Announcement: The Primal Blueprint 30-Day Challenge Begins September 7

Boy, oh, boy am I excited about what this next month holds for MDA readers. This year’s 30-Day Challenge (September 7 – October 6) will be all about aligning your lifestyle behaviors with each of the 10 Primal Blueprint Laws. There will be contests and giveaways each day. I’ve lined up some great sponsors this year. I’ll save most of the details for next Tuesday (come back from Labor Day weekend ready to get Primal!) but I will say this: I’ll be giving away an entire cow courtesy of U.S. Wellness, an assortment of unwieldy (and wieldy) Primal fitness gear, Primal foods, Primal toys, and maybe even a Grok spear, totaling over $10,000 in value. And see below for today’s pre-challenge contest.

You don’t have to sign-up to take part in the challenge. Everyone is welcome. But there are a few things you can do to prepare…

How to Prepare for the Challenge

1. Commit to change: Make the decision right now to make this 30-Day Challenge your jumping off point for lifelong health and well-being. The MDA community and I will be right there with you – with support and encouragement – as we collectively attempt to do right by our genes and live the healthiest, happiest lives with the least amount of pain, suffering and sacrifice possible.

2. Set an alarm: You won’t want to miss a single day of the action, so set a reminder to visit MDA each day. Some contests will have short deadlines, so if you want to enter show up early and often.

3. Gather equipment: While some contests will be as simple as leaving a comment, others will require a bit of legwork. Have your cameras locked and loaded. Borrow a camcorder. And if you want to win that cow, you’ll need to either have or make some friends. Speaking of which…

4. Organize your friends and family: Rally your coworkers, and tell your relatives at the labor day barbecue this weekend. Use this event as a way of coaxing stubborn Aunt Bess to finally give up the diet RC Cola and SlimFast bars and start enjoying real food, like fresh Alaskan Salmon (which I am not yet at liberty to say whether or not will be one of the prizes. Okay fine, it will).

5. Grab a free copy of Primal Blueprint Fitness: Part of the challenge will involve you moving like Grok all month long. If you haven’t already grabbed a copy of PBF do so now.

6. Grab your own Primal Leap kit: There is no better time than now to take control of your health and start living Primally. While the 30-Day Challenge will provide daily motivation and tips to help kick start your Primal life, The Primal Leap provides step-by-step guidance, one-on-one support, guaranteed success and much, much more. There’s still time to get your Primal Leap kit in time for the Challenge, so order today.

P.S. You now have the option to receive either The Primal Blueprint and The Primal Blueprint Cookbook or the Primal Essentials Kit with your Primal Leap package. If you’ve already placed your Primal Leap order and wish to make a change feel free to contact my office at 888-774-6259 and I’ll make good on this offer.

Pre-Challenge Contest (It’s a Double Contest, All the Way!)

Why wait until next Tuesday to start winning stuff? Today’s contest is so easy a caveman could…. it’s super easy. Visit U.S. Wellness here and sign up for their newsletter. In addition to special discounts, meaty recipes and updates on this family farm, you’ll be entered to win a $100 gift certificate good for any Primal product(s) on Everyone is eligible. You have until the end of Friday to enter.

But wait, the meat parade is rounding the bend…

September is also U.S. Wellness’s 10th Anniversary, and they’re running contests all month long as well, starting with a batch of 10 grass-fed goodies, just for commenting on their most recent blog post. So hit their blog up now, unless you just hate grass fed steak, tallow, bone marrow, pemmican meat snacks, butter and ribs.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. Woot! I’m so in. I’m making all my friends do it with me, so we can all support each other and keep each other on track. Can’t wait for the contests and prizes too! Thanks, Mark!

  2. So looking forward to this!! My friend and I going to challenge each other!

  3. Ive been slacking off a little lately and this is just what I need to get myself back on the Primal wagon!

    1. Definitely in the same boat Melyssa! I have been taking care of my mom after a little motorcycle spill so used the no-time excuse to slack on good foods. This will be perfect motivation to get back on track and stay there!

