October 11 2010

Announcement: Primal Fuel Now Available!

By Mark Sisson

You asked for it and now it’s finally here!

Primal Fuel is the ultimate, quick-and-easy, high-protein, low-carb, moderate-fat, Primal meal, and the perfect tool for living a healthy Primal lifestyle in the modern world.

Primal Fuel uses delicious, creamy coconut milk as the base and source of healthy fats. It contains Whey Protein Isolate (the gold standard in protein powders), healthy prebiotics and (and this is a big and) it only contains Primal ingredients. No fructose, artificial sweeteners, soy, unhealthy fats, low-quality protein or any other ingredients that you usually find in meal replacements.

If you took this year’s Primal Blueprint 30-Day Challenge and want to stay on the Primal path, or accelerate weight loss, Primal Fuel is the ticket.

It comes in both Dark Chocolate and Vanilla Creme and you can order it today!

Learn more about Primal Fuel here. Grok on!

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279 thoughts on “Announcement: Primal Fuel Now Available!”

  1. $99!? *HEAD EXPLOSION* Wish I could swing for it. Looks good.

    1. As I mentioned, my team and I have been working on this product for nearly 2 years. We could have made a higher margin product that retails for, say, $39 or $49, but it would look like every other junk meal replacement on the market; filled with ingredients you can’t pronounce, low-grade protein and fats you’d never want to consume.

      Primal Fuel delivers exactly what the Primal community has been asking for – top-shelf ingredients in a convenient and delicious shake.

      Also, keep in mind that a single canister of Primal Fuel is basically 30 meals. At $99 the price per serving works out to the price of a Starbuck’s coffee and less than any “value meal” you can get at a fast food joint.

      1. I’m sure it’s great stuff, but $100 is still a pretty steep barrier to entry. Do you guys have any plans to offer it in smaller amounts? It would be nice to be able to buy a smaller amount to see if I like it, so I don’t end up with a $100 worth of shake mix that I’ll never drink.

        Also, I’m not so sure that 180 calories really counts as much of a meal.

        1. Due to the high protein/fat content PF really satisfies. The response from the dozens of people that have tested PF and filled out a questionnaire has been that a single serving, on average, eliminates appetite for 3+ hours or more. I’ve been drinking PF for months now and find that if I have one in the afternoon I either eat a smaller dinner later than usual or not at all. I’m just not hungry. And it stops sugar cravings in its tracks like not other.

  2. I thought the idea behind Paleo/Primal was to eat and drink REAL food. I don’t count “shake replacements” as REAL food.

      1. Last time I checked you can’t go out and get “whey protein isolate” nor “guar gum” from nature without a lot of processing. No thank you – I’d rather eat real (and cheaper) foods. (I hadn’t even looked at the price tag before I posted that comment – 99 bucks? Eek!)

        1. Guar gum is relatively easy processing and the whey protein doesn’t bother me.

          Personally I think this would be great if I were rich and particularly lazy. However, I’m neither.

          Below he says it’s “only” $3.33 per serving. $3.33 isn’t that bad for a meal, but if I’m going to spend that, it’s not going to be a shake, and if I want a shake, I’ll break out my blender and make it myself.

          Not that I judge people who buy this stuff, but honestly I kind of question Mark’s market. Do people really get onto this diet so they can drink Primal Slim-Fast?

        2. Don’t forget the sucrose and maltodextrin. The best part is this marketing line on the sales page: “The Ideal Weight Loss Tool.”

          Really Mark? Protein supplements are the ideal weight loss tool? I always thought it was about real food and good exercise. I’d rather fast than use protein shakes.

          And to think you talk so negatively about relatively benign foods like corn and rice. I think someone has jumped the Grok.

      2. Where can I see a list of ingredients? You show the nutritional info label but not the ingredient list. 🙁

        1. Never mind. I found the link below.

      3. The ingredients come from real food. However, I don’t see how something so processed could be considered real food. Also, $100/30 servings? Seriously?

    1. Could not agree more! and $100!!

      what the what?

      1. You get what you pay for, Mike. $3.33 per serving is a bargain for Primal Fuel. Try it out and I’m sure you’ll agree.

  3. Sounds great – do you ship to the UK of have an outlet that sells Primal Fuel here?

      1. Speaking of the UK, how much is international shipping? I’ll be trying this out as soon as I get myself a job! 🙂

  4. Looks great! Small suggestion – it would be great if your could alternate flavors every month on the autoship. Any chance of that?

  5. I can’t find the actual ingredient list. Is there one?

  6. Yay! I’m giddier than a tween at a Justin Bieber concert.

  7. That’s pretty exciting, but the price, wowza! I’ll stick to eating real foods all day. My wife would kill me!

  8. Looks great! Is it safe to feed my kids? (age 2 and 5)

    1. Because coconut can have a mild laxative effect on a small portion of the population, it might be best to intro smaller doses to kids for the first few times.

      1. Mark, this might be *safe* for kids (baby formulas use protein powder) but do you really think this is *appropriate* for kids? I would think primal parents should be focusing on teaching kids what real food looks like.

        Sorry to nit-pick on one little comment. I just don’t hope parents stumbling across this post/comment don’t think this a perfect primal snack for their kids.

  9. Yeah, not so much — I’ll stick to real foods. I realize that you claim the ingredients are real foods (and I have no doubts that this would be better than any other meal replacement shake), but you can’t deny that this is a highly processed food that isn’t similar to anything our ancestors would have eaten.

    1. Me too, Allan. Most of the time I’ll be eating lamb chops and my daily Big Ass Salad. But when I want something quick, or when I’m looking for something that isn’t eggs for breakfast Primal Fuel fits the bill. And it’s not even a compromise. I disagree that it’s unlike anything Grok would have eaten. That’s precisely what sets this product apart from other meal replacements.

      1. But how is 181 Kcal enough to give you any real lasting nourishment? I aim for about 2000-2400 Kcal a day of real food why? So I can build muscle and support myself. I just don’t see how this is really ENOUGH primal fuel. That and an average joe like me can’t really afford the globo-gym priced canister.

  10. Looks great, I’ve been looking for a good protein shake but it’s way, way, whey out of my price range 🙁 Lol, and I’ve never been to Starbucks and never will, spending that much on coffee is ridiculous.

  11. This is great; well done, Mark et al. I have only 2 questions: 1) with coconut milk in the mix, should anyone with allergies to sulfite be concerned?; and, 2) can you expand on what actually chemically constitutes “natural flavors”

    1. 1) No sulfites in our coconut milk.

      2) Chocolate from cocoa and butter buds from dairy, and vanilla from natural vanilla bean.

  12. Mark, I’m very interested, but I’ve read from the blood-type-diet crowd that coconut is bad for my Type B blood. Fact or crap?

    1. Hi there. I have type B blood and am thriving on lots of coconut.

    2. I’m AB neg & I love love love coconut. I don’t think I could live without it now!

  13. Totally out of my price point too I’m afraid. I do understand breaking it down by serving. But I don’t eat at fast food joints anyway to justify the expenditure.
    I was really hoping to stick this in my morning smoothie, but I will just have my eggs alongside for the protein.
    Thanks for all the hard work on the formula Mark. If I can work this out in my budget I will surely try it.

