November 19 2018

Announcement: WLL Is Returning to Fridays

By Mark Sisson

Hey folks, I’ve got a success story coming up in just a few (yup, Success Stories are moving to Monday!), but I wanted to mention that I’ve been reading your feedback about the recent schedule changes and taking it all under consideration.

Years ago before Weekend Link Love came to Sundays, it was a Friday staple, and that’s where it will be landing (hopefully for good). For those of you who like to take your time perusing the links and reading top to bottom, the latest news will be a great way to begin the weekend (whichever day you choose to hop on and read). Look for the first Friday Link Love this week, right after the Thanksgiving holiday. I’d say good Primal news gives Black Friday a run for its money any day.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and—as always—being part of this community. Have a great week, folks.

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6 thoughts on “Announcement: WLL Is Returning to Fridays”

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  1. Fridays is a great option. Then it is there for the whole weekend!

    Really appreciate that you took feedback from readers Mark and adjusted. Kudos to you and the team.

  2. Re: Return to FRIYAY Link Love – WOOO!
    Thanks for all that you do 🙂

  3. that’s wonderful Mark, it will certainly be appreciated here in Australia. With the time difference, it means we can also peruse the links as well.

    1. Jeff, thanks for you note. I’ll be doing Dear Mark once or twice a month on Tuesdays now, and in the Weekly Link Love I’ve started to answer a reader question (nearly ever time anytime). It’s not going away, but it won’t be a weekly post. Best — M

  4. Awesome! This is even better than Sunday for me. I love perusing the links on weekend mornings. Thanks, Mark!!