      1. Another one in the same boat. My wife had a heart attack a few weeks ago (at the age of 26) and we’ve been moving house, so I’ve slacked off badly.

        Back to work in the office and a routine, plus a challenge, should kick me back on track.

      2. Awesome of you to devote time to your mom…hope she gets better soon. I was just commenting to my friends this morning that not having electricity for 4 days has motivated me to clean out the fridge and stock it right this time. Island life is the best!! Good luck to all on the challenge.

  4. newsletter signup: done!
    The wellness contest must be popular, I’m still waiting for the blog post to load.

  5. This came at just the right time! I actually got my husband on board with doing a 30 Primal Challenge and this is just butter on the top. I just ordered the cookbook and I can’t wait for it to come in!

    1. Oh, and I also signed up for US Wellness Meat’s newsletter for the giveaway. 😀

  6. Never did the challenge publicly before. Thinking I am going to give it a shot this time. Went from 295 to 249 first Primal go around, then got off track and have petered back up to 265 this morning. Ready to throw down Primal style and get my happy butt down to 200lbs!

  7. I’m so excited for this opportunity. Eagerly awaiting my receipt of the Primal Leap. Ready to push closer to goal weight and better health. 🙂

  8. Can’t wait for the challenge and the added focus!! So excited for next week!!

  9. Pre Challenge contest!? Right outside my door? It’s so beautiful! It’s almost a TRIPLE contest. WHAT DOES IT MEAN!?

  10. love the double rainbow reference. it’s primal challenge month every month, but let’s do this!


    I need a double-rainbow shirt.

    Anyhow, I am so in! I bet I can get my husband to do this, too.

  12. Hubby & I are goin’ for the cow!!! Will rally all of my CF gym buddies, too! ~Karyn

  13. I’m in! Perfect timing with the start of the school year and my new job.

  14. I’m in! on page 220 of the blueprint and can’t wait! Although most of my workouts will continue to be crossfit endurance at least until racing season is over


  15. Awesome stuff Mark! I signed up for the US Wellness Meats newsletter so it looks like I got a shot at winning a prize already – awesome.

    I am going to Chi-Town this weekend to visit my bro. He is not primal but is very interested in it and LOVES to talk with me about it. I will tell him all about the contests and who knows – maybe before I leave to go back to GR he will take the primal leap himself. Some of his buddies are also interested but they just haven’t made the leap yet – patience…

  16. Mark,

    I’m not just going to lurk this year and watch everyone else win a contest! Can’t wait for the “games” to begin!

    I have been following the primal blueprint for just over a year and have lost about 35 pounds. I look younger and weight the same that I did in college when I was playing basketball. Thanks for the inspiration.


    1. Anyone can participate in the challenge. For some contests if you live outside the U.S. the contest prize may change. Some sponsors won’t ship (very heavy) items across the world. In these cases a prize of equal value will be given. Stay tuned for all the details.

      1. perfect timing leaving for a mini vacation to fla on oct 7 th . Goal is to lose 10-12 lbs and see a sixer

  17. I’ve been looking forward to this for months, and will be 3 weeks into it before you even start. 🙂

    My friends all think I’m crazy, though.

  18. I’m looking for this. I been having some cheats lately (sugar, not grains, but still…) and I really want to jump start my fitness and weight loss again! Thank you, Mark!

  19. Just in case you need further encouragement would-be Grokkers my Dad just phoned – he’s now below 195 lbs (30 lbs gone) since ‘modifying’ his diet, as he likes to call it, about 4 months ago!

    Best news though his OA in the knees is a zillion times better, down to one tablet a day and walked all around London at the weekend without difficulty!

    He also proudly told me he’s been able to do some sprints on his bike now, standing up out of the saddle on his way to and from work 🙂 (born 1945!).

  20. Count me in! I’ll spend the holiday weekend being good in preparation for the challenge 🙂

  21. I’m in!! This will be my first 30 Day Challenge; I’m doing Warrior Dash next month, so this will be the perfect way to prepare 🙂

    1. did the Dash a cpl wks ago. you are SO gonna love it. Was some of the best fun I had in years! Have fun & good luck with it. don’t forget to post how you did 🙂
      Oh ya, I’m in for the Challenge too. This time my goal is fighting the sugar demon & fitness fitness fitness!
      grokitty grok grok GROK

  22. This marks the end of my first month on primal and I’ve lost 12 pounds! Cannot wait to challenge myself even more, bring it on!!!