  14. Having helped taste test this, I can assure folks that it’s very good, and very filling. I think it’d be a great ‘on the run’ meal when there isn’t time to cook, or after a workout.

    1. I also helped taste test this and it is fantastic on its own. The water recommendation of 8 oz was high for me but the flavor was still fantastic. I enjoyed it alone with about 4 oz of water and some ice the second time I had it.

      Its pricey but if you can afford it then its worth trying.

      1. Thirded — it tasted SOO good. I don’t like chocolate but the vanilla was great!

        Normally I don’t go for sweet drinks, but this was just right.

  15. Mark, this look great! Sure, as others have mentioned, it doesn’t beat a steak and salad. However, I love the occasional smoothie and having a real food fuel to make it with would be great. Also, for those who are trying to get big (like my husband) being able to have a healthy protein shake between meals is a big help. Thanks for sharing this product!

    1. Shelf life is 18 months when stored at 76 or below. Our warehouse is kept at 68 degrees constant and low humidity.

      1. This is good to know!
        Thanks for all your research & effort! Thank you beta-tasters!

  16. Contains maltodextrin, which is a starch derived from corn. Hmmmmm…

    1. I’m more interested in the fact that it says no fructose, but sucrose is listed as an ingredient. Couldn’t you have used dextrose instead?

      1. @David, only 2 grams of sucrose (cane sugar) per serving (less than half a teaspoon) is what helps impart some sweetness to the product. Stevia does the rest. Dextrose is only about a third as sweet as sucrose or fructose, so is not a good choice if your goal is to add sweetness but cut carbs.

        1. I understand why you would want to use sucrose. I’m just a little put off that it explicitly says no fructose but there is fructose in it.

      2. Sucrose is a disaccharide consisting of one glucose molecule and one fructose molecule. Technically there is (less than one gram of) fructose as part of the sucrose moiety. The point is that no HFCS or pure fructose or agave or any other fructose-rich sweeteners were used.

        1. I understand the message you are trying to convey, but I certainly wouldn’t say something with close to 1 gram of fructose per serving has no fructose, just like I wouldn’t call something with a similar amount of gluten gluten free.

    2. The maltodextrin is from cassava – not corn. It is a medium chain poly-saccharide (glucose polymer) that helps keep the coconut milk from clumping.

      1. Oh good call, Mark! Most maltodextrin in the US is corn-derived, while in Europe it tends to be wheat-derived.

      2. Thank you for clarification on Maltodextrin source. Please get that up on the nutrition facts page on the ordering site, to satisfy your gluten-free customers (and save yourself the e-mails!).

      3. Awesome! I was very disappointed to see maltodextrin on the ingredient list because I am gluten-intolerant and react to corn (or wheat) maltodextrin. Thanks for the clarification, Mark!!

  17. Sounds good. I’m sure its better than 100% of the other protein shakes out there. My question though is, I’ve read that liquid food causes an insulin spike. Is that true? I’m sure the whey itself because its from dairy would have the same effect. While I’m not to super worried about that because I drink lower quality protein shakes regularly, I’d still like to know. Also I have tried and loved all of the Primal Nutrition supplements and loved them all. But I can’t make them regular additions to my diet because of the cost. I do agree that you get what you pay for.

    1. liquid food is easier to digest than whole food – in general.

      with the addition of fat digestion is slowed and certain proteins digest slower than others.

      The reason why we want to control insulin is to avoid the hunger and sugar cravings that go with it. An insulin spike won’t make you fat however eating foods which cause insulin spikes such as sugars and grains can cause you to eat more than you would have done.

      Nuts. People tell us to eliminate nuts if we stall. It’s not the small amount of carbs, it’s because they are easy to overeat so we can eat too many. IMO shakes and processed goods shouldn’t be a REGULAR part of a primal diet, merely a substitute for when you don’t have time to eat real food. And even then there is IF which is a matter of personal preference.

      seems I had a mini rant there lol too much free time I think

  18. Question – The instructions are to mix with water, but with most protein powders I don’t find this prep very tasty or satisfying. How does it mix with other stuff?

    Typically right now I like to do 4oz. coconut milk + 8 oz. milk + fat Tbs. almond butter. To anyone saying that they would find the 180 cal. serving insufficient, try something like that. You’re adding maybe $1 to the per-serving cost but boosting the calories by 300 or so.

    Definitely happy to see this. I spend WAY too much time reading ingredient labels for protein powders hoping for a better one every time. For those of us who are athletes there’s plenty of science to suggest that

    Part of living primal is understanding that we are using our evolutionary physiology as a guideline to MODERN living, which is informed by science. It’s fun to joke about running around being cavemen, but we’re not that and sometimes we need to make compromises (refueling from a workout, need a quick snack, just damn tired of meat that morning). So if we can have something relatively more pure I’m glad for it.

    1. Whoops, left a sentence fragment:

      “For those of us who are athletes there’s plenty of science to suggest that a liquid meal following training is ideal for recovery and growth (Robb Wolf writes about this for reference).”

    2. I taste tested this product. This mixes well with water and is very satisfying. There isn’t any need to add milk products, as the coconut milk base is very rich.

      1. Thanks for the reply! Glad it doesn’t NEED anything else, but what if you do mix it with milk? Does it get too thick, or taste funny? I’m generally concerned with trying to *add* calories in my diet, and packing them in a shake as above is an easy boost.

        1. I tried the vanilla with whole milk — tasted great to me. And usually I don’t like whey shakes at all, so that’s saying something.

        2. Couldn’t tell you there. I didn’t use anything but water. Though if you leave it too long in a blender, it gets almost fudge like…

    3. ouch! The price is high enough add another dollar to the service and suddenly it cost 129!

  19. I must admit that the steep price is a deterrent. I’m certain that the quality of ingredients is unquestionably excellent, but I’m more of a “do-it-yourself” kinda gal. For such a simple mix, I can purchase a high quality, unflavored whey protein isolate, and add a couple of ounces of coconut milk. Blend with a pinch of sugar and a few ounces of water, and you have a shake at about 1/4 the cost.

    However, it really may appeal to a “grab and go” wealthier crowd. Just not doable on my family budget. Kudos for trying, though!

  20. I was wondering when the product line would follow. Little steep but I think my Jerky bill hit about $100 last month…

  21. Congratulations to Mark and Team on your product release!

  22. i think its great, Mark! for those that are opposed to it its because of the very nature of a shake, i.e. not whole food in its original form. But thats moot. If you are going to go for a shake then i agree that this new one is the best choice around. If you dont wanna shake, then dont buy it, but noone should knock it for being a good version of what it is.

  23. wondering about sourcing of whey – grassfed?
    chocolate/cocoa – organic? free trade?
    vanilla – organic? free trade? Tahiti? Mexico?

  24. I was one of the guinea pigs and also takked with Mark in a lengthy phone conversation about the “price problem.”

    It quickly became clear to me that Mark wanted to do something no one else had ever done and that even more, was simply not going to compromise in order to get the price down.

    I was super happy about the sample, both flavors, and was able to get my hands on a secret early bird shipment of the actual product.

