Announcement: The 2011 Primal Blueprint 30-Day Challenge Begins September 12

Who’s up for a challenge? I hope all of you are ready to get Primal because it’s that time of year again. Next Monday, September 12, marks the first the day of this year’s annual Primal Blueprint 30-Day Challenge!

If you are a longtime reader you know what to expect: 30 days of contests, prizes, reader-created content, feature articles and motivation to help you get and stay Primal for life. The format may change a little this year, but the results won’t. So start gearing up for the festivities. It’s going to be a fun ride.

Hey, did I mention there will be Primal prizes? Thousands of dollars of Primal food, fitness gear and gadgets will be given away to MDA readers. And since I hate to make you wait, see below for today’s pre-challenge contest courtesy of U.S. Wellness.

But first, some details: You don’t have to sign-up to take part in the challenge. Everyone is welcome. Just like last year here are a few things you can do to prepare…

How to Prepare for the Challenge

1. Commit to change: Make the decision right now to make this 30-Day Challenge your jumping off point for lifelong health and well-being. The MDA community and I will be right there with you – with support and encouragement – as we collectively attempt to do right by our genes and live the healthiest, happiest lives with the least amount of pain, suffering and sacrifice possible.

2. Set an alarm: You won’t want to miss a single day of the action, so set a reminder to visit MDA each day. Some contests will have short deadlines, so if you want to enter show up early and often.

3. Gather equipment: While some contests will be as simple as leaving a comment, others will require a bit of legwork. Have your cameras locked and loaded. Borrow a camcorder. And if you want to win this year’s grand prize, you’ll need to either have or make some friends. Speaking of which…

4. Organize your friends and family: Rally your coworkers, and tell your friends and relatives. Use this event as a way of coaxing stubborn Aunt Bess to finally give up the diet RC Cola and SlimFast bars and start enjoying real food. And for an easy way to spread the word…

5. Grab the 30-Day Challenge flyer and pass it on to friends: Download the 30-Day Challenge flyer here. Keep it handy for a constant reminder of the challenge details. Email it to your entire email address book (people love that). And maybe print out a couple hundred of them and clandestinely lay them around the office at opportune moments.

Primal Blueprint 30-Day Challenge

6. Grab a free copy of Primal Blueprint Fitness: Part of the challenge will involve you moving like Grok all month long. If you haven’t already grabbed a copy of PBF do so now.

7. Grab your own Primal Leap kit: There is no better time than now to take control of your health and start living Primally. While the 30-Day Challenge will provide daily motivation and tips to help kick start your Primal life, The Primal Leap provides step-by-step guidance, one-on-one support, guaranteed success and much, much more. There’s still time to get your Primal Leap kit in time for the Challenge, so order today.

P.S. You have the option to receive either The Primal Blueprint and The Primal Blueprint Cookbook or the Primal Essentials Kit with your Primal Leap package. If you already own the books you can opt for the latter package. Call 888-774-6259 (or 310-317-4414) and we’ll set you all up.

Pre-Challenge Contest

Why wait until next Tuesday to start winning stuff? Today’s contest is so easy a caveman could… it’s super easy. Visit U.S. Wellness here and sign up for their newsletter. In addition to special discounts, meaty recipes and updates on this family farm, you’ll be entered to win a Bacon Bonanza prize package which is comprised of all this bacony goodness:

  • Beef Bacon
  • Sugar Free Beef Bacon
  • Beef Bacon Tips
  • Sugar Free Beef Bacon Tips
  • Pork Bacon
  • Sugar Free Pork Bacon
  • Pork Bacon Ends
  • Sugar Free Pork Bacon Ends

Only U.S. residents are eligible. You have until the end of Friday to enter. A winner will be chosen at random and emailed to arrange for delivery.

While there can only be one Bacon Bonanza winner, everyone is a winner with this special promo code: uswmeats. Visit U.S. Wellness and use the code to get a 15% discount on any order under 40 lbs (excludes sale items, volume discounts and bulk boxes) and is active until October 31. And don’t forget to check out U.S. Wellness on Facebook and YouTube. Grok on!

