Top 10 Ultimate Fitness Gadgets

Here’s the roundup: Mark and the Bees’ favorite workout gear, as tested and approved. Let us know your favorite exercise essentials!

Vibram 5 Fingers

Less shoe, healthier foot. Very Primal! 😉

Vibram 5 Finger Shoes

Garmin Forerunner 201 GPS

Get lost anywhere and find your way home!



Workouts on the go!


Adventure Plus

MacGyver would approve of this multipurpose gadget.

Adventure Plus

Ipod Shuffle

Clip and go – only $79 bucks for plenty of portable tunes!

Ipod Shuffle

Tapas Ultra Yoga Mat

The most comfortable, safe mat available.

Yoga mat

Omron Digital Premium Pedometer

Keep track of how far you walk each day.

Omron Pedometer

Sennheiser Sport Headphones

Indestructible Exercise-Friendly Headphones


Nintendo Wii with Wii Sports

Have you tried the new balance board?


Cardio Canine

Hands-free leash with bottle holder!

Cardio Canine

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  1. While the Wii, which is packaged with Wii Sports, is out now; provided one can find one, Wii Fit, which includes the balance board, will not be available until 2008.

    Nintendo has not provided an official release date but did demonstrate the device at the recently conducted E3.

  2. You are right on there Oxybeles. Wii Sports provides people with a little physical activity in place of the sedentary activity typically associated with playing video games. Though the balance board hasn’t been released yet, it is something to keep our eyes on. Imagine working up a sweat playing a video game!

  3. If my kids can exercise by playing games then I’m all for it. Making a christmas list…

    Those shoes are cool looking but I don’t get it. Do you feel barefoot? Do you have a better grip? I bet they would be good on a sailboat.

  4. There’s also an exercise game for the Playstation 2, but you have to have the funky playstation camera for it to work (and PS2s are a thing of the past anyway).

    The IPod shuffle? Boo! I clicked the link and the IPod website told me this, “…wear it as a badge of musical devotion.” IPod shuffles are badges? Badges?! We don’t need no stinking badges! I prefer the cheap Russian knock-off MP3 products much better.

  5. Crystal,

    barely-there shoes are a favorite among runners and outdoor buffs. There is compelling evidence that less padding may actually strengthen the foot, posture, etc. Of course, medical conditions are another issue.

  6. I’ll throw my lot in with the Forerunner 205, NOT the 201. It’s more expensive, but the GPS is much better, styling is improved and overall functionality is also superior.

  7. Oxybeles, that is too much! Awesome. With podcasting and web 2.0 there are all kinds of new ways to work out. I think this is a great way to incorporate kids’ love for video/media with exercise and health.

  8. Most essential workout gadget has to be the computer – with so much fitness info out there on the internet, it really makes a difference 😉

  9. I wanted a pair of those Vibram 5 Fingers, but my toes are a bit too long… So I just go barefoot! My plantar fasciitis has cleared up, and my feet have never felt healthier or stronger. 😀

    Also, that Omron pedometer is great. It’s the most accurate pedometer I’ve ever used (plus it works when I’m barefoot, while cheaper devices tend not to).

  10. Ben, great news about your PF. Do you hike/run barefoot? I do barefoot beach sprints, but stick with the Vibram for rockier pursuits. I think those old Tevas are a good alternative.

    Kurt, guess I have an excuse now to buy a new gadget.

  11. I’ve hiked about 70 miles of the Appalachian Trail, and about 25 of those miles were barefoot. It’s great fun, as long as you don’t mind hearing “Oh my God, you’re barefoot!” several times a day.

    I’ve been considering making a pair of huarache sandals to hike with. They’re about as minimalist as footwear can get. Nothing more than a 4mm sole, and a single leather strap to keep it on. The blogger Barefoot Ted has directions for making them.