    Like Mark, this won’t be an every day thing for me. I perhaps use this sort of product different than most. not really to curb hunger but to get some nutrition or have something to take my few supplements with when I really don’t feel like the bulk of food. I IF, so it doesn’t bother me to go the other way and actually eat something when NOT hungry, sometimes.

    A can will last me two months, easy. So far, I’ve used just water, combined 2 oz of raw milk, and combined 1 oz heavy cream. All three ways were excellent.

    Here’s another idea: one shake or serving is two scoops. You can do a 1/2 serving that will come out to about 6 oz volume, and you have 60 servings.

    I’ll be blogging about this soon

    1. A half serving would have 10 grams of protein. I doubt someone who wants to replace a primal meal would do that.

      Also, how is this “doing something that has never been done”? If you mean combining a stevia-flavored whey isolate with coconut powder, than it very well may be unprecedented. But I haven’t really looked all that hard. One thing I know is that coconut powder is cheaper than whey isolate, so this is not an issue of compromising price.

      I would hope that newbies to the paleo way of eating would try something like this, like it, then soon after try more reasonably priced powders (including grass-fed whey, sweetened with stevia and a bit of cane sugar, which is available without any DIY effort).

      1. I should have been more clear. I don’t typically use shakes to curb hunger OR as meal replacements.

        I typically use them as just something to drink and often, to take my supplements with. And, I often do half servings for that. And now there’s fat in it I don’t have to add any if I don’t want to bother.

        That can be totally on it’s own or about half the time, as an accompaniment to a meal, so not meal replacement but meal augmentation.

        1. Hold on, you often use protein shakes to take supplements with? What happened to…water? This is getting pretty far from the heart of paleo, even from the past 2-3 years of writing on your site and MDA.

          Paleo beverages include water, water, and an occasional fermented something or another. Augmenting meals with protein shakes is great if you’re Ronnie Coleman, but water costs $0.00 and is great at clearing the palate.

          The fact remains that the only reason to charge this high of a price is to make a boatload of money. If that is the cost of having great, free information on MDA, than that’s okay with me.

        2. Not often. Rarely, actually. I often take them with a meal, in fact over 90% of the time. Then sometimes I’ll take ’em with raw milk, sometimes with a shake. Variety, man.

          Oh, and coconut water is perfectly paleo, too.

          I don’t really like taking sups on an empty stomach with just water. Makes me a bit queasy.

        3. Well here’s a bit of a revelation for ya – why not take them WITH a meal with water…?!

          Or is that idea too much of a novely for you…?

  25. I see some people hating on this stuff. From strict paloe point of view, there is nothing primal about this shake. But if you are going to do a protein shake, you are better of drinking this stuff than most of the artificial crap out there. You can be paleo and have shake, it probably won’t harm you.

    $99 is pretty wild though, but hey this guy has to make $ some how, he does provide a ton of valuable info on this site at no change.

  26. So this is a little less the 3lbs per bottle so over $30 a lb?! Even if this is the highest quality grassfed whey and coconut milk squeezed fresh and blessed by the Dalai Lama, it is still the most expensive “Meal replacement” (although at 181 cal, thats not a meal) on the market. You could easily by these products separate for half the price.

    TP WPI natural flavored 3lbs = $30
    Coconut Milk powder 1lb = $9
    separate prebiotic NOW = $5

    Total = $44

    Sorry Mark but unless im missing something, it seems like the market is pretty substantial. Please explain further how you can justify a $100 price tag?

    Honestly i always wanted to try your multivitamin but the price was just to great to justify, then when you came out with the fish oil i noticed it didnt come close to some other brands out there when it came to price/epa-dha but this seems like highway robbery compared to your other supps. I dont care if people want to buy them, im sure they will get a good product but in my eyes it lowers your reputation as a health and fitness leader in the paleo community.

    1. It may be the most expensive as you say. It’s also the best, IMO. You can buy junk whey protein from Walmart or garbage meal replacements from a gas station. That’s not what Primal Fuel is.

      The price breakdown, as it were, is neither here nor there. Yes, if you buy in bulk from various sources, mix and match, devise your own formulation and recipes, take the time to measure it all out and build your own you may see a savings in total price. One doesn’t go to a restaurant and tell the chef that he could have picked up the same ingredients and made the dish at home at a lower cost.

      Primal Fuel is billed as a meal replacement. For those that are attempting to lose weight, and even for those that are not, it’s a great substitute for a normal Primal breakfast, lunch and dinner.

      The price is what it is in order to bring a top shelf product to market.

      1. You are acting like its hard to find a grassfed whey product (which you havnt said if it is yet), coconut milk powder and a prebiotic and blend them together at home.

        Honestly i could order these product tonight for less then half the price, almost as or as pure a product (not junk from walmart) and blend them in a blender along with some fruit or coco powder/vanilla extract and have the same exact thing.

        Also again if you are eating 181 calorie meals, then you are either eating 10 meals a day or starving yourself so throwing in 6 grams of fat along with your wpi is not a meal replacement.

        1. No need to order a pre-biotic or coco powder. You can just order a naturally flavored whey isolate which has those things already in it, and mix it with coconut milk.

          Point is, coconut milk is not worth a 250% markup over similar products!!!

          And this probably isn’t grass-fed, because that would be used to market it.

        2. Don’t blend with fruits… Fruits = fructose bad. Fruits are evil muahhaha.

          Joke aside… I don’t know what happened to a good glass of milk. Ok yeah, lactose and casein are problematic in some individual. Sure… But, unlike what is being told, most of us have no problem with it.

        3. 1+
          I can buy 100% Whey Protien Isolate in bulk from a local supplier for 8.99 /lbs. You gotta imagine Mark is gonna get it for wholesale or better, that would knock it down to four or five bucks a pound! I’d bet this stuff cost twenty or thirty bucks to produce and the bulk of the markup is to justify the formulation and research that went into the pre-production.

  27. Hi Mark- please don’t jump the shark. As I’m sure you’re aware, there are other natural protein powders out there. The choice isn’t between Optimum Nutrition and Twinfuel, there are a few grass-fed wheys, many isolates with only stevia sweeteners, etc.

    This is clearly an issue of markup, not of excess cost because of premium ingredients. Putting some dried coconut milk into a powder should not justify doubling the price, as it is actually cheaper than a good whey isolate!

    (**Also…love your site! Just have to call a spade a spade)

  28. Color me stoked! Any chance you’ll come out with a plain flavor?

    And I’d like to second the suggestion for small samples that we could purchase to try the product before taking the big plunge.

  29. Big fan of the site, Mark, but this strikes me as tone-deaf, especially in a world of 10% unemployment. By my math, this works out to $2.17/oz. Optimum Nutrition on Amazon is $0.47/oz. I could have a serving of Optimum Nutrition every day for an entire year for less than the price of a month of Primal Fuel. I know living in Malibu must be expensive, but come on.

    Good thing I read a great book once that told me that all that matters was micro-filtered whey that tasted great with water, just like Optimum Whey. What book was that? The Primal Blueprint.