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. Could I possibly be the first commenter?? Wow. I am excited for the 2011 Challenege!! GROK ON!

  2. What if you’re already signed up for their newsletter? I get the weekly one.

        1. Please don’t think you can unsubscribe and then re-subscribe. Their internet provider’s spam filter won’t let you re-subscribe. I found that out the hard way, even after being unsubscribed for two years (but luckily still receiving the newsletter at a different e-dress).

  3. I’m already signed up for the weekly newsletter. I love reading it every time!

  4. Yes! I’ve been wondering if you would be putting together a challenge this year. Last year’s was my first and I had so much fun!

    Thanks for putting together another great month, Mark!

  5. I have so many friends who have expressed interest in going Primal, but haven’t committed to it yet ~ I’m forwarding this to all of them! No more excuses, time to get onboard!

  6. Sugar free bacon?

    For some reason that disturbs me slightly.

    Like any true primal enthusiast, I need my bacon dripping with high-fructose syrup to even consider it bacon, let alone get any kind of pleasure from it.

      1. Yes the first time I visited MDA I was taken aback a little at your apparent enthusiasm for sugary yogurt products.

        It only took me half an article to clue in though. I doubt anyone has accused you of being subtle! 😉

  7. I only recently became primal, but I already have a much flatter tummy. However it is inspiring my parents, who are carb addicts, to try this as well, so this challenge is perfect timing.

    1. I just started eating primal too… been walking almost every night, not much time for anything else yet. Looks like good timing to dive in!

  8. Wow, has it been a year already? I was just jumping into Primal when this happened a year ago and it was way too overwhelming for me then. Perhaps this year I can keep on it now it’s second nature (almost ;-))

    1. I third your sentiment. Found this place last September, and have been slowly Primalizing my life since. As it’s my 25th coming up in two scant weeks, I’m on board this year. Here’s to another 25 years, hopefully much happier and healthier!

  9. I’m pumped for this. I have been following a “Primal” diet/lifestyle for nearly 5 months and have lost 40lbs. However, in the last few weeks I have been slipping a bit. I’m going to use this to get me back in the groove. Thanks Mark for everything you do and for getting us motivated!

  10. I was hoping for another challenge to give me the motivation. Did well for about a month-and-a-half beginning with last year’s challenge, then fell (badly) off the wagon. Time to give it another go.

  11. Schweet! I’m there. I just got a buddy to agree to a once-a-week session of Hunter/Prey in the park, That should cover my weekly sprint session!

  12. Mark, do we need to notify you here that we signed up for the newsletter? If so, consider this my notification!

  13. This is just what I need now…a good challenge to keep me on the primal path, and I can’t wait to start getting the newsletter!!

  14. What perfect timing!! I am very excited and can’t wait to see the results! Thank you!

  15. Damn. It would be right before I go to Paris! But good luck to the people starting!

  16. When last year’s challenge started I was just in the “thinking” stage of going primal – doing a lot of reading and digesting it mentally. It was all very overwelming at the time. This year, I’m excited to participate! It’s funny to think about where my head was last year compared to this year and how much different my kitchen looks!

  17. I’m down for this as well. Been slipping a bit, and what better to way start school.

  18. Woo Hoo! I’ve been waiting… not sure what for I’m already 100% primal but I missed it last year and it looked like so much fun… and it never hurts to fine tune a bit and try new things!
    Oh and I’m a little OCD so challenges really light my fire!

  19. Perfect timing ….I am very overweight and have been dabbling in paleo and am 12lbs lighter. So this should keep me focussed on my renewed commitment to let 100 excess lbs go. I just got your cookbook – so thank you, Mark!

  20. Perfect timing. I had been plotting to start my own 30 day challenge as a way to get me to quit ‘dipping my toes in’ and fully commit to Primal. This is my perfect chance!

  21. Oh-boy, oh-boy. The 30 day challenge is always fun for me. It seems like a real bonding month for the community.

  22. I cannot wait to consume all the content I missed last year! I’m totally in.

    I’m already subscribed to USWellness’s newsletter. Thanks!

