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Be a Better Butternut

SMART FUEL Why eat "I'll have diabetes with that" spuds when you can eat mellow, healthy butternut squash? This delicately-flavored squash typically comes cubed in the produce section. It's also a popular soup puree. And it sure beats other starchy vegetables in the nutrition department. One serving gives you half your daily vitamin C requirement and 450% of your vitamin A requirement! At 80 calories…

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This Is a Cringe-Free Headline about Nuts

SMART FUEL Just like our beloved eggs (oh, what a nutritional ball of goodness), nuts are victimized by painful puns: Get Nutty! We're Nuts about Nuts! You're Nuts if You Don't Eat Them! We don't do that here. Nuts are a Smart Fuel deserving of some smart words. Here's why we think nuts are great for your health. Just don't go...crazy...with the portions. (Whew -…

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3 Superfoods to Eat Right Now

SMART FUEL You're still here? Go eat these foods! Okay, we cringe a little bit at the word "superfood". No food wears a cape. Still, there are foods that pack major nutritional punch. A few of our top picks: 1. Berries, because… - Blueberries are best, but blackberries, raspberries, cranberries, strawberries and bilberries are all excellent - They contain antioxidants called anthocyanins - They fight…

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