  30. Why don’t we let supply/demand decide the price, if the price is so high that people are outraged, noone will order it and Mark will be forced to lower the price up to the number that people are willing to pay

  31. This seems maybe bogus as a concept, even? You kind of lost me here.

  32. I’m shocked at the price. I might have sprung for it at $50, which still would seem high, but I couldn’t believe that one canister was $99. I thought maybe that was a multi-month, four-canister auto-ship price, but nope, it’s one canister.

    I like that you have a money-back offer, because I dislike many protein powders and would appreciate getting my money back if it didn’t taste good. But the VISA bill doesn’t pay itself. This markup would have had a better reception in 2007. Not in today’s economy.

    With any price point, there is a trade off between per item profit and sales volume. I wish you the best with the smaller volume of people that will spring for it at this price. From a PR standpoint, this product and price was a goof. Might work out for you if enough people buy it, since there must be a substantial profit built into each canister.

    It’s just as well. I have leftover protein powders in my pantry that I stopped eating (drinking), because I’m focused on and enjoying real, solid food.

  33. think i’d rather go to a farm get some milk fresh out of a cow, boil it up with lemon, and have myself the curds, which is closer to the “natural” source of protein that MDA should really be advocating.

  34. This is so sad. The product has sugar and sweeteners and is rather expensive. Why not eat real food instead? Im dissapointed by your new money making head. Would like some solid good articles again.

    1. Agree with this comment. I am pretty shocked at this product. Also, what is with all the contests on this site recently? I used to refer people to this site for solid information about the paleo diet. Now it has become an infomercial. I guess the almighty dollar always wins at the end of the day.

      Some real content would be great.

  35. Very jelous! I presume that being lactose intolerant that this product will not do for me.

    Any suggestion what I could use to replace whey and casein powder? I gather that soy protein powder is a no no (?)

    Many thanks,

    1. If you’re lactose intolerant (like me), whey and casein shouldn’t bother you.

  36. wow, I think a lot of the posters above need to take a good hard look at themselves. The way I see it, if you don’t like either the product makeup or the cost, don’t buy the stuff.

    And to all of you putting the hate on Mark for releasing this, wake up to yourselves. Mark and the PB team obviously saw there was a market (probably from repeated requests…) for this sort of product. From all reports they have put in the time consuming and expensive effort of creating a combination they think will work. So kudos to them.

    Now as far as I am aware, this is still a free society, so make up your own mind, but do so with open eyes. This product might not be for you, but it might be just the thing to help someone else get onto the right path or help them to stick with it.

    For the record, at this stage I won’t be purchasing any, I currently have the time and desire to prepare all my meals. But should that change, I see a primal approved meal replacement as a great idea!

    1. I agree, there is not a page in the Primal Blueprint or on this site that says “You must use my supplements to be successful.” The products are listed here and are saying if you are looking to supplement this is the highest quality one that we could find by our guidelines. If you don’t like the price, don’t buy it. If you don’t think that Grok used supps, then don’t buy it. Relax a little and realize The MDA folks don’t have their hand in your wallet, because they are sharing info freely. If this was a subscription site then my answer may be different but it’s open source…with the incentive that if you want more you can pay for more i.e. one on one time with Mark for a consulting fee etc. Relax you all and hold off from criticizing the folks so harshly they are working hard to provide the best OPTIONS for us.

    2. I think it’s fair that people complain. Obviously there are a few who just want to stick it to Mark for putting out this product, but for the most part it seems like people are just upset that they can’t partake due to the price.
      I think that probably stems from a desire to support MDA, and having a good product Mark puts his name on, but not being able to.

      Let them vent, this is their community.

    3. hmmm… I’m thinking that if you have the right to voice you’re opinion, so do those of us who don’t agree with you. The comments section is for the discussion of the post. Last time I checked, discussion included elements of agreeing and being critical.

    4. Amen!

      I, personally, have no need for a protein powder or meal replacement shake. But if I did, I’d consider this one for its quality, despite the price.

      Mark is entitled to make a living, folks. Yet look how much has he given us all for FREE!

      If you’re not in the target market (financial or lifestyle), fine — but that’s not the product’s fault.

    5. Agreed. I for one appreciate this site and I know that there is a lot of time,effort and expense going into it. Decent ingredients and mass production cost money therefore the end result is a costly product. Buy it or not. While I am sure Mark is a very nice guy and he is obviously very passionate about this way of life, he does have the right to make a living. Thank you Mark!

  37. Wow, I’m pretty amazed at all the hate people are coming out of the woodwork to lump on this. I think it looks pretty great. I don’t think it would ever replace a solid meal on a regular basis…however, a shelf stable high protein shake that’s not full of chemicals and garbage? I think it could be great for when you want to grab something after work before your evening class or any other countless times you’d like something healthy and quick but didn’t happen to bake a dozen “leftover” chicken breasts the week before.

    Kudos Mark.

  38. This is why I’m glad to be Zero Carb. Eating meat and IFing for the whole day is fantastic. You never “have” to have a meal replacement. And yes, I am an athlete. I lift heavy weights 4 times a week and do cardio. I sit at 104lbs. at 5’4″ and I’m 15% BF (female). I do this eating a variety of grassfed and organic meats, tons of eggs and grassfed butter. Whey is never needed for body composition, fat loss or muscle building if you are eating high quality protein and fat and enough calories.

  39. I’m also shocked at the response. Don’t buy it if you don’t want it. Mark does a tremendous service to us by providing us this as a forum/community and a ton of free information, with only occasional marketing stuff. If folks want this, great. If they don’t, also good. I’m not a shake guy, but if I were, I’m glad there’s something out there that’s all natural and primal in ingredients.

    1. DITTO, thousands of dollars GIVEN away by this site through the last months contest, a man who is SOO obsessed with money. The last thirty days or years show how generous Mark Sisson and his team at PB/MDA have and continue to be. I may not be able to afford it either but it doesn’t mean I will never listen/read or believe in the message delivered.

  40. Baby formula replacement for a one year old???

      1. It is – I’ve used it with my own children as a replacement for breast milk on occasion.

  41. Mark, you should have checked out the competition before pricing your product, take a look at energyfirst, 2 lb jug with 1 scoop providing 20 g of protein is $39.99, whey protein from quality source, and sweetened entirely with stevia, the only thing it’s missing is the fat, well that’s easy to fix, just make it with whole raw milk or coconut milk instead of water. Good luck.

    1. Hahaha, you just spent money on whey extracted from dairy only to mix it with raw dairy again…?

  42. I have to agree with two items, the price does seem high, but the hate is crazy! Mark gives us a free website with recipes / work outs / forums / support / articles. He puts out product that is voluntary to buy and use and people go crazy. So what IF he is trying to make some money, there is nothing wrong with making a little money. If you can do it cheaper yourself, more power to you! If you have the money and want to replace meals, GO FOR IT! Who cares? It is the free market, he can make it $1000 a tub and people will either buy it or they won’t. So get off the guys back, he gives you free content every day, then puts out a product and he is crazy, jumping the shark, etc etc etc.

  43. Mark is not a messiah. He also obviously realizes many people who find The Primal Blue Print are not Kool Aid drinking Groks. For those who want a quick meal replacement he offers a product to meet their needs, which is totally in line with the 80/20 rule. For those who can do it cheaper, you can. For those who can’t or won’t they have this product.