  23. Signed up for the newsletter, too. Luckily, I can also get grass-fed beef and pastured lamb, goat, and chicken (+eggs) at my local farmers market.

  24. I’m so totally IN! However, I’ve got a slight cheat… Just starting a food allergy elimination diet today so I’m medically forced to avoid gluten grains! Unfortunately, I’ve also got to avoid eggs, beef, and dairy plus other random fruits, vegetables and spices. Lots of turkey and chicken for me this month! But I’ve been keeping my carbs under 75g for so long, this challenge will be like cake… er… like steak!! Grok on!

  25. Yeah, I’m in for this. Also signed up for the US Wellness newsletter.

  26. I can’t wait for the challenge. I’ve committed to starting today, but I’ll stock up on things over the weekend and review the PBF. Thanks!

  27. Okay, I am in! I will be on vacation for the first few days of the challenge, but at great resorts with hiking trails and local food, so I should be able to keep primal was on vacay!!

  28. I’m so ready for this!! I’ve been eating primal since February but slipped during the last couple of months. This challenge is just what I need to get back on the wagon and reach my goals. I’ve even convinced my roommate to do it with me. We’ve actually started the transition this week to get over that first week hump before that actual challenge begins. By next week we should be feeling great and ready to take on all of the Primal Laws and hopefully win some prizes.

  29. How much money are you making from each person that signs up to the website, or do you get a portion of the sales? This site is slowly becoming a money making scheme and I’m starting to lose interest in the direction it is heading. After only a year of reading it may be time to move on.

    1. I don’t think this is a fair comment, Bill. Mark clearly puts countless hours into the work he does here, and he is entitled to make a living. I also doubt that his staff works for free. You can still learn anything you want about the Primal Blueprint, for free, on this site. He also just gave away a 92 page e-book that was clearly the product of much research and effort.

      There is no hard sell here. You, me, and everyone else are free to buy, or not buy, his products. I have spent a total of $18.00 on PB products (for the Primal Blueprint” book). I’m more than happy with the return on the investment.

      And, assuming Mark does get something back from U.S. Wellness, what would be wrong with that, as long as they provide quality products? Its pretty much the new business model for a lot of persons, and not necessarily a “scheme.”

    2. Seriously???? I’ve never found a source w/ more free, easily accessible, awesome and life changing info than here on mda. Just a/b everything you can buy (which really is not all that much) is also shared for free somewhere on the blogs or in the forums, and this is no secret. There is never any pressure to buy or select Mark created products, and loads of other products/brands for various things (supps, books, etc) are recommended w/out censorship in the forums here all the time.

      I’m really shocked to read this comment. If mda can make a buck by me clicking a link here and there–I say yay!!! Glad I’m supporting an AMAZING cause!!

    3. So Mark is supposed to just hang out here and put endless hours of work in so that you can get free information because you don’t want to spend the $ 10 to buy his book or order through his link? Don’t be ridiculous man. You’re not entitled to anything… The fact that you get such incredible cutting edge information for free is a godsend. Mark provides an incredible mostly FREE service, and he deserves to be compensated heavily for the service he is giving to people. If you don’t value what he gives you, through his teachings and through the community then maybe it IS time to move on. Go and leech somewhere else.

    4. I bought his book used at Powell’s in Portland… Sorry, Mark…

      But I am planning on buying your kit soon!

      Bill, of course this website is about making money! It’s his BUSINESS! He’s not Ghandi or Mother T… He’s not just here to comfort our fat and unhealthy bodies and minds. Then again, he’s also not some predatory marketer either, he is doing GOOD! You’re just jealous of his personal and professional success!