  23. Mark: Is there anything we have to do other than sign up for the newsletter on the US Wellness site? How will they/you know it is for the bacon contest? Thanks. ( I want that bacon!).

    1. Nope. That’s all you have to do. They’ll pick a winner from those that sign-up for the newsletter between now and Friday.

  24. Perfect timing!!
    I’m already Primal, and I’m doing my best do convince my mom to do so! Now it’s time!!

    But I do hope that the next prizes can include other countries too, here in Brazil is hard to get many primal stuff!!

  25. There’s sugar in bacon now?

    Looking forward to this – just might struggle getting the 15 minutes of Sun here in rainy England!

  26. Definitely count me in. I signed up for the newsletter, though I do get most of my meat locally.

  27. Wow, I jumped the guns and started my own 30 day challenge about 10 days ago.
    After eating primally for 1.5 years and being stuck at a certain weight, not being able to lose the last 5-10 lbs and still carrying excess flab around my waist line, I’ve decided it’s time to ditch fibrous vegetables.

    Lost 3 lbs so far just ditching anything high in indigestible fiber…peeling my apples and tomatoes now.

    Too bad I broke down at the local Creamery and bought 2 scoops of RAW chocolate ice cream, which was made with maple syrup, gah. But, it was raw, and it’s hot outside and I just couldn’t pass it up.

  28. How long before the Primal Blueprint Challenge becomes a worldwide holiday!?! Seriously, I hate saying goodbye to summer, but I always have these 30 days to look forward to in September. Thank you Mark and all the Worker Bees!

  29. I’m loving Paleo! Just started Robb Wolf’s 30 day meal plan and I look forward to this Primal challenge! Good luck everyone!

  30. I’m halfway through The Primal Blueprint book… guess I need to take some time off to finish it before next Monday… I’m in… Challenge on!

  31. Really psyched about this…I went primal a month ago and have lost 30 lbs already. My blood pressure is way down. I feel wonderful and have tons of energy. The 30-day challenge is the perfect way to break into my second month of Primal living.

  32. This is just what I need. I have been doing bad for about 2 weeks and need to be kicked back into the primal lifestyle. I’ll stay with you till oct.1 and then I’m off to the mountains for hunting. Hopefully I’ll bring home some organic meat!!

  33. Time sure flies when you are having fun. 34 weeks Primal, and looking forward to the challenge!

  34. I figured this was coming soon. I’m in and I’ve convinced my best friend to do it with me.

  35. I’m up for this – I’ve been Primal roughly 4 months, but I keep falling off the wagon every so often (not helped by being the only Primal person in the house – willpower can only do so much!); I find it difficult to get back on track for some reason, but I am feeling the benefits (clothes looser, body shape changing, oh and lost 10lbs) so hopefully this will not only give me a proper kick up the rear, but will enable me to properly, permanently change my habits…

  36. Hooray!! Loved the challenge last year, can’t wait for this one!

  37. I’ve been doing this since June!! I’ve lost 20 lbs and gained tons of muscle!

  38. Woohoo!
    I was all sad that there wasn’t a warning last week, or a note this morning. But now… now I can rejoice! I love these!
    🙂 😀 🙂

  39. Excited for this! I’ve fallen off the Primal wheel this summer and now I’m back at University, I’m wanting to return to my primal ways. This is a good way for me to!

  40. This is super exciting Mark! I now reside in Chicago with dozens of other local cavemen. I gaurantee we win the group challenge this year.

    My brother is on board too. I’ll be setting up a blog for him this week or the next.

    Oh, Primal Unite will be rolling this week too!

  41. Perfect timing! I just “devoured” this website and ordered the books over the long weekend. I’ve lost 30 lbs over the past 2 months on assorted other “diets,” but I’m looking for my long-term lifestyle. What a perfect way to kick-off losing the next 70 lbs. And it ends right before my birthday, so even better! Thanks, Mark.

