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October 21 2008

Top 10 Top 10 Lists of All Time

By Mark Sisson

With over 80 Top 10 lists under my belt I feel like a Top 10 list pro at this point. I keep doing them because they are a great way to condense a lot of information down to the essentials. And because readers seem to look forward to them.

Putting this list together was tough because there are different ways to measure the popularity of a single blog post. Is it the number of comments on the post? The number of people who have seen the post? Or maybe it’s the buzz the post has created around the net? Needless to say it wasn’t easy and I was sad to see some (in my opinion) great lists not make the top 10.

Hopefully this list will uncover some oldies but goodies that you haven’t seen before.

Contest Giveaway: sent me some freebies to give out to readers. All you have to do to get a free bottle is post one of the three best answers (as judged by me and the Worker Bees) to this question:

What would you like to see future “Top 10” lists cover?

Here are the GymSoap ingredients. What do you think about it, Apples? Marketing hype or a smart way to prevent nasty gym-induced infections?

And now to the Top 10 Top 10 Lists of All Time (in no particular order):

10 Rules of Aging Well

Flame Thrower: Top 10 Natural Ways to Reduce Inflammation

10 Ways to “Get Primal”

Best Brain Foods

Top 10 Ingredients that Will Make Your Meals Pop

10 Quick Tips to Boost Your Serotonin

10 Ways to Cut Calories

10 Ways to De-Stress

Top 10 Junk Foods in Disguise

Top 10 Dumbest Drugs Ever Invented

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21 thoughts on “Top 10 Top 10 Lists of All Time”

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  1. I will pass on the Gym Soap hype. Usually I avoid products that have websites touting “As seen on blah blah blah” and it lists a bunch of tv stations. Also, I have no idea what all the chemical named stuff does in it but it looks like a LOT of the “natural” ingredients were added for smell and fragerance. I bet it is a pretty stinky product.

    As for top 10 lists that I would like to see:
    – Top 10 primal hygeine products (in honor of the gymsoap)Have you taken a look at tom’s of maine products yet?
    – Top 10 ways to motivate friends and family to drop the donut
    – Top 10 nutrient rich vegetables
    – Top 10 low glycemic fruits
    – Top 10 incorrect myths about health and fitness
    … I am sure I will think of more

  2. My top 10 wish list:
    Top 10 Primal Carb substitutions, (I heart spaghetti squash)
    Top 10 Primal websites
    Top 10 ways that women can build muscle mass. So many sites focus on ways that women can be lean, but “don’t worry ladies, you won’t bulk up!” It’s time for some advice for those hot chicks out there that want some muscle mass!

  3. Great thoughts, Wendy! We want to address the interests of our readers, so getting feedback like this means a lot to us. We’ll be jotting down all suggestions and writing about the best in the future.

  4. Top 10 Ideas for eating healthy while travelling.

    Top 10 Ideas for working while travelling.

    Top 10 Foods to always have stocked at home.

  5. How about a simple list of the 10 worst foods ever created. Are there 10 creations worse than a twinky? I’m talking about these sorts of scary lab-invented blasphemies.

  6. What a great post! I just got the biggest kick out of re-reading these (as well as reminding myself of some important points/tips). I was particularly happy to be reminded of “10 Ways to De-Stress”- with all that is going on right now (economy, election, upcoming holidays) I was glad to regain insight on de-stressing. I think you should have “Top 10 Top 10” more often!

  7. Top 10 Ways to Reduce PMS naturally. I know this doesn’t totally apply to the guys but they have wive or mothers. 🙂

    Also, Top 10 Ways to Get More Fiber on a Low / Moderate Carb Diet – i feel you might have already done this? Like you said, there’s been a lot.

    I think the soap is a lot of hype! I’m sure it’s good but it’s so specific that I don’t think it’ll do anything special whether you’re using after you workout or not.

    Thanks for the top 10 review!

  8. Top 10 – Unprioritized List

    + Top 10 Carbohydrate Myths
    + Top 10 Best Sources for Lipids
    + Top 10 Weigth Loss Myths
    + Top 10 Best Red Meats
    + Top 10 Best Fish
    + Top 10 Reasons to Eat Raw Fruits & Vegetables
    + Top 10 Best Vegetables
    + Mark’s Top 10 Favorite Recipes
    + Top 10 Hydration Myths
    + Top 10 Reasons to Go Primal
    + Top 10 Reasons Obesity is Rising
    + Top 10 Nutrition Gurus – Where Should We Study?
    + Top 10 Nutrition Researchers – Who’s Publishing with No Fear of Perishing?
    + Top 10 Leafy Greens and How to Cook Them
    + Top 10 Nuts – Are All Almonds Zapped Now? What is the Deal with Soaking Nuts?
    + Top 10 Things to Avoid Putting on Your Skin – If You Won’t Eat It, Don’t Apply It to Your Skin
    + Top 10 Things Eaten by Fittest People
    + Top 10 Things You Should Know about Alcohol
    + Top 10 List of Spices
    + Top 10 List of Worst Things You Can Eat
    + Top 10 List of Medical Care – Do You Consult a Naturopath as Well as Regular Doc? How Can You Create a Holistic Approach?
    + Top 10 List of Office Survival – Just Say No to Doughnuts and Birthday Cake
    + Top 10 List of Holistic Care – Best Massage, Acupuncture
    + Top 10 Myths about Yoga and Tai Chi
    + Top 10 CrossFit Myths
    + Top 10 Girl Myths
    + Top 10 Guy Myths
    + Top 10 Reasons My Husband Eats so Differently From Me (the Wife)
    + Top 10 Travel Tips
    + Top 10 Buy From Local Farmers Tips

  9. Wow. I’d say Clare is in the running. Thanks for all the great ideas, everyone.

  10. I want to know:

  11. How about:
    Top 10 primal alternatives to traditional party fare (such as birthday cake, squares, punch, cookies)


    Top 10 primal treats for giving at Halloween. (Don’t forget to include the toothbrush!)


    Top 10 things to say to people who can’t imagine eating an avocado or almond butter.


    Top 10 things to say to others that are disappointed to find out that you actually ‘work’ at being fit.


    Top 10 ways to fight back when you feel a carb binge coming on.


    Top 10 things that Grandma knew and taught our parents, but we’ve forgotten.


    Top 10 distractions that interfere with our Primal lifestyle and goals and how to combat them.

    I better get back to work now 😉 which makes me think of another one…

    Top 10 ways to keep your head in the real world when your heart is in the primal world.

    🙂 I LOVE this place!

  12. Ok, one more, that will make it 10!

    Top 10 primal meals (or large snacks, in the case of teens!) that seedlings can make for themselves.

  13. Top 10 countries in the world with the healthiest lifestyles.

    Top 10 reasons why you should teach children early in life to join sports and eat primal.

    Top 10 reasons why NOT to go on quick fix weight loss programs and how dangerous it is.

    Top 10 ways to stay happy even when things go wrong.

    Top 10 ways to see the “brighter” side of a bad situation. ( There’s always light at the end of a dark tunnel.)

    Top 10 reasons to keep yourself surrounded with positive people.


  14. No suggestions on top 10 lists, but that Gymsoap stuff does contain the common anti-gross (that’s a scientific designation) chemical triclosan, so it probably does what it says it does in keeping the ick off.

    Of course, there’s lots of concern about antibacterial substance abuse. If everybody is using relatively powerful antibacterial agents, eventually the bacteria are no longer killed by it and it becomes worthless. That’s a problem on the larger scale than just you or I worrying about a bit of athlete’s foot.