      1. Thanks for the defense, guys.

        I’m not sure what’s wrong with making money. In any case, no, I won’t be paid money by any of the sponsors to feature their products. I may end up getting a few freebies from sponsors (hey, I like Primal gear, too!) in addition to the dozens of prizes I’m lining up to give away.

        It’s a win, win, win as far as I’m concerned. I get to help people get Primal and maybe draw a few new readers to MDA, readers get a chance to win some really cool stuff, and sponsors get a chance to have their stuff seen by readers who might be interested in their products.

        Only products I can get behind will be featured on MDA.

        1. Wow. This site is one of the few sites that specifically lists sponsored posts. As an avid blog reader and decade-long blogger, I can attest that few sites do clarify sponsorships as well as yours.

          If people are cheapskates, they’ll end up getting what they paid for.

          As for me, you have my 80 bits.

  30. So stoked and ready to go full out Primal. Me and my greys want that cow!

  31. I’ve been gone far too long and have gone far too astray. A challenge is what I need to get my ass back on track.

  32. I look forward to the challenge. This will be my first, while I have been eating paleo with a cheat or two a week I have often wondered how long I could go.

  33. Lookin forward to it. Love flipping off the shoes and going barefoot through eve’s and weekends. This is my style of meal planning too!

  34. I signed up for the Wellness Meats newsletter too! (hope they ship to Canada, tho)

  35. Awsome! I’ve signed up for the newsletter. I am really looking forward to the challenge.

  36. I too am looking for to my first challenge! However, it’s going to be a bit different than most people’s – I’m still on crutches with a broken ankle and won’t be able to do much of the workouts as listed. At least crutching up and down stairs with a full backpack is probably a good substitute for LHT workouts!

  37. Yay, signed up at US Wellness. Hope I’ll be able to do the challenge, recently had a baby and am just getting back in shape after. Loving the Primal lifestyle, been doing it for a whole week and a half now!!!

  38. I signed up for their newsletter! I’m two months primal now and really looking forward to the challenge.

  39. Talk about a buzz in the air! I can feel the excitement all the way here on the EastCoast! 😀

  40. woohoo – looking forward to the challenge. Just signed up for the US Wellness Meats newsletter,

  41. I want a cow. I will love him and pet him and name him George, and eat him.

  42. This is just what I needed! Some incentive and fun =). I plan to go buy the book right now. I’ve been in the market for a good read and this is the time.

    Thank you and I cannot wait to get going!

  43. I just advertised the challenge a bit on a forum I go to (with moderator permission of course), hopefully it’ll get some more people into the Primal Blueprint 🙂

  44. My husband and I went out to eat at the all-you-can-eat chinese buffet today.

    When we came home we both felt like we’ve just committed a crime and got away with it…it was horrible.
    The guilt trip is enough punishment to not do this again any time soon.

    Good Luck all on your 30-day challenge!!!
    I’ll be on the couch the next few hours listening to my belly rumble.

  45. I’m diving in and starting today. I like hitting the ground running; especially when I have this kind of energy!

  46. Yay! As for timing… back to school (thank the gods on the 9th), Hubby just moved out to “figure himself out” and I found out that someone I trusted put my kids in close (repeated) contact with a pedophile. (he is SO innocent of course).Talk about feeling Primal. Murder anyone? I picked up smoking again(ugh!) and I am sure I drink more than I “should” while consuming salty, crunchy late night snacks between my two jobs..other than raising two girls and running a houshold, of course.
    Time to get back in so many ways.
    I have MYSELF figured out, and I have my own goals.
    Confrontation of people involved in the other issue= problem solved short term, will require monitoring.
    Immidiate crisis and issues (the biggest ones, anyway) have been addressed, time for me to focus on ME…back to the great progress I HAD made!
    Thanks everyone for your support, I know I tend to ramble, I always feel there is a supportive ear here!

    1. yikes! I know what those problems are like! I’m sure we could swap marital problems like pros. Keep your head up! Keep motivated! It is time for YOU!

  47. How do you know we signed up as an entry? I did it but saw nothing to delineate that we are part of this contest….Just curious, I am super excited to kick this off, been follow your site for a while and did some test runs NOW I am ready to commit to 30 days leading to a lifetime!