  42. I am looking forward to this – the prize for me will be my good health(since I cant eat bacon – and kosher foods are not likely to be offered as prizes!)
    I have to keep on the Primal track, and this is great motivation. In about a month a cluster of Jewish Holidays is coming up – good thing I do the cooking… Just hope I can pass on the honey-loaded treats!

  43. I’m in too. First time and looking forward to the challenge. Bring on the bacon!

  44. I’m glad I didn’t sign up for the newsletter before! I’m signed up now though! Bacon don’t fail me now!!

  45. I’m confused……is the challenge starting on the 7th or the 12th, I’ve seen both dates

  46. started 3 weeks ago and am ready to step it up a notch! need to keep motivated!!! talked to 2 friends about going primal over the holiday – I’m all in!

  47. I just downloaded the flyer and was going to pass it out to my co-workers.

    And then at the bottom, I saw “Squat to Poop”. Really?! Can someone explain–does that mean go out in the woods?

      1. Thanks, Mark! I never really gave it that much thought.

        I did show my co-workers the flyer, and they had a good laugh about the Squat to Poop part, but then I noticed them also looking over the rest of the flyer and looking at the Primal Challenge. When it’s all layed out there like that on a simple PDF, it just looks so simple (and, I can attest, it IS simple).

        I’m starting to show results now, so I think there will be much more interest from those around me.

  48. The timing of this couldn’t be better for me. My daughter and I have just gotten serious about being as primal as we can. Her doctor husband in 100% on board and so are their 4 kids. Once again timing is great as my 35 year high school reunion is October 13!!
    Bring it on Mark!

    Magic Fingers

  49. I’ve been following this site and have gone CTP (cold turkey primal) since my holistic physician sent be at the end of May. I feel great, my body is changing, I’m losing weight PLUS we get contests and prizes? Life is good!!!

      1. I gotcha now. I thought you meant we could do it on our own. You meant nobody has to sign up though right?

  50. Yay! I was waiting and wondering when the next Challenge would be. When it starts I will be in Alaska for a week visiting my daughter and son-in-law who live in Kodiak. There will be plenty of fresh Primal food and interesting places to hike to get my Grok on.

    I am going to start recruiting now!

  51. I just decided to drop grains completely from my diet (I’ve pretty much been eating primal except for about a serving of grain a day), so this comes at a good time.

  52. Wow! Squatting to poop is a mini challenge. I wonder who will be the first to brag about fulfilling that one?

  53. You just made my day Mark! I’ve been reading your blog for nearly a year now and this will be first chance to try the challenge. Very excited.

  54. Ok, I just signed up for the newsletter (and hopefully some free bacon!).

    I’ve been lurking around here for a few months now. Time to see how Primal I can get!

  55. Perfect timing! I had just started my own personal recommitment to eating/living by Primal principles yesterday (and yes, already got a little dose of carb flu happening). 🙁

    It will be great to have the encouragement of the mass challenge to keep me strong and steady. I’m excited!

  56. Perfect timing! My vegetarian house guest goes home on the 10th, so I can put the bread back in the freezer, put away the pasta and get back on track. I haven’t done one of these challenges before, so my biggest commitment will be to the exercise.

  57. I’m going to give it a try, I don’t know if I will able to keep up with the fitness level but any increase is better then not doing any.

  58. So excited! Going to do this for sure, i got a big cruise trip around the hawaiian islands in 2 months – mama gotta look good 😀

    Plus…I’ve been feeling blah lately…Probably all the garbage ive been eating since i fell off the wagon. I’m super stoked to begin again and this is the perfect way to do it!

  59. I’ve signed up for the newsletter and looking forward to my first 30 Day Challenge. On the 12th I will be finishing week two of The Primal Leap. Great timing!

  60. Can’t wait! Did this last year and it was so much fun! We are already working on a few family members and co-workers!

  61. Wow! That means it’s been a year for me already, if anyone had asked I’d have said 4-5 months since I went primal… I started shortly before last years challenge. I’ve slacked off a little the past few month, a few non-gluten grains have snuck back into my life… Maybe this challenge will help me get back into the groove!

  62. This sounds amazing! We’ve only been primal for a few weeks, and I feel like this will be an excellent way to figure things out.