    With all the hate in the comments, each of you should reflect on how many free things you have given to the community lately. Last, I saw not one of you wrote a free work out guide or gave away thousands of dollars of prizes.

  44. Good point, that’s capitalism, he made it, he gets to set the price, we get to decide whether or not to buy it. Everyone wins, a person decides the quality is worth it, he buys it, he’s happy. Mark’s makes money on his effort and he’s happy. Us cheapskates do without or make our own or buy a cheaper product, we’re happy.

  45. Sure maybe shakes/smoothies aren’t “paleo/primal” to some people, but they are a quick & easy source of nutrition for others. This looks like it would be a heck of a lot better than a Carnation Instant Breakfast and a Space Food Stick. Ya, it might be a bit spendy, but so is buying all organic produce & grass-fed beef. We are all free to make these choices. For me personally, I will get a tub of it & keep it here at work. I will offer to share it to all of my coworkers. I rarely use these types of things myself, but I like having that option. Plus, when I share (all my primal foods) I am also spreading the “word”, albeit quietly 😉

  46. I agree with Peggy. I use it as an occasional fill-in when the day gets busier than I thought it would and I want something on the run. I really like the idea of the new formula, and I’ll feel better when I do reach for it on those days. Personally, I think the price is worth it. I don’t have the time to make my own right now, and I don’t mind paying for convenience — especially when I truly feel it’s in line with my eating values.

  47. What a scam!!! Those $100 is best off just buying food, wth

  48. Mark,

    Thanks for making this available. Lots of folks have been looking for a specifically primal protein powder.

    Question: What is sodium caseinate and what is its role in Primal Fuel?

    Thanks again for your encouragement and resources for living primal!

    Matt C

  49. I make my own protein shakes and yeah, Grok didn’t have whey protein handy, so it’s not exactly paleo. But when I’m in a hurry in the a.m., having opted for getting enough sleep before work vs. having time to cook breakfast, throwing together a shake saves me from an unplanned IF that leaves me popping into the espresso stand across from work at break and buying carby crap food because I think I’m hungry.

    Fine, Primal Fuel is expensive for me, but so is grass-fed meat, etc. So I won’t be buying this anytime soon, but Mark has a right to sell this product if he wants to and I don’t see it as a sell-out.

    It also reminds me of when I was vegan, mostly for “health” reasons–it amused me how many animal rights vegans relied on products derived from animals.

    How many paleo folks drive cars, use plastics, etc., etc., etc. Unless one commits to living 100% paleo (i.e. off the land using only natural products), then the fact is we live in a modern world that involves compromise. A shake won’t make or break someone’s primal lifestyle if they choose to use such a product. If Mark starts marketing Primal Cupcakes, then I may start to worry.

  50. I love how all these amateur nutritional supplement manufacturers come out of the woodwork. “I can make this myself, blah blah blah…”

    Well, then DO IT! But why stop there? Mark is obviously just some lucky fool who fell ass backwards into success, right? So, why don’t you go out and do a better job? Quick, for the good of mankind!

    Create one of the best health blogs on the internet (and provide it FREE OF CHARGE, of course), write a damn good book, change 1000s of lives, create a following, and then sell your precious wares to your loyal customers!

    Best of luck! Let us know how it goes!
    Feel free to gloat on MDA when you’ve achieved world domination!

    Sheesh, has it ever occurred to you folks that some people don’t have the time to hunt down deals for wholesale protein, etc.? So they will pay good money for a product from someone they trust because of convenience and piece of mind. Personally, I don’t do shakes. But if I did, I would much rather pay a little extra for a quality product from someone I trust. In a Walmart society, I know that those sensibilities are a bit passe, but maybe I’m a bit old fashioned.

    1. You act like a blog “FREE OF CHARGE” is some service to people. I would never visit a blog that attempts to charge (De Vany). There is WAY too many good blogs out there that don’t charge.

      1. I’m not saying no one else does it, I’m saying that YOU don’t do it, nor do any of the other haters on this board.

        When you achieve what Mark has, you can decide whether or not to sell things to the followers of your blog. Mark has put a LOT of time, effort, and money into this website that does give a wealth of knowledge for free. And yes, I do consider that a service. Crazy, I know.

        And it just kills me that people chastise him for selling a product and get all Monday morning quarterback and tell us how they can do it better themselves. If you don’t want to buy what he’s selling, fine. I don’t want this particular product either.

        The majority of people will never buy a Mercedes. Whether they can afford to or not, they decide that their product is not worth your money and they can get buy with something less expensive.

        But would you walk into a Mercedes dealer and bitch and moan to the sales manager, bragging about how you could find a perfectly suitable car for less money? Of course not.

        Why? Because it’s so much easier to complain from the safety of your little fortress of solitude, where you can complain and criticize with total anonymity.

        1. You act like these criticisms are illogical. They are not. Adding coconut powder to a supplement, then doubling the price, is not incontrovertible logic.

          This is a COMMENTS section, where people are free to leave COMMENTS.

        2. I agree with guy from Amelie.
          The complaints are totally logical. If you disagree how about ditching the sarcastic and antagonistic tone and allowing others to express themselves?

          The complaint on the price is not walking into a mercedes dealer and complaining on the price, it’s walking into a mercedes dealer and asking why the crap power windows come with a 2000 dollar premium?

        3. Why would you want to buy a Mercedes, when you could easily make it yourself?

          100 dollars for whey+coconut is insane.

  51. I’m a little disappointed. I understand taht Mark has the right to make $$, but $100 is a complete and total ripoff. There are other Natural high quality protein powders out there without fructose(only Stevia) from grass fed cows that are 1/3rd of the price of Primal powder–you can’t tell me that it costs anywhere near $100 to make this stuff.

    Anyone who buys this is getting ripped off IMO. There are way better options out there for far less money.

    1. Then why don’t you buy those other options? If you think Marks price is too high then don’t buy. Let it go.

      1. People are entitled to an opinion, whether or not you agree with it.

      2. If you don’t buy this powder, it doesn’t mean that you are barred from expressing your opinion on this webpage.

        That commenter presented a cogent and compelling analysis of why this powder is not worth the money that it costs.

  52. mmm – Primal cupcakes!

    But other protein powders don’t have the cute little Grok guy on the label…

    Seriously, lighten up y’all!

  53. I think it is a bit of an exaggeration to say that people are hating on mark. Most people are just upset that the product is expensive. And who can blame them? Like one poster already said we have to call a spade a spade. There is probably no justifying the price based on the ingredients.

    I like mark, I like what he has done for the community. I like that he doesn’t moderate all the negative comments away, but that doesn’t stop me from sharing my honest opinion.

    Which is that I have always thought that marks products where very expensive. Even without taking into account the shipping cost that are only reasonable in the USA.

    Having said that, mark does sell quality. Just look at the ingredients. So I wish him all the best with his business.

  54. Somebody call a whaaambulance for all the cheap whiners.

    MDA is a gem of a resource, and he never charges you a dime.

    He just spent the last 30 days having contests for free merchandise that he went out and got, never mind all the usual free content of MDA.

    Now he introduces a new product, you dont like the price, so you start in with the name calling? Mark is now ripping people off??

