some Tabasco sauce. I’ll add red chili flakes to the sauce next time.

    I’m having this for lunch today, over steamed cauliflower and chard ribbons.

  29. Gina,

    Coriander and cilantro are the same plant. In Europe I think both the leaves and seeds are called coriander, but in the US, both names are used, though I think cilantro is more prevalent (Mexican influence?). I’ve always seen the seeds called coriander, though.

  30. This is a wonderful staple dish of Indian Cuisine where it is also named “Butter Chicken”. It is a good choice when needing to eat out.

  31. Did anyone have trouble finding the garam masala? I wasn’t able to find it at my local food co-op and they had a ton of different spices and herbs. This looks so good, but I think a few veggies should be added.

  32. I made this using ghee, and added shredded bok choy, yellow zucchini and eggplant. Really nice, especially on a cold, rainy day. I used chicken thighs on the bone, and just hacked each thigh into about 3 pieces so that some of that bone goodness would seep into the sauce.

    It does need salt, and I’d even say one could up the spices even more.. maybe add a bit of heat to it as well. Really good!

  33. I serve my Butter Chicken over spaghetti squash (sauteed with more butter and garlic)instead of rice and I throw in some snap peas for colour and more veg content! Delish!

  34. just made this with red fish instead of chicken, added sliced mushrooms to soak up some of the sauce, and peas. also it definitely needs salt. otherwise, mmmmm!

  35. I am making this right now, it smells amazing. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any garam masala, so I opted for curry powder instead. Also, it took me two grocery stores to find self packaged cardamom seeds, then the third store had a small jar of pods for ten dollars! There was no way I was spending ten bucks on a little jar of pods so I went with the seeds; hopefully I used the right amount. I am very excited for dinner tonight 😀

  36. This dish is one of the best dishes I’ve ever had. I’ve already eaten this dish twice in the past week and I have the next batch sitting in my fridge as I write.

    I disagree that this dish needs salt. I also don’t think I would recommend simply replacing Garam Masala with a curry. Garam Masala is made from cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon and cloves – in that order, and is quite a different taste and smell than any curry I’ve ever seen. It’d probably be better to just buy these ingredients separately. The one thing I did replace, though, was the fresh cardamon pods with ground cardamon.

  37. Its great, I give it a 4/5. But if you just used the spices and yougrt marinade taste amazing with checking by itself 5/5.

  38. Love, love, love this dish…perfectly flavorful! I added a variety of bell peppers and squash while cooking the tomatoes. I used lean (kefir) instead of greek yogurt and think it made the sauce a little thick, but when adding the coconut, it made it much more ‘silky’ smooth. Also, I used Swad brand Corriander Chutney (from HEB international section) in the marinate (contains coriander, serrano peppers, vinegar, sugar and garlic- and a few preservatives unfortunately) which really perked up the recipe. It’s become a staple at our home.

  39. Hmm…had troubles with it because of the fat from the chicken thighs. It took longer to thicken than I thought it would, and I think it took on too much of a greasy taste. Any tips on getting rid of that? I’m not much of a cook. 🙂

  40. I just made this today and it was AMAZING! I marinated the chicken overnight (as was instructed in another recipe I’ve used before), but other than that I followed it as written. VERY good!! Used coconut milk as well, and it was perfect.
    I’ve had similar curries in Thai and Vietnamese restaurants and many Asian style curries are on the soupy side. Mine turned out that way as well, but I enjoy that, was perfectly thick for my taste.
    Great recipe!

  41. This recipe came out great and everyone loved it. I’d like to modify it so that it uses bone-in chicken rather than boneless. Any recommendations on how to do this? Cooking times, etc?

  42. this. looks. wonderful. making this tonight and I plan on adding some zucchini in it. I have to go back to the store after work because I didn’t know fresh coriander was just cilantro. 🙁
    Can I use full fat milk instead of coconut milk?

  43. This recipe is delicious! My usually picky boys, ages 5 and 3, ate it right up. They especially liked that I told them it was ‘caveman’ chicken and would make them strong and mighty 😉 The whole family liked it so much that no one missed the grains. I served it with cauliflower and peas.