  63. Excellent. I feel like I am following primal perfectly, and don’t make any mistakes with it either.

    Naturally, from past experience, that can only mean one thing for me: I have a lot to learn.

    Hopefully this contest teaches me a few new things.

  64. Like so many others have said, “perfect timing Mark!!” I was just getting ready to pursue my own challenge, but now I know I will have the support of my Primal community. In addition, I just had a huge fight with my chronic-cardio practicing sister who insisted that even though my tummy is smaller than hers, I can’t possibly be healthy enough to beat her in a 14 flight of stairs challenge. She remarked, after eating a “healthy” cheese free pizza crust that no one should ever follow a low-carb diet like the late Dr. Atkins, because after all, he died of heart disease. We were visiting, and on vacation, so I didn’t argue with her like I wanted to, but don’t worry, I plan on updating my family, including my sister, on my renewed strength through this challenge (I’ve been Primal for nearly two years now) and prove to them just how awesome I feel! Thank you Mark and all of you friends!

  65. OOOOOO perfect timing, I just started going primal and DESPERATELY need people to keep me in check. Love the idea of the challenge! AND LOVE BACON!

  66. Whoo to the Hoo! I think I’m a stumbler, if I understand the meaning correctly. And this is just what I need.

    I love the fats but need the progressive motivation that I think will come from the Challenge to make this work.

    First on list, asking my friend to join too.

  67. I am excited i want my GF to be as excited as I am. If she stayed with the challenge for 30 days. What can she expect as far as weight loss? She is not into meat but we can work around that part. Do you have any advise?

    1. Honestly… get her to read some books. I had to read and relay PB, Good Calories, Bad Calories, and The Vegetarian Myth before my GF hooked. Better solution–> have HER read the books. If all else fails, show her the evidence of how well it is working for you!

  68. Awesome…this will be my first primal challenge. I can’t wait…gonna get my wife, and my family on board. Thank you very much for this!

  69. Perfect timing. Just moved out of my place and into the wilderness, and will be going paleo from here on out. Bring on the competition!

  70. OK, OK. Been cheerfully — nay, joyfully! — eating Primal since mid-July with nary a desire to stray, but needing to “prod bottom”** a bit on the exercise. No excuses now, and no hostages.

    **Hat tip to Discworld author Terry Pratchett for a more genteel way to say “Kick A”

  71. I’m spit shining my Vibrams for this special occasion 😛

  72. I need a good challenge.. I’ve been changing the way I eat for about three weeks so it is a good time for the challenge.. Thanks Mark..

  73. Perfect timing! I’ve been reading the blog for maybe around half a year now and just picked up a copy of the Primal Blueprint so this’ll give me just enough time to plow through the book and really just dive into it.

  74. Excellent timing! This will set me up perfectly for the (southern hemisphere) summer.
    Rock on, Mark, your site is the best. Thanks for all your work.

  75. I always love a Challenge – sometimes it seems like that’s the only way I get things accomplished.
    Very excited about this!

  76. I think I’ll pretty much be doing all of this anyway. Once you’ve been doing this long enough, it kind of becomes who you are rather than something you have to do.

  77. Hey mark, quick suggestion:
    If its possible, maybe you could have your website guys make it so we can post this even on facebook. Like a button of some sort. That could be a good thing for every article that comes out. Its much quicker to share that way

  78. by the way, Dr. Atkins died after falling on any icy sidewalk, NOT from any disease!

  79. Well that’s embarrassing. I never saw the facebook share option. Great going!

  80. Game On!
    A 30 day challenge is just what I need to keep the motivation going right now.

  81. Actually this is good timing… I’ll be starting a 300 mile hike that day 🙂 first 18 days will be a cinch! got no choice but to be primal! 🙂

  82. Outside the U.S. so I can’t enter the comptetitions but I’ll be along for the ride. 30 days might give me enough focus to try and get rid of my heavy cream habit.

