The Best of Mark’s Daily Apple: June 2008

June was a momentous month. We began with the Definitive Guide to the Primal Blueprint and ended with the 30-Day Primal Health Challenge. In between we had great conversations on everything from cold water therapy, carb binging and grains to managing stress, ketosis and nightshades. Revisit your faves or catch an article you missed… this is the best of June ’08:

Dear Mark: Primal Personal Products? – June 2

10 Ways to Forage in a Fast Food Nation – June 3

The Definitive Guide to the Primal Blueprint – June 4

Drink Less Water? – June 9

10 Ways to Forage in the Modern World – June 10

What Happens to Your Body When… You CARB BINGE? – June 11

Nightshades – June 12

10 Ways to De-Stress – June 17

The Definitive Guide to Grains – June 18

Cold Water Therapy – Jun 19

Health Suicide in 10 Easy Steps – June 24

What Happens to Your Body When… You Haven’t Properly Trained for Your Marathon? – June 25

Act “As If” – 30-Day Primal Health Challenge – June 27

Dear Mark: Ketosis – June 30

What you would like us to write about? Though we never have a tough time finding something to voice our opinion about we are always interested in what our readers want, so drop us a line in the comment boards. And as per our “Dear Mark” series of posts we began this year, the topic can be personal. So what are you waiting for? You’ve just been offered free personalized health advice! Hit us up with a comment.

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  1. I am a triathlete and am currently in training for my second Ironman. I have been a triathlete for four years, and have progressed well thus far. I have also run three marathons. I follow a Paleo diet very low carb now and am doing well, suprisingly better after dropping grains and dairy.

    I realize that triathlon might not be optimal for health, bust most other sports aren’t either. 🙂 I wondered if the former tri guy had some advice for an endurance athlete as far carb intake during training, gels, etc., versus more natural things like honey, figs, etc. Also, recovery meals for endurance training, etc. Thanks in advance!

  2. Great question, Brett. It is one we have been getting quite frequently lately. Check back on Monday for Mark’s “Dear Mark” post. In it he will address the elite athlete/primal lifestyle conundrum.