    Give it a rest you primal babies.

  55. Grassfed ground beef trumps a protein shake with 11 grams of carbs, maltodextrin and sucrose.

  56. I will not be buying this product due to the price. Also, this is nowhere near a meal replacement. I do appreciate the website and information.

  57. Heads up, whey allergies really suck! And you don’t know til you’ve had a few tasty servings. Then comes the torso/upper thigh rashes! I say, eat meat, far fewer allergic reactions.

  58. Last night when I began to read the level of vitriol and venom cast at Mark for his new product I was shocked. This coming from people, presumably, who do not blink twice about spending three and four times as much for milk, beef and poultry simply because it was fed grass.

    The issue as I see it is; Do you trust Mark and his opinions, or, do you believe that he is a charlatan who has spent all of these years hustling us in order to spring his super-expensive protein drink on us? If the former, end of story. If the latter what are you doing here in the first place or why do you remain?

    Mark did not invent paleo he has just developed a comprehensive system ideas as it relates to, catch this, “primal living in the modern world” nowhere does he advocate that everything you do must be actually “primal.” While my knowledge of anthropology may be somewhat limited I do not remember our Paleolithic ancestors swinging sledgehammers into truck tires or swinging duffel bags full of sand. These are adaptations to replicate the physiological stressors that cause adaptive changes for our Paleolithic ancestors. Just as our entire day is no longer devoted to the literal hunting and gathering of food, Mark’s “meal replacement” is true to the “primal” (his invention) lifestyle. It replicates the macronutrient profile that allowed optimal health and adaptation to environmental stressors.

    Does that mean you have to buy it? Absolutely not! That is the beauty of the free-market. A Timex keeps better time than a Rolex, does that mean a Rolex should be the same price as a Timex? No, utility is not the only component when analyzing whether you want to purchase a product. Does the product offer the things that are important to you? Can you afford the price? Are the characteristics of the products worth paying the higher price to you? Are you willing to settle for a product with lesser attributes? It is an individual analysis that has nothing to do with Mark’s motivation to sell a product.

    I, for one question giving away a product that costs $26.95 with the purchase of a product priced at $99.99. To me it begs the question that either the $26 95 is ineffective or the $99.99 product is overpriced by the production cost of the $26.95 product. Mark is a business man and has right to market products in the manner he chooses. But to cast aspersions at him and suggest some ulterior motive or that he has sold out in some way is ridiculous, unless there is evidence that his product is not what he says it is, we have to take mark’s word that he has made the “Mercedes” of Protein powders. The only question that remains is whether you want the Mercedes model or not.

    In closing, I find it somewhat curious that so many people are ridiculing and denigrating protein drinks or stating they can make their own for just pennies on the dollar. Yet so many people were fawning over the Vita mix prize. A Vita mix is a particularly non-primal appliance that on average is two to 10 times more expensive than its closest competitor and is primarily used to make smoothies, frozen drinks and almond butter all three decidedly un-primal(no cavemen did not make almond butter.) I did not hear anybody casting aspersions at the Vita mix for being ridiculously expensive. For what it’s worth, I have a Vita mix, it is
    ridiculously expensive and it happens to be one of the best products I have ever purchased. I did not know that until I tried it……

    Mark thanks for everything you do. You have changed my life for the better.


    P.S. I am still mad about the coconut challenge. 5 different ways! 😉

    1. “Vitriol and venom”?
      That’s a bit much.

    2. Excellent point about the vita mix. I saw it in action at the NovNat semen over 5 days, meals for 20 people (lots of veggie and palm/c-oil based saves).

      Far as I’m concerned, it’s the only blender to have, save maybe for the ‘will it blend’ guy.

      Yes, the vita mix is ridiculously expensive. And I’m getting one.

  59. I just have to say that it seems like kind of a waste of money. I mean, the benefit of course is that it’s a fast, on the go meal replacement. But isn’t being primal learning to be different from others by preparing your meals so that you DO have that food during times when you may not have time to cook? (AKA, cooking on Sunday so on Tuesday night you have leftover pork chops to eat for breakfast on your way out the door) I feel like being prepared is the name of the game, and that a primal whey powder is simply backtracking what’s being preached here.

    I feel like this is more of a marketing ploy than anything. I personally would never buy it because of the price. I think it’s great for people who want whey powder, and care about the differences from other mainstream ones. But more than anything, it’s just whey powder with a few changes that you could get 3x that amount for the price, and PERSONALLY (hey, if you do it, more power to you. Please don’t hate for my opinion though) I would rather just stick with regular if I was going to use it anyway, and consider it a vice.

    Just my opinion. Not here to hate, because MDA and PB have given me more great things in my life than I could ever repay for. But I just don’t see where this is supposed to lead to… My only thought is what’s next? What comes out next to ‘simplify’ being primal?

  60. Hi Mark,
    I was sooo waiting for this reformulated meal replacement and was excited to see an email from you today, but I’m hesitant to try it based on the price. I’ve read thru the comments and understand your pricing mode. I’d like to give it a try, but $100 is a little too steep. Have you considered sending out sample packs (may 2-3 shakes worth?) or even providing a coupon code for newsletter subscribers? or those who participated in your book deal months back?


    1. I was thinking the same thing this morning…little sample packs. And honestly I would probably only buy a meal replacement like this as a “plain” powder. I feel like I do not need Stevia or sugar because whatever fruit that goes into it is the sugar. And with plain protein you can make savory shakes without vanilla or chocolate. I know this is meant to be used with water only but I know I would not do that. It would be blended with other foods.

  61. I swear this must be the first day on the internet for some people.. if you want free content there will be some ads. If you dont want to buy the product, dont buy it.

    Do you send whiney email to Larry or Sergei the founders of google every time google puts a sponsored search result at the top of your FREE searches?

    Whaaaa Google put an ad on my page now I am going to cry to the CEO that I can do my own searches and not have to put up with these pesky ads.


    1. Please, stop with the infant analogies and sound effects.

      1. The infant analogies are for the infants on this website who cry that commercial products cost money. The sound effects are for entertainment purposes and are included free of charge….nobody should dare try to charge anything for anything around here apparently…..

        1. Excellent straw-man argument! Nobody is saying that products should be free. Taking a whey protein isolate and adding coconut powder does not lead to a doubling of cost unless you are trying to squeeze out extra profits.

          That being said, I’m sure something will change. When not many people buy this, either the price will go down or something will change to increase demand.

          I do commend your attempt to squelch conversation with sound effects though.

  62. Congrats on the new product! I love the site and all the fabulous info in one place. All my random and nit-picky paleo/primal questions can be answered with a quick search on MDA. Much appreciation and wishes for continued success headed your way!

  63. Can anyone give one legitimate reason to use this product? No one “needs” a “quick meal or snack.” Ever. Those of us who lift (like me) don’t need this for “muscle building.” Nothing is quicker than a steak on a plate, or more efficient. So the purpose of this is…?

    1. Nothing is quicker than a steak on a plate? What about preparing that steak and cooking it? It takes time… unless you eat steak raw – I do not.

      SImply adding water and ice to primal fuel is as simple as it gets. And, it does taste great.