  83. Love challenges, and this one begins on my 25th wedding anniversary! DH and I just started exploring the Primal lifestyle in the last 30 days. Participating in this challenge will give us an opportunity to become immersed in the next 30. 🙂

  84. Ya had me at the word BACON!!!
    Daveman…aka PAPA GROK>>>

  85. I have been “dipping my toes in” here and there… and researching and getting my mind around it. But I’m ready to go full out for a month… I will focus on getting good organic meats and eliminate sugars. Excited!

  86. I have been trying to go fully primal for a few months now but with school and work it’s not hard to fall off track sometimes. I’m totally excited to get fully committed!! =)

  87. Five of us in the office are just finishing a Whole 30 challenge and plan to do this one together, too. We may even have one more coworker join us! 😀

  88. This comes at the perfect time…. I just came back from a holiday where I have to say that the Primal meals didn’t exactly out number the forbidden foods I ate… ready to cleanse my system and re-commit!

  89. Woah man, I’m excited. I started my own primal Challenge just short of 30 days ago to start of the primal lifestyle and I love it, I feel better and I’m super excited about being in this challenge!
    I have even got both my parents to start shifting towards a more primal lifestyle, hopefully this will be a push to go the rest of the way!

  90. WooHoo! I’ve been wondering if there’d be a challenge this year!

    We recently committed to taking our family Primal, now that I’ve been Primal for 150 days and have lost 25 pounds of FAT. We just bought “The Primal Blueprint” and my husband is reading it every chance he gets (which isn’t a lot!). Convincing my 4-and-a-half-year-old to give up GF waffles, GF cereal and “treats” is going to be harder, but my 10-month-old is already a Primal Baby. 🙂

  91. I am in. Putting this “out there” as I am working on facing my goals. So it’s now officially out there, perhaps for no one to know but me. excited!

  92. Yay!! just what I needed to get back on the Primal wagon, count me in! I’ll try to get the hubby on board as well :-D!

  93. I have had a hard time giving up alcohol, so this Challenge comes at a great time! I’m so excited!

  94. Thank you, Mark and Worker Bees!! I understand that running the challenge is a lot of work for you guys, but I really appreciate that you’re willing to do it again this year. I was just edging toward primal a year ago, and the overwhelming sense of positive community energy and support from last year’s challenge is what convinced to explore primal further. This year — bring it on!

  95. I’m in!! Looking forward to it, though I think getting enough sleep will be my biggest challenge.

  96. I’ve been primalish all summer with great results. I am so in. I will take the opportunity to try and get my husband involved too.

  97. woo! I can’t believe it’s been a year already. This year I am winning something for sure! And as a bonus I have my sister and her fiance joining me for sure and maybe my less-than-primal mom and other sister

  98. All of the sudden I want to ingest as much bacon as primally possible.

  99. Awesome! I’ve been itching for one of these to help steel my commitment. This morning I made a nice order from a local, organic grass fed farm. Bring it on!

  100. Great! I was wondering about the 30 Day Challenge I keep reading about. Signed up for the newsletter yesterday as soon as I read about it. Can’t wait to officially start (unofficially I’m already started, of course.)

  101. I sent out a letter to the office today to gather the troops for the challenge…though I didn’t realize the pdf you posted said “Squat to Poop” under the optional activities before I printed them out and started passing them around…needless to say, this got some good laughs and fulfilled the primal goal of reducing stress in my life. Sounds like a few people are going to jump on board. Looking forward to the challenge!

  102. Hi Mark-
    Was wondering if Primal Fuel is acceptable during the challenge?


  103. Well just tried recruiting work colleagues and they all said no, so I guess it’s just me eating Primal.. sucks to be them LOL

    1. Bummer! I’ve, thankfully, converted about 5 – a weak 6th – to the Primal/Paleo lifestyle – and miraculously (without me personally having lost that much weight so far – just being able to present sound, scientific evidence of the benefits of the Primal lifestyle) seen awesome results from them (nearly 100 lbs. from two coworkers combined).

      I am hoping my body catches up to my mouth soon as we are losing the battle to have our cubes converted to “standing” cubes instead of the current, ubiquitous sitting/slouching stations they are now. My boss is afraid this is a fad and that after a few months we will want to go back to sitting/slouching to do our work.