    1. My husband and son both loved this dish, I have not really cooked much before (my husband has always cooked) so I was anxious about trying to make all these “primal” meals. I am very glad to say the pictures, directions and ingredients on each of the recipes I have tried from MDA have all turned out great (also made primal tex-mex tortillas, pot roast, shepard pie, meatloaf) I have not had enough leftovers to make a second meal out of anything yet! Thanks Mark for posting all the free recipes as well as the great advice, it is much appreciated!

  44. Gorgeous! I bought all the ingredients and left husband to cook it. Turned out great and tasted even better! 🙂

  45. I can’t believe I have never seen this recipe on your site! My whole family LOVES Butter Chicken and I cannot wait to try your recipe! Also intrigued by the sweet potato option, sounds delish.

  46. I made this today (without tomato paste, sadly). I instead of only coconut milk, I added half coconut/half homemade yogurt to the sauce.

    The chicken was entire legs that are pastured, so very high quality. I marinated it in whey and salt for 24 hours (by accident), then broiled it in the oven until the skin became crispy. I let it cool down, then shredded the meat off the bones.

    I do not know if this is the quality of the meat, or if it was the 24 hour marination in kefir whey or the crazy good sauce of this recipe….but the entire thing still turned out… Delicious!

    Thanks for the recipe!

  47. Sounds and looks so yummy 🙂 Went to whole foods today to buy all of the ingredients…Cheers to My first primal homecooked dinner…dosnt look or sound like a bad choice!!!

  48. attempting to make this right now and can’t figure out if I am supposed to put the chicken and yogurt mixture into the sauce or rinse the chicken first.

  49. Can I freeze the uneaten portions for future lunch or dinners?
    If yes, how can I do that? 😀

  50. this was not as good as my own recipe for indian butter chicken that i use cashew butter to thicken… also – there is no salt in it – so no matter how many spices there are in it – it’s just bland… i guess i just need my salt!

    1. I wish you’d post your version of the recipe. I’d like to try it. I think I’ll make this one and add more spice and cashew butter to thicken it a bit.

  51. How will you eat it because we in India and Pakistan eat with whole wheat flat bread or rice? Now as we are not allowed both of them, how can we eat curry then?

  52. Najam: Just with a spoon; no need for rice or bread with it. If you feel like you need something to sop it up with, you can try making cauliflower “rice.” The recipe may not be authentic, but it’s delicious!

  53. I am new to all of this and indian has never been a favorite of mine, athough I am willing to try the receipes. I do however love thai.are there any thai recipes that I could try paleo style??

  54. Shan packets still contain MSG. Do not buy! You can find other butter chicken packs at the Indian grocers. Glad I checked, I just about used this today ended up in the trash. My usual are the Parampara – so fresh and recipe on the back.

  55. Thumbs down on this recipe — it’s too bland and soupy. I’ll have to jazz it up per the suggestions from this community (which I should have read first).

  56. I tried this dish tonight and it was very soupy and lacked a bit of kick in the sauce. I used the whole amount of coconut milk though so maybe that was it. Can anyway also tell me exactly how they thickened the sauce up? It was quit water based even before adding the coconut milk. Maybe cook the chicken before hand and then put it in?

  57. Can I just ask, what do you do with the cinnamon stick? Do you just stick it in there or grate/grind it?

  58. Made this last week. absolutely delicious. Gonna try the Chick Tikka Masala tonight

  59. This is a fantastic recipe!! I am eating it as we speak and I mixed my own spices, as well as made an extra batch of sauce for a quick dinner in the future! Thank you Mark!!!!

  60. This was the best chicken marsala I ever had and I have had many!
    I would added Cheyenne though;)
    DON’T BE FRIGHTENED TO TRY THIS RECIPE it’s killer good! Even without the coconut milk.
    This is very concentrated so If you eat it with veggies(like I did) or with rice, just put a bit on your plate and rub it into the food. It will go far with flavor.