      1. I do like raw or rare steak, but even if you don’t:

        Step 1. Steak on frying pan.
        Step 2. Add heat.
        Step 3. Sizzle until desired temperature.
        Step 4. Put steak on plate. Add butter or eggs.


    2. Holy Gross Generalization!

      “No one “needs” a “quick meal or snack.” Ever.”

      Thanks for thinking on behalf of everyone, everywhere in all situations.

      1. Well he is right if everyone is following the primal blueprint and fasting if they dont have time to prepare a meal. If you in that much of a hurry then just dont eat, its not like 181 calories is going to fill you up or even stave off starvation.

    3. Well, it’s delicious and convenient. A lot more convenient than me going out to get all this stuff and mixing it myself. I would call those legitimate reasons.

      But from your “no one needs this ever”, it sounds like your definition of “legitimate reason” doesn’t include wanting things, only things you define as needs.

      But everyone’s definition of need is based on their priorities: what they want.

      So perhaps for you, you have no “legitimate” reason to use this. Other people might, though — just like some people feel they have a legitimate reason to buy grass-fed beef, and others don’t.

      1. Ok Jenny, lets think about your statement for a second. Spending an extra 50-60 dollars is more convenient to you then going to two different websites instead of one, ordering two products instead of one and mixing said products together…

        Question, where did that wasted money come from? Did you work for it? Even if you made 50$ an hour, thats an hour of your time vs 10 minutes tops.

        1. I think the love for mark and what he has done for us has clouded the minds of the people.

        2. There’s more than two things in there. I’ve tried various permutations of whey with coconut before. Fresh coconut milk even. And vanilla. And I couldn’t get it to be even palatable, whereas I thought this tasted great.

          So I wouldn’t say it’s as easy as ordering from two web sites, no. Maybe I’m just an idiot who can’t make a shake properly from scratch even given various recipes — draw your own conclusions.

          This is why I was kind of horrified when I heard what product I would be testing. I assumed I would end up giving a bad review just because of my issues with other whey powder based drinks, and warned that ahead of time — he asked me to give it a shot anyway. And whaddya know, I loved it.

          As for cost/benefit analysis (even with the new pricing), again, that’s an individual decision. Anyway, as noted, what I consider a legitimate reason isn’t ever going to be good enough for some people, so… *shrug*

        3. P.S.: For the record, I’m not actually particularly primal yet. I’m pregnant, currently have tons of food aversions as a result, have lost 30 pounds so far and really need to stop losing weight.

          So the idea of me actually liking something that has more calories and protein in it than the whole milk I’ve been chugging? That has an added appeal for me in particular.

          (That’s why I kept trying other whey shake permutations despite hating them… desperation…)

  64. Just follow the 80/20 rule. Use the “20” to buy protein at a cheaper cost. All this is is whey mixed with powdered coconut. Its not that special really.

  65. Since it’s so much more expense than any product with similar ingredients, it must be really, really, really good! If not, it might be reasonable to suggest anyone who bought this product would not be very smart (and we don’t want to say that!).

  66. Here are the proposed reasons why you should buy this product, thus far:

    -Mark provides great free information on his website
    -To get something like this formulation, you would have to mix two things together (whey isolate and coconut milk)
    -It tastes good, and you wouldn’t use it often

    If you want something convenient, hard boiled eggs or jerky or something would also work. If you want powder, grass-fed powders and whey isolates are available.

    My favorite part of MDA is that it looks at detailed pros and cons of different issues related to paleo eating. That’s why simplistic “tastes great!” and “special ingredients!” leave a bad taste in my mouth…they do not address legitimate reasons that this product is not so awesome.

    1. How do you know the product is “not so awesome” if you havent tried it?

      1. Because I have tried whey isolate and coconut milk for many years now, and it is not worth $6.67 per 40 grams of protein. Unless there are special flavor crystals in Primal Fuel, it can’t taste much better than nature!

        On the rare occasion when I want a shake, my $1.50 per double serving grass-fed whey is just fine.

        1. You havent tried the product but yet you can declare that it is not worth the price being charged.

          You havent tried the product but yet you can also declare that it “can’t taste much better than nature!”

          Talk about straw man arguments.

        2. debbie…that’s not a strawman argument. people choose to buy or not buy things all the time based on different decision criteria. nobody is pretending like they bought it then judged it not worthy.

          if i’ve tried caviar a few times, i don’t have to keep trying more and more expensive caviar to see how great it can be.

          plus…have you ever tried whey isolate mixed with coconut milk? it’s pretty good. that’s what primal fuel is. the fact that primal fuel is made with natural ingredients means that the taste will be very similar to these natural ingredients.

          and why do you feel like you have to shut people up who analyze the product?

        3. Speaking as someone who’s tried various whey + coconut shake recipes AND tried this too, I can tell you my experience: I loved the Primal Fuel whereas I couldn’t finish any of the other concoctions I tried making.

          So either I really suck at making shakes despite trying to follow other people’s recipes, or they’ve managed to find a good balance here, or both. I assume it’s both; I can’t explain it otherwise, since I know lots of folks love homebrew whey shakes.

          Of course that doesn’t mean you’d feel the same way — clearly you’re happy with making shakes without a premix like this. More power to ya.

  67. No thanks, I’ll stick with 100% Whey Gold Standard or Nitrean. At the price you are asking it would have to be 3 times better in producing results then these two and I tend to doubt that.

  68. People are angry because this was the last nail in the coffin to show that mark has truly sold out. He doesn’t care about being healthy and spreading the primal (which is really just the paleo idea that he stole and changed the name) word to people. The past month has been nothing but a huge informercial on his site. All he has blogged about is his thirty day challenge and then when he tells us that it is over and we will be continuing the fight against CW, he springs this overpriced junk on us. It makes everyone second guess marks advice because if he is promoting a crappy product such as this for a hundred dollars and claiming it’s revolutionary and top of the line, then why else is he lying to us about. Science rules.

    1. That is an ignorant comment to make about Mark and MDA.

      Mark has done much for many, and never MADE you pay a dime. Sure he sells some products, so what.

    2. That’s an interesting opinion.

      For what it’s worth, I have been a bit turned off by this site lately. Whereas I was drawn to MDA for the informative “articles”, the 30-day challenges and all of the contests weren’t really my thing. But that’s OK. Clearly there WERE plenty of people who enjoyed the change in content and plenty DID enter the contests. I guess it all comes down to why people come here.

      As for Primal Fuel, I must agree with the majority of the people who have already shared their opinion: it’s bloody expensive! I will definitely not buy it at this price point. But it’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing the price to other protein powders on the market. It’s not the same. If you want to buy protein powder, you can easily drop $30-50 and get something that many people like. Just know that it won’t be primal by any stretch of the imagination. If you want a meal replacement powder that adheres to the primal lifestyle (somewhat anyway, that sucrose bothers me) you will pay a premium. Is it worth it? That depends on you.

    3. People are angry because they’re projecting.

      There are many facets and angles on projection. Salute to the seemingly few independent minds who know how to take this deal…or not take it.