      Be the example! Others will follow suit. That’s what I’m hoping continues in my office. 😀

  104. This is just what I need to bolster my resolve! Looking forward to then next 30 days, now to see if I can get others to join me!

  105. Can’t wait for this.
    Just started going primal today so this is a sure fire way to motivate me. 😀

  106. Fantastic 🙂 Great timing as have just got back from holiday so could do with some motivation to shift the lard 😉

    I’ve almost finished the PB and have bought both cookbooks (yummy looking recipes!)

    I gave up dairy when training for a contest last year and wheat was given the heave-ho earlier this year. I’m finding it harder to eliminate other grains (namely rice) but will do so for this challenge. I already lift heavy weights 😉

    I’ve since got tired of the ridiculously unhealthy restrictive and protein-powder-packed lifestyle of figure/bikini contests and am now looking to pursue a more healthy and natural approach to my nutrition.

    I live in the UK so that obviously prohibits me from entering the current contest but I was wondering Mark if a) I can still join in the challenge (will give me a good excuse to start blogging again!) and b) if so, whether there will be any competitions that I may be able to enter/participate in?



  107. This is perfect timing for me too! My husband and I have been primal for almost a month now and our friends and family keep asking about our “weird hippie diet”. I think the 30 day challenge is the motivation my parents need to give it a shot too.

  108. Awesome! I haven’t participated in this before, so now is definitely the time to do it!

  109. I taking the challenge myself and I just challenged all (20) of my coworkers to it! We’ll see how they react!

  110. I’m in! Only recently discovered the Primal Blueprint, and been playing around with it (oh, those weekends still get to me!) and already feeling better. So this challenge is going to be GREAT for really jumping in and doing it FULL ON!

  111. “Squat to poop” Mark I love how you always throw in a bit of absurdity just to keep things fun. Not that squatting is truly absurd, its just a far disconnect from modern culture. I actually had to pop-a-squat some weeks ago. I was on a GPS data collection trek and far away from any toliets. I found a Big Leaf Magnolia tree and the hypothesis is correct… Effortless, clean, and quick

  112. Awesome! I’m ready to begin the 30 day challenge. I’m an avid ultrarunner currently laid up with healing herniated discs. Yeah, running 100 mile races might not be so healthy… I normally consume a diet that gets me through training. I’ve been eating more meat less processed foods for quite some time. It’s time to give up the Splenda and kick the sugar habit. I am on board!

  113. I’m so excited for this challenge. This came at the perfect time!

  114. I am ready to join you guys. I’ve been trying to follow a Primal plan for a month. I feel it is time to go 80/20 Primal for 30 days. Excited about a new experience.

  115. Just started PB lifestyle a week ago!!! Excited to join the fun.

  116. I just made the final conversion to primal about two months ago…after years of carb addiction, vegetarianism and being overweight. Now, I feel better by the day. But I definitely could use this challenge to focus, and tweak some things.

    I’m so stoked for this.

    I want a Grok t-shirt! Maybe that’ll be a prize, and I’ll score one. Hey, I’m easy.

  117. I’m in, y’all! Didn’t participate last year, as I was only a few months into the Primal lifestyle. A year and half later, I’m still going strong, (with some minor ups and downs, nothing like neolithic living though!)

  118. i just decided to do this. so glad i came here today. definitely in! i need the support!

  119. I posted a link on facebook and I’m trying to get my husband to do this with me. I’m using this challenge to inspire myself to finally make the switch to primal!

  120. i am a bit confused by the links, esp. the one that tells you to check out the contests. they are all from the 2010 contest. Is this simply a matter of the website not being updated? i would like to participate…however its not clear to me where the challenges will be posted. I just began looking at this earlier today for the first time, so excuse the newbie questions.

  121. I can’t wait to get onboard! After 3 C-sections in 3 1/2 years combined with terrible eating and excercize habits I have found my moods and my body at an all time low (or high if you are talking weight). I have watched two friends transform by going primal, now its my turn. Time to get healthy, and hopefully the baby belly will disappear as a side effect!

