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10 Forgotten Stress Relief Tips

There are plenty of excellent stress guides out there. Some will offer spiritual tips, while others will give you practical advice. Still others offer nutrition and fitness ideas to mitigate stress. Stress comes in many forms - relationships, work, health, hormones, momentary dilemmas, and more - and there are just as many ways to tackle it. Here's a list of helpful stress soothers that are…

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44 Finger Lickin’ Recipes for Vegans and Carnivores Alike

You'll want to bookmark this one! You frequent readers know Mark espouses a lifestyle that is both low-carb and omnivorous. I am a lapsed vegetarian who can't seem to eat enough fat, while Aaron likes to fuel his long bike rides with sensible whole grains like brown rice. Our staff and families run the gamut from vegetarian to Paleo to, well, the haven't-outgrown-the-college-diet-diet. And you…

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Best Brain Foods

Nourish your noggin. Here are 10 excellent foods that enhance hormone production, brain chemistry, memory, mood, and cognition. Think of these foods as brainiac batteries. (Solutions to Sudoku not included.)

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The Great Pig Conspiracy

Busted at last! It's time to dispel a myth, apples. Rather, let's chop it up and fry it until it sizzles. There's nothing like a post well-done. Pork Avoidance: So Much More Than Mere Myth Mark and your Bees have received several emails asking about the safety of pork. Although Sisson addressed this briefly a few months back, the question deserves attention because new evidence…

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Confessions of a Former Lipid-Phobe

Sara here. Are you a lipid-phobe? I used to be one, too. Here’s why every woman needs to lose the fear of fat! Every friendship has That Conversation. You know, that one thing you debate ad infinitum. My best friend and I have had many a tendentious tiff over the issue of dietary fat. Like any self-respecting woman in the prime of her dieting years…

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Who Are the Real Welfare Queens?

55 Billion Goes to: School lunch & breakfast programs WIC (Women, Infants, & Children) Food subsidies Food stamps Nutrition education Other food and health programs 127 Billion Goes to: Corporate funding (direct & indirect) Grants to Fortune 500 companies Big Agra subsidies (including sugar) References: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Further Reading: School Vending Machines Size Matters Most Popular Posts

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