February 22 2012

Announcements: New Seminar Dates and Mere Weeks to PrimalCon 2012

By Mark Sisson

Brad Kearns checks in from the road to report great success with the first few Primal Transformation seminars. Lively groups of 50 folks enjoyed Phoenix, Portland, Seattle, Boulder and St. Louis events recently. It’s been such a great experience that Brad has added four new dates. Here’s the latest schedule:

Los Altos, CA – Wednesday, Feb. 29

Sacramento, CA – Tuesday, Mar. 6

Atlanta, GA – Monday, Mar. 26

Miami Beach, FL – Tuesday, Mar. 27

Houston, TX – Wednesday, Mar. 28

Dallas, TX – Thursday, Mar. 29

Torrance, CA – Monday, Apr. 9

San Diego, CA – Monday, Jun. 4

You can learn all about this special seminar series and reserve your spot here. And dig this photo from yesterday’s seminar. The Primal Transformation Seminar event in St. Louis featured a Primal potluck event at CrossFit, featuring delicious Kombucha tea, incredible sweet potato/beef stew made with high fat grass-fed ground beef dog food (too much fat to be certified for human sale, but delicious!), unique pork shoulder and cauliflower and bacon and Brussels sprouts, tongue stew, sauerkraut, and of course some dark chocolate. Primal Living St Louis is going strong – check it out if you are in the area.

While my schedule is packed with numerous upcoming publishing efforts, our new online Primal Blueprint expert certification (more on this later this year), PrimalCon III in April and corporate speaking, I’m itching for some action too! We’re making preliminary plans for me to deliver the Transformation seminar in Chicago and New York City in late April-early May – with perhaps a live webinar participation on those evenings. Stay tuned for details!

And hey, speaking of PrimalCon III, can you believe it’s less than two months away! This year is going to be bigger and better than ever. We have some fantastic presenters lined up and new activities that we can’t wait to share with everyone that attends. There are still spots remaining, but we anticipate it will be a sold out event, so if you haven’t reserved your spot don’t hesitate. Grab your tickets today and join the Mark’s Daily Apple community in April in Oxnard, CA. I guarantee this 3-day retreat will change your life forever. Hope to see you there!

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  1. How about Thunder Bay? Hmm, I doubt that, but Minneapolis/St Paul isn’t that far for me to drive sometime!!

  2. So glad you’re coming to Sacramento, I will put the word out! Anymore Sacramento peeps out there? Would love to connect

  3. I wish I could convince my parents to go to the Atlanta seminar! It might change their minds about eating out at fast food places and buffets every night.

      1. 100% Agree, NOVA/DC Seminar — Our meetups are packed, you would definitely get a good audience!

  4. “our new online Primal Blueprint expert certification” – I am personally very curious about this!

    Glad to see you may be in Chicago… I may be there around that time so I can’t wait to see what days you pick!

  5. Agree with Michael. Northern VA, MD and the DC area need you badly!!!

  6. Please please please come to one of these sites! I have ulterior motives as I have kids I can stay with for free – those futons we gave them have really paid off – but you have lots of followers in both areas and in between.

  7. Yay, Chicago! You generally seem to stay at the corners of the country, when us midwesterners really need your help!


  8. Will you ever come to the East Coast? New York/New Jersey area? Pretty please?

  9. No EAST Coast?
    Boston & New York city are two great places.
    (I {we] live in NH and Boston is a good central to folks in NH & RI as well.)