  122. I am pumped!! count me in; and just in time for the most unhealthiest holiday of the year; Halloween! O_o

  123. We’ve been doing the GAPS diet and there are lots of similarities- my husband would really like the idea of primal. 🙂 So I’m calling our family in too. 🙂

  124. We’re in, me and my husband. I was reading the book, preparing to start. The challange came just on time!

  125. Just stumbled upon this site and am intrigued, interested and starting to feel it. So bring on the challenge, gutted I cant enter the bacon challenge from UK :0)

  126. So excited join the 30 Day Challenge! My husband and I tried it on our own in June and did pretty well, but we are looking forward to joining the group this time. Bringing along his aunt and uncle who have recently gone primal and are enjoying the weight loss, energy and all around feel-good nature of primal.

  127. Pumped for this. Shared on my FB Wall, my Fan Page FB Wall (and therefore Twitter), and on 2 fitness groups on FB. Should reach at least 1000 people!!!

  128. Im newer to primal, and I am reading your book. I got my husband and my mom to start the 30 day challenge tomorrow. Do we need to do anything to sign up (besides the newsletter which I already get)? Is there a list of what to eat and not eat?? My mom is confused what to do. Thanks

  129. so, so ready for this!!! bring it on!!
    went primal last month (Aug 1), and have already had amazing results. i noticed myself already getting a little lax and this is just what i need to charge head first into the fall/winter!

  130. I’ve been mostly primal all summer and loved the way I’ve been feeling. Just last week convinced my teen to work towards it (or to at least get go of wheat), so we’re both in for this! Not sure he’ll be as strict, but no matter what it’s a huge improvement over his gluten addictions 🙂

  131. I’m in. First challenge for me, and couldn’t have come at a better time! Been slackin’ all summer with my little boys home. Now we’re all back in school and it’s time.

  132. Ahh, so excited!!

    It’s 11:16 over here in the UK but I know it’s roughly only 3am in California, can’t wait for the first challenge to be posted!

  133. I’m excited! I’ve been generally eating primal for a few months, but I definitely allow myself too much slack when on vacation, camping, BBQing, attending parties, etc…I hope this will give me the push I need to really get primal!

  134. I’m very excited! Been reading the book, but now the big day is here! I sure hope I lose some weight and get rid of this acid reflux!

  135. Wow So many people are in.

    Me too!

    I did whole 9’s whole 30 2 months ago and really benefited but have since back slid, so this is a good chance to clean up my act and consolidate my gains.

    Thanks Mark!

  136. We are in. Both me and the farmer, going in two different directions, Also, this will be our first weeks trying to be primal with our daughter too (she’s 2, and eats like a teenage boy!) Have been mostly primal for the past couple months, but with lots of cheating. Now we are in with both feet!

  137. I’m down for this like the food that went down into my belly for lunch: chicken, 2 hard boiled eggs, banana and orange bell pepper, almonds and walnuts, with water!

  138. I have been stuck in a rut for a long time and needed a jump start…I’m ready!!

  139. I’m In…Should be easy enough for me as have been mostly primal for years…Adding sprints once a week will be my challange (and desperately staying out of my husbands cookie jar no matter what)

  140. I started on Tuesday, so it is day three of my primal challenge. I am pretty familiar with this lifestyle, but clearly have lots to learn! A personal challenge for me is to get a whole lot more raw vegetables into my life AND to eat healthy during the day. We just about always have good food choices available at home, but I generally take the easy way out — meaning I reach for something that doesn’t require me to cut up anything or cook. Today I have a gorgeous salad in front of me as I write this. Organic baby lettuce, celery, red bell pepper, tomatoes and a couple of hard boiled eggs. My goal is go create salads with lots of color! Kind of the opposite of a brown chocolate chip cookie. 🙂 I’m off to finish my lunch!

  141. I tried subscribing to the newsletter but haven’t recieved a confirmation email. Neither my email, Spam or trash folders have it, either. I’m really looking forward to recieving them.