    1. I’m curious too… that link says nothing about MDA’s site – only “we will not share your e-mail or info.”

  48. This is my year to make the leap – the 30 day challenge will cement PB as my life-long lifestyle.

  49. Couldn’t wait… started yesterday, Sept 1. (I’m across the dateline.)

  50. I’m definitely in on this on and looking forward to it. Now to grab the digital camera and start snapping

  51. I am going to be busy eating ribs this month so wont have time.


  52. Thanks for the link to US Wellness. Looks like a worthy company. I subscribed, and am looking forward to this challenge! I am even blogging about exactly how much I am looking forward! Also the gym I am going to in Sept for fitness training found my blog, likely through you! LOL.

  53. Great timing, I’m usually pretty primal, but with 1st year of university starting next week, this is great motivation to not slip up during the first month of school! 😀

  54. I’m definitely looking forward to this! I’ve been thinking of going primal for several months, and am finally going to use this 30 day challenge as my jumping off point!

  55. Count me in! I’ve been waiting for this since I started reading MDA early this year!

    I just signed up for the US Wellness newsletter.

    I’m excited though quite sad it’s highly impossible for you to deliver the COW to Dubai (where I live!) 🙂

  56. Hey, I just started going primal after getting mark’s book, and some crazy things started happening. After 2 or 3 days, I started waking up well before my alarm, maybe an hour after sunrise. I started exercising (low intensity, a lot of hiking around a local lake with a few fitness stations on the trail), i got a tan ( I really didn’t realize how little time I had been spending outdoors), started connecting with nature and all-around feeling great. within a few days, I saw a noticeable increase in muscle mass (possibly due to a decrease in body fat due to my new low low carb diet). I feel like a new person and it’s only been a week and a half. I’m all in for the Challenge, bring it!

  57. Hey Mark, looking forward to the challenge this year. Wanted to check out the PBF but I’m already subscribed, is there a way around this?

  58. Sadly, I will be having hernia surgery halfway through, so my ability to move like grok will be severely curtailed for a couple of months. Boo.

  59. The only prize I want from this is my health back. How is it that I know what to do but find myself off track so often?

    Thanks for the US Wellness website. I will be placing a big order from them today.

  60. Thanks for the great opportunity to jumpstart, not sure why I need prizes to motivate on something that should provide health, happiness, and hot abs. Thanks for providing the additional incentive!

  61. I just finished reading The Primal Blueprint and am ready for a change. I really need it.

  62. Uggh.. survey says that waist circumference challenge occurs in Filipino adult population. I’m putting this program to the test. I am hopeful for incredible results.

    Question: Mark .. The China Study discusses the increase occurrence of cancer when eating animal based protein… what are your thoughts on it.

  63. I’m In! I started 2 days ago and will be in for the duration. A spear, huh?

  64. What a great day, the first day of college football, and this challenge! I don’t care about prizes, but I do love the before and afters.

  65. even if i had a chance in winning, there’s no way you’re sending that cow all the way to me in the Caribbean… but i’ll be damned if i don’t take this challenge through to the end all the same!!! woo hooo!!!

  66. I have been very disciplined about the Primal Blueprint since discovering you only 3 weeks ago! I am already seeing results to my overweight – overcarbed body and am in for the challenge! Loving your book, by the way! I’ll be reviewing it on my blog soon!

  67. I can’t wait! I have been making the transition (80% rule) to primal living for about a month now and am eager to go for 100%. I aim to track my progress during the 30-day challenge as scientifically as I may, tracking nutrition, activity, my body measurements, etc on while starting a blog to journal the experience and my adherence to the 10 laws (along with other primal thoughts in relation to the modern world).
    Thanks for all your efforts, Mark.

  68. I am soo excited about this challenge!! Mark I cant begin to tell you what a revolution you are starting right here, right now. Grok on ladies and gentlemen, Grok on!

  69. i’m totally on board with this. a friend of mine told me about pb a few months back and i’ve been making the change, but this i think will give me the push i need because i’ve seem to hit a wall and have stopped my weight loss.

