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Updates! I Need Updates!

At your recommendation, we've added a few more excellent blogs to the blogroll. Be sure to check out the updated list. Thanks to all of you who have participated in the fruit bowl submissions. We have several highly-edible produce pictures from you so far. (They sure look a lot better than mine. I am clearly camera-challenged. I'm waiting for the drug to fix this condition.)…

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Perspective and Priorities

- via Strange New Products When it comes to water, we really need more options. It's not enough that we have potable, low-cost drinking water at our convenient disposal. We still can't seem to appreciate it, let alone drink it. That's why there's PUR Flavor Options. With the press of a button, delicious, sugar-free raspberry, peach or strawberry water is yours! Why, how delightful! A…

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Most Popular Posts

Here are all the 2007 goodies distilled from over 500 posts here at Mark's Daily Apple. These posts have gotten the most traffic, links, comments and feedback. And they're our readers' favorites. Enjoy. Is There Any Safe Meat? Are There Any Good Carbs? Why the Atkins Diet Works Top 10 Health Scams The Busy Person's Guide to Losing Weight The Secret to Health & Longevity:…

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In Which the Food Nerds Hijack the Blog

Would ya look at this place? Sisson leaves town for five seconds and it all goes to food. Aaron's going to be posting your weekly dose of Smart Fuel later today. No word from His Omnipotence the Fuji yet, but if you're really good, you might get lucky. For now, I'd like to share a curious trend I'm noticing of late. Both online and off,…

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The SUV Diet Vs. the 100-Mile Diet

Locavores. The 100-Mile Diet. The Omnivore's Dilemma. Local is the new organic, and with good reason. Most food travels thousands of miles, at a tremendous cost to our precious resources, just to land on your plate. Eating locally is better for the environment. But it may also be better for your health (what? better than organic?). Cookthinker blog tried out the 100-mile diet recently. This…

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