The Best of Mark’s Daily Apple: April 2008

Dedicated readers of MDA had a very busy April. They got Primal by tearing into some protein (but not legumes or gluten). They practiced the art of compromise and had a few drinks (and dessert!) They made their own butter, spiced up their meals with wasabi and ginger, considered what to do with artificial sweeteners, planted their own backyard vegetable gardens, joined local CSAs and still had time for a few 15 minute workouts! Goodness. Let’s just hope that May can as productive and fruitful. Thanks to everyone for stopping by!

15 Minute Workout – Apr. 2

How to Eat Enough Protein – Apr. 3

Eat This Today, Feel Better Tomorrow: Dessert Edition! – Apr. 4

Dear Mark: Gluten – Apr. 7

DIY – Butter, Yogurt, Kefir, Oh My! – Apr. 8

On the Question of Sweeteners – Apr. 9

Urban Gardening – Apr. 13

Dear Mark: Beans/Legumes – Apr. 14

We Like Drugs – Fair and Balanced – Apr. 16

Dear Mark: Alcohol – Apr. 21

10 Ingredients that Will Make Your Meals Pop – Apr. 22

The Art of Compromise – Apr. 23

Community Supported Agriculture – Apr. 25

Dear Mark: Gene Expression – Apr. 28

10 Ways to “Get Primal” – Apr. 29

What you would like us to write about? Though we never have a tough time finding something to voice our opinion about we are always interested in what our readers want, so drop us a line in the comment boards. And as per our “Dear Mark” series of posts we began this year, the topic can be personal. So what are you waiting for? You’ve just been offered free personalized health advice! Hit us up with a comment.

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  1. I would love to see more details on Mark’s weight room regimen. We got the post on what muscle groups he works on what days, but what does he actually do? Low reps-high weight? Low weight-high reps! Something along the lines of Devany’s hierarchal sets? I know different people respond to different methods, but I’d be willing to try anything that would give me a body anywhere approaching Mark’s physique! 🙂

    P.S. Tell me he does Horton’s stuff and I’ll dust out the P90X discs in a heartbeat! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the question, DaveC. Mark has a post coming next week that will speak to some of the specifics surrounding his diet and fitness regimen, and we will be doing more on this in the future. Thanks for your continued support and comments!