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Katy stands with phone in hand purposefully aligning head and neck correctly while touching sternum.

What Your Phone Is Doing to Your Body, and How to Fix It

Today’s guest post is offered up by Katy Bowman, biomechanist and author of the bestselling Move Your DNA. Her recent book, Rethink Your Position examines how in our overwhelmingly sedentary culture, we don’t just need to “move more.” We need to move—and sit, and lie, and work, and rest—better, in positions that give us the varied and targeted motions our bodies need to thrive. I’m happy…

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Elle Russ on beach

Becoming Your Own Thyroid Advocate

Today I'm pleased to bring you a post from my longtime friend and Primal supporter Elle Russ. Elle has long worked to help people with thyroid conditions advocate for themselves and find their way back to better health. Now she has a new course that is sure to help many more. Check it out! Throughout my life I have come to realize that no one…

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Real Life Stories

Success Story: Happy, Healthy, and Hot!

"It’s so much more than a physical transformation.” Those are the words of one of my beautiful clients, and I realized they are a perfect description of my own journey as well. I’m Elizabeth from Happy Healthy and Hot. I’m a 56-year-old double-certified health coach who helps women of all ages lose weight so they can love their bodies AND their lives. I’m passionate about…

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Mother and baby doing bear crawl together in brightly lit room

Three Animal Movements for Strength and Mobility

Today my pal Ryan from GMB Fitness is back with part 2 of his strength and mobility series. Check out part 1 here.  What if you could spend a few minutes per day using nothing but your body weight to build functional upper body strength, train your core, and improve your hip mobility? No equipment necessary, and no gym membership, either. It might sound too…

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Man sitting at desk holding lower back and grimacing.

Do You Sit All Day? Here Are 5 Mobility Exercises You Should Be Doing!

Hi, folks! Enjoy this guest post from my pal Ryan of GMB fitness in which he covers a topic near and dear to my heart: mobility exercises and undoing some of the negative effects of a too-sedentary lifestyle. Take it away, Ryan. The unfortunate truth of modern life is many of us sit for too long during the day. This is mostly due to office…

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woman fanning cooling herself off from menopause hot flashes

Dear Carrie: Hot Flashes

From time to time, my wife Carrie pops in to answer questions from readers requesting a Primal woman’s perspective. Today, we’re updating a post she a while back regarding hot flashes and menopause. This topic continues to generate a lot of interest, so we wanted to ensure that the info here is up to date. Enjoy! Hi, everyone! Thanks for the opportunity to offer my…

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