Be a Better Butternut


Why eat “I’ll have diabetes with that” spuds when you can eat mellow, healthy butternut squash?

This delicately-flavored squash typically comes cubed in the produce section. It’s also a popular soup puree. And it sure beats other starchy vegetables in the nutrition department. One serving gives you half your daily vitamin C requirement and 450% of your vitamin A requirement! At 80 calories per cup (compared to 100 for a small potato), with little impact on your blood sugar, butternuts are just better! You can mash, bake, puree, slice, and dice to your heart’s content.

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  1. All I really wanted to know is: is butternut squash a good primal choice? The net says it’s high on the glycemic index but it seems to be recommended here on MDA. I found the most spectacular butternut squash soup and would hate to cross it off the list. Help!

  2. Surely it wouldn’t be on here, being recommended if it wasn’t primal?

    1. Yes it is Primal, just like sweet potato(not as many carbs or sugars). You just don’t want to eat it constantly or excessively. The key thing as Mark states is that it has little affect on your blood sugar.