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There are many good things that could be said about NBC’s The Biggest Loser. I can give it accolades for its goal to help people lose weight through exercise and, more importantly, by completely re-thinking their diets. And I can praise it for the inspiration it has instilled in many people around the country to follow in the footsteps of the contestants on their own weight loss journeys.

But nobody’s perfect.

Some have pointed out that the show may push the contestants to unhealthy limits. Others have noted that the show sets unrealistic expectations for your average over-weight American leading to frustration, discouragement and no weight loss at all.

I just want to point out something I find comical. The Biggest Loser finale was viewed by 8.6 million people last night and many millions more have followed the show over the past four seasons. Throughout each show they offer tips, advice and what amounts to their own version of health education. Due to its widespread popularity their advice is regarded as having some level of authority. We all know they have a business to run and that the show is first and foremost about making money, but because they offer what comes across as genuine and heart-felt health advice they should be held responsible for what they promote.

This gets me to the issue of contention I have with the show, however minor. Has anyone else noted their sponsors?

Surely they could come up with better suggestions than these. I guess farmer’s markets and grass fed beef suppliers don’t have the sponsorship bucks that these companies do.

Do you think Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper, or Kim Lyons actually eat this stuff? I doubt it. Would you?

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