  70. Uh, so I have to give up my gummy bears??? Ok, this could be really good actually.

  71. So PSYCHED!

    Been eating primally since June and doing Primal Blueprint Fitness/Workouts of the week since August.

    Following the blogosphere and #SPC2010 hashtag on Twitter to see how everyone else is doing!

    Took arm, waist, hip, thigh measurements yesterday, and curious to see what the numbers are at the end of the challenge!

  72. Cant wait! This will be my first time. I can barely stay primal for more than a week now. I’m starting today! and the best prize is getting my health back!!

  73. So stoked- I went primal about this time last year-felt great!Also, I’m going to Vegas this weekend and Cabo on Oct. 8. Need to focus and get in fighting shape- I have some trials coming up and am actually doing pretty well now but need to push the next 30 days primally! Thanks for support! Dave O

  74. I’m on Day 3 of my challenge already. Couldn’t wait until the 7th! I’m following the Whole30 guidelines for the first month, but I have a 200 day plan…taking me up to my 40th birthday!

  75. I got a copy of The Primal Blueprint and the cookbook! I’m new to all of this, but I have lifted weights for 8 years and survives pre competition diets in the past. I’m excited to have an eating plan instead of a diet now!! Any advice on this 30 Day Challenge? I have no idea what to expect.


  76. Good timing. I’ve been a huge slacker and I’m back up in my weight and feeling like a bloated sack.

    Also, 3 months till the ski hill opens.. gotta get lean and strong for snowboarding. Gotta climb the sub peak this year finally!

  77. I want to join in the challenge. I already have the Primal Blueprint book and the cook book. Any way to purchase just the Primal Leap Manual?

  78. I am in and I am bring a friend, possibly two with me! I am very excited about this challange and look forward to the support from this group!

    1. bringing – not bring 🙂 I sound like I was trying to speak ‘cavegirl’

  79. Hey – you’ll be proud of me. I took the challenge to begin learning how to run and am now a successful mountain bike trail runner! I do karate and aerobics, but had never ran because treadmills and hard surfaces made my hip hurt. Now I run the mountain bike trails and love the challenges of jumping over logs and tangle roots. And rocks. Lots of rocks.

  80. I’m ready to go! I’m looking forward to the changes in my lifestyle. I just started following the rules and already I feel better. Win or lose I’m still winning.

  81. Primal Blueprint…check. PB Fitness…check. Vibrams…check. Let the challenge begin!

  82. I can’t wait! I did a 30 day challenge before and felt great… ate way too much fruit, so weight loss was minimal… but man I felt great! “Started” again today and am feeling good so far. Can’t wait for the motivation and the workouts… I’m just doing some walking and running after the kids right now.. caould use a swift kick 🙂

  83. here we go again… another fun month of challenges and we’re off to an early start!

  84. I am super excited to do this with everyone! Spending the next few days mentally psyching up to get primal. I can’t wait to sprint!! I don’t know why but that sounds really fun.

  85. Perfect timing! I just moved to Germany, my daughter started school yesterday, and I now have some time on my hands to take care of myself and recover from all the stress of the last few months! Really looking forward to it, and I’d like to thank you for the fun-loving tone and intention you have set for everyone in all of your work.

  86. Your friends at US Wellness are excited about this. They have been getting crushed with calls from PBers I understand. I spent almost $400 with them yesterday. Can’t wait for it all to arrive. Just hope my chest freezer gets here in time.

    Anyone have a calendar they can share for the month with meal planner and suggested workout days. This Grok head is mentally lazy which I find perfectly in keeping with the “lifestyle”.

  87. Received clearance from my doc after exploratory surgery. I am so ready to get my butt back in gear, have fun and go primal!

  88. I’m there! Got my Primal Leap kit yesterday! Went primal about 2 months ago and has been great but the leap kit and this challenge I think will get rid of the last of the rough edges/radicals! 🙂

  89. U.S. Wellness Sign-up complete, Got my copy of book, and free copy of primal blueprint fitness, excited about doing my first challenge!

