Lindsay Taylor, PhD

About the Author

Lindsay Taylor, Ph.D., is a senior writer and community manager for Primal Nutrition, a certified Primal Health Coach, and the co-author of three keto cookbooks.

As a writer for Mark’s Daily Apple and the leader of the thriving Keto Reset and Primal Endurance communities, Lindsay’s job is to help people learn the whats, whys, and hows of leading a health-focused life. Before joining the Primal team, she earned her master’s and Ph.D. in Social and Personality Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, where she also worked as a researcher and instructor.

Lindsay lives in Northern California with her husband and two sports-obsessed sons. In her free time, she enjoys ultra running, triathlon, camping, and game nights. Follow along on Instagram @theusefuldish as Lindsay attempts to juggle work, family, and endurance training, all while maintaining a healthy balance and, most of all, having fun in life. For more info, visit

Gua sha face massage with jade stone . Lifting and Anti aging Treatment

Gua Sha: Lymphatic Massage for the Face and Body?

As a devoted fan of skincare, at-home spa treatments, and, most recently, face yoga, I’m always on the lookout for new ways to pamper myself. Thus, I couldn’t help but notice the recent uptick in beauty influencers raving about their Gua Sha stones, jade rollers, and similar facial massage tools. Besides the fact that the tool themselves are quite beautiful, the purported benefits had me intrigued.…

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Blonde woman opening upper kitchen cabinet and reaching in

Help! I Can’t Stop Snacking!

The good news: After a rough year and a half, many people are finding their way back to something like “normal” (even if it's a new normal). The bad news: We picked up some not-so-helpful habits during our time underground. You’re not alone if you’re emerging from your cocoon feeling a little worse for wear! There’s no time like the present to start shedding those…

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woman feeling hungry after exercise looking in refrigerator

Why Am I So Hungry After Exercise?

You know the stereotype: People who exercise hard, then eat harder. I’m talking about the marathon runner-in-training lounging on the couch with a bag of chips beside them and a gallon of ice cream balanced on their chest, or the hardcore CrossFitter bankrupting the all-you-can-eat Brazilian steakhouse. Perhaps you’ve even heard that you shouldn’t work out too much or too hard, lest you stimulate your…

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woman working at her laptop experiencing intrusive thoughts

What Causes Intrusive Thoughts and How to Stop Them

Chances are, you’ve experienced intrusive thoughts. I’m talking about those odd or disturbing thoughts that pop into your head seemingly out of nowhere. Usually, they involve imagining yourself, just for a moment, doing something dangerous, harmful to others, or socially inappropriate. It’s not that you want or intend to do so, but you realize that you could stand up and yell obscenities in church, kiss…

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going dry sober curious woman blowing bubbles at a picnic with friends

Sober-curious: Experimenting with Ditching Alcohol and Going Dry

More and more people are questioning whether alcohol deserves a place in their lives. The popular media has dubbed this growing contingent of alcohol skeptics “sober-curious.” These folks aren’t so much worried that they have a serious drinking problem, though that might be a nagging thought in the back of their minds. Rather, they suspect that the negatives outweigh the positives, even if they only…

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senior woman practicing face yoga in the mirror

Face Yoga and Eye Yoga: The Next Anti-Aging Revolution?

You know that feeling when you add something to your wellness repertoire, and it just clicks? Maybe for you it was meditation, daily walks, blue-light blocking glasses, or a particular supplement. For me, it was face yoga. Face yoga is billed as a safe and effective anti-aging tool—a facelift without surgery or botox. That's not why I like it, though. I use face and eye yoga…

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