  61. Made this last night, and turned out great! I’ve been looking for a good butter chicken recipe for years, and was happy to finally find one.

    I made a few small modifications. I used about 3lbs of chicken for the same amount of spices, plus some Himalayan salt. Mixed it up with some 2% greek yogurt (was appalled that the two grocery stores I went to did not carry a higher fat option) in a glass baking dish, covered, and left to marinade in the fridge for 1-2 hours (probably closer to two). As another reader recommended, I grilled the chicken in the oven (stirring occasionally) before adding it to the sauce. It worked out really well, the chicken cooked (uncovered at about 350F) while I prepared the sauce. I used three large tomatoes instead of 4, and boiled them for several minutes prior to removing the skin (makes the process much easier). Once the sauce reduced (20 min, as in the recipe), I added the chicken (but not the liquid), simmered for a bit, added 1 cup of coconut milk (was plenty) and some salt (this may or may not be necessary depending on your tastes). Simmered it some more, then stirred in two tablespoons of cashew butter to thicken (one may be enough depending on how thick/runny you like your sauce). I also removed the cinnamon stick shortly after adding the chicken, and as I don’t like an overpowering cardamom flavour, I also fished out the pods towards the very end. Not a huge fan of fresh coriander, so omitted that all together.

    In any case, turned out absolutely delicious! Looking forward to the leftovers 🙂

    Thank you, Mark, for the wonderful recipe!

  62. I’m trying to cut out most dairy – would the marinade come out okay if I used more coconut milk instead? Sounds amazing!

  63. Butter chicken is my favorite curry. I can’t tell you how stoked I am to find this primal version. I’m making this as soon as I can. Thanks!

  64. Awesome, loved it!

    My method and adjustments to make thicker.

    1.Only use three tomato’s, I also added some more chilli and extra butter (2 more table spoons)
    2. Cook off the chicken in a large separate pan. for 10 minutes on high before adding to the sauce.
    3. Once you add the chicken to the sauce, let it simmer for another 20 minutes until think and you can see a red oil.
    4. add the cream and simmer for 5.
    5. Enjoy.

  65. Hey mate, just wanted to let you know that I’m pretty sure you mislisted the Cilantro in the ingredients portion as Coriander. You make reference to a fresh chopped cilantro in the description but it isnt in the ingredients. Excellent recipe though, seriously one of the best meals I’ve ever made

    1. Recently found out that there is a regional divide as to whether the plant is called Cilantro or Coriander. The more you know!

  66. OMG this was amazing!
    Even my daughter -who is sooooo fussy asked for seconds
    Totally yummy
    Did an onion in the butter first before realising there was no onion in the recipe. I had minced ginger in the cupboard so I added that in with the yoghurt & spices.
    Totally awesome meal.
    I know it will be a family favourite forever now 🙂

  67. Delicious. I ended up simmering after adding cream for around 20 minutes, to get the oils to mix in well and to reduce the liquid a bit. Bit too soupy for me before doing that.

  68. Made this, tasted very good but added some extra garam masala, onion powder, ground coriander and salt while the chicken was cooking. My only complaint is that my cardamom pods did not break up and I accidentally chewed into a piece with the chicken…ugh! That was terrible. I think I will just add the cardamom seeds next time.
    I also do think it can be made with less butter (I used ghee FYI). I have made butter chicken several different ways and I think it will still come out great with less butter.

  69. This is the best butter chicken we’ve ever had….and I’m Indian!

  70. just made this, though a family size recipe I am going to freeze it in portions for myself as was too hard to just go to all that trouble for one meal. It was absolutely fantastic and rivaled any butter chicken I have had out. I used a can of tomatoes as I had no fresh ones. Will be making this for the sons when they pop in for dinner.. Thankou.

  71. Did you mean cilantro in the ingredient list instead of coriander?

  72. I’ve tried several recipes for butter chicken. Several meaning more than 10, and this is the recipe I’ve settled on because it is the one I like best. And I have been using this recipe for about 6 years now. I make it for weekday dinners as well as for when company comes. It is always well received and I have given out this recipe to many people.