  90. Perfect timing. I have to swim at the Olymkpic Training Center in Colorado in 6 weeks and would rather not look like a beached whale. Bring on the challenge!

  91. I am so set for this. Read the book (life changing) Been Primal for a month and lost 14 pounds. Have the PBF, and signed up with US Wellness. Keep it coming Mark. At 48 I feel like a 30 year old again.

  92. Perfect timing – I am finishing up the book and have talked my husband and daughter into joining me for the challenge.

  93. I’m SO in. I’ve been a slow convert, but when I stick with it, I have much more constant energy, my digestive problems disappear, and I just feel lighter.

    I was traveling during the last month and sort of threw everything out the window, which led to me being ill twice and ending up with a cold/cough that I can’t seem to shake….

    I’m finishing up my thesis in the next month, so I definitely welcome a challenge upon a challenge since I need to be in top shape to crank this thing out!

  94. Been half heartedly trying this for last two weeks. Caved in on Friday and had bread twice and then cake on Sat – the resulting heartburn and digestion problems were so not worth it. All cravings came flooding back too. I had been feel so satied and ‘level’ before, this really threw me.
    Very happy to get back on track! Looking forward to the challenge.

  95. Hi Mark!

    My husband and I are in! However, I’m a bit confused on what the challenge is. Are you going to post mealplans for us? If so, can you post them soon so I can get my grocery shopping done?

    So excited!

    Thank you!

  96. Planned on picking up the book today. Timing couldn’t be better so, I’ll assume it’s an omen. I’m in.

  97. Start of a new school year.
    Have tried many things to keep healthy, this one fits the best.
    Husband and I both are looking for a healthy and rational approach to life. This makes sense!
    Sask. Canada

  98. Im from Australia, where cattle are predominantly pasture-fed. The Australian Healthy Eating Guidelines recommend that lean beef be consumed 3-4 times per week as part of a healthy balanced diet3. I CAN DO THAT – BRING IT ON

  99. I live in Malibu and went to his office to buy the book a year ago- Mark was there and super cool- he signed the book for me- we talked about paddle boarding which is a great activity- I went primal for about a month including pretty much sticking to the plan while on a surf trip with the Surfing Lawyers in El Salvador.. I lost weight and felt great- then the holidays and I fell off the wagon… This summer I did a week of ONLY veggies, fruit and fish- it was awesome and I shed 2% body fat during that time– but then Costa Rica and just now Vegas– I need to go primal again for the 30 day challenge and it’s great to have the community of support… Also, I have had a couple of days to get mentally prepared.. perfect timing- I need to focus at work and we go to Cabo on Oct. 8- a few parties and activities planned in the next month and that is truly the challenge.. We can all do this if we stick together and support one another-GROK ON!

  100. I am in too. I did my own “challenge” for 30 days starting in May. I only lost a couple of pounds but felt better: more energetic, and just in general. I added a little corn and rice back in with bad results. I actually think I am allergic to them. Rashy, itchy, burning skin and nasal congestion is back, along with a rapid heart beat right after eating those foods. I am looking forward to really making huge progress with my weight and overall health starting tomorrow! Oh, and I just want to add, Mark, I was really angered reading that one person who posted stuff about you in it for the money and he/she might just not follow this site anymore. Lots of people appreciate you and the work you put into helping people live healthier, more satisfying lives. I esp. appreciate how well you research things. Thank you!!!

  101. Oh, and just need to add to my already lengthy post above that one of the things I love the most about you and primal living is the FUN. I am not in my thirties or forties anymore, but I started kicking a soccer ball in my backyard and playing frisbee with my husband after dinner and enjoying life more because of how fun you make things sound.

  102. I’m looking forward to the challenge. I’ve ordered my kit and hope it ships tomorrow…so I may be a bit behind the curve – but I’ll give it my best!

  103. Is there a separate site for the challenge information? I’ve been looking this morning and can’t seem to find it. Thanks!

      1. Thanks…you’d think I’d remember that since we just moved from Alaska! 🙂

  104. Any Primals in Down-town Toronto?
    I’m looking for primals to play / exercise with!