      This thread makes me glad I blog in the unabashed vitriolic nature I do. Mark is a friend of mine, whom I’ve intervirwed and had many conversations with on the phone. It would be silly of me to outline how I think it is that Mark agonizes about doing the right thing for the most.

      It would seem Mark-serving, because he’s my friend.

      So for those who know me a bit or my blog and know how I don’t eff around, consider that I consider Mark the greatest hope for making paleo / primal mainstream.

      Just consider, for a second, what he’s up against and what that’s really gonna take.

      Do you doubt for one second that Mark is reinvesting huge amounts of his sales revenue into expansions?

      Have you looked at the publicly available stats, like Alexia and such?

      Do you even have a clue beyond your freebie mentality?

      1. Richard,

        I have been reading your site for a long time. I like your stuff a lot. Based on my perception of you, I think you would of bashed this product if it was put out by someone other than your friend. You preach a lot about eating real food too. I think this is a derivative of real food but where do you draw the line?

        1. Fair question.

          Yes, I have bias so let’s get that out of the way and I am, in part, defending a friend.

          But I use protein powders and have for long, many different products, not every day and not as a mainstay. I’ll admit: price is not very much of an object to me. So I can’t speak to that. Yet, there are many, many things I like yet cannot justify, a Cirus SR-22 airplane being top of the list, just now.

          Point being, we all have things that just annoy the he’ll out of us because it’s just out of reach. What will it be when I get the airplane I want? It’s gotta be something. I know, not primal.

          So, to answer your direct question, no. So far as I know, there is no powder on the market that’s over 40% fat, saturated at that, and mixes with water. If someone makes a high fat shake, what cheap fat are they going to use?

          Finally, I draw the line at body comp and feeling, within the 80/20 context of almost always real, prepared foods (see Mark’s hundreds of free recipes). Who thinks Mark’s product is going to compromise either

        1. I guess my biggest issue with this whole thing really gets back to what this site has been the last month or so. I used to direct friends and family to this site for good information and it is really starting to feel like an infomercial now. I would hate to direct someone here and the first thing they see is a $100 bottle of “primal” whey protein. I guess this really goes against my belief of what paleo is all about. To me it’s about eating real food, creating workouts that don’t require expensive equipment, and connecting on some level with how simple life can be if you can tune out the noise and focus on how things were done before we became too advanced for our own good. This Primal Fuel just feels like a step in the wrong direction for me personally.

          Of course these are all my issues and have nothing to do with Mark. Best of luck on the new endeavor Mark; the product is just not for me.

      2. Freebie mentality? Is that what you are going to say to your twenty followers when they complain about your overpriced supp that you will no doubt come out with. It’s clear you are only defending mark because you are obviously trying to do the same thing with a little blog of your own. When is the release date for your “revolutionary” protein shake?

        1. Yes, there’s a bit of a freebie mentality.

          I notice that all kinds of people jump on board for Mark’s various contests and giveaways – not to mention all the information he gives away. Now, while these might not be the same people currently slamming Mark, it does strike me as rather ungrateful.

          I fully understand any individual’s decision to not purchase of use this product for whatever reason (assessments of primalness, price, etc.).

          What I don’t understand is the heaping on of scorn. I guess I don’t get it. I have never in my life complained to a producer, distributor or retailer of any product in my life when it’s not appropriate to do so, i.e., I purchased it and was unsatisfied.

          Finally, it’s an interesting twist of logic that with my “little blog” of “20 followers” that I’m on the verge of spending hundreds of thousands of capital investment to sell these 20 people a shake.

          Actually however, I get n average of 80,000 visits per month and 140,000 or so page views.


          Absolute unique visitors at about 40,000 per month. Nowhere near Mark’s traffic, but very definitely in the lead pack of all other paleo / primal bloggers.

          And if you want confirmation of that from a different perspective, my last three posts currently have 180, 71, and 124 comments, respectively.

          So go have yourself an ice day, Joe.

      3. Seems like you’re the one who is projecting.

        People aren’t angry, they’re just pointing out that this isn’t a revolutionary product and that you can get equivalent ingredients a lot cheaper and mix them (which doesn’t add much work, since you’d have to shake “primal fuel” any way), which makes this a bad deal.

        Salute to the independent minds who aren’t blinded by dubious marketing and chooses not buy this product.

        1. People aren’t angry, eh?

          Look, go blow smoke up someone else’s ass. If you can’t deal with the issue honestly then I have no time for you.

        2. Sounds like you are the only angry person here, Richard. Calm down.

    4. Do you HONESTLY believe that Mark doesn’t care about being healthy and spreading the primal word to people?

      He creates and sells products because he needs to make a living. If he were to get a job and sold his company then he would not be able to publish a lengthy post DAILY as well as grow the community various other ways.

      He has a business that sells products – whats the big deal? This is NOT a crappy product. How could you say such a thing?

      Is it worth $99? Its not for me because I am not doing well financially. I also believe its not worth it for most people. You can easily buy a quality whey protein isolate and coconut milk and add berries for a third to half the cost.

      Or, if you have the money, you can buy Marks product and simply add water to it for a small meal that takes less than a minute to prepare and that will keep you full for 3+ hours.

      Mark can do what he wants. The price is high and so not too many people will be able to enjoy it but thats his choice.

      Mark is NOT lieing about anything… what do you believe he is lieing about?

      1. I’ve read a lot of comments and am open-mined but Toad this is the one thing I can’t get over. A small amount of calories billed as a meal replacement is calorie restriction, which is doomed to failure. You can’t have someone replace two meals a day with this and expect them to stick with that plan. Not only is it mentally impossible, but adding up the calories it’s physically impossible as well.

        That leads me to conclude the billing as a meal replacement is legalese and everyone should read between the lines here. Use Primal Fuel to battle hunger not cause it. Use it to supplement an already powerful plan. Mark can only say so much, the rest has to be figured out by thinking a bit.

  69. Lots of drama over this. It really boils down to personal choice. Buy it or don’t.

    However you spin it, though…there’s really no legitimate justification for the price.

    It very well could be a tasty “high” quality product, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that you can buy any number of products with the same ingredients (coconut milk is debatable) for a fraction of that price…and probably with more servings and higher protein content.

  70. I’ll confess, I was a little horrified to see this post come up. Unlike Richard, I really don’t want primal/paleo to “go mainstream,” because I’m afraid it’ll then turn into just another fad diet and be quickly forgotten. I even wrote a kind of snarky comment about it being “natural” and unprocessed, which I guess got moderated.

    But I guess reading all of these comments has made me rethink my first impression. No, I won’t be buying any Primal Fuel. But obviously there are enough people who will. What’s that old line? “We have seen the enemy, and he is us.” That’s kind of how I feel about this. I’m sure if Mark didn’t have page upon page of comments of people just clamoring for a leap kit, supplements, powders, helpers, etc etc etc then he probably wouldn’t be creating them. But there’s some sort of demand here, don’t ask me why.

    1. I feel the sentiment, Jim. I just think that’s not up to you, me, or even Mark.

      It happens or it doesn’t

      Who would you rather be in charge, Mark or Unilever (assuming you’ve see the news on that)?

      The one thing Ive always said is that paleo primal has a kinda self-correcting mechanism bulit in. I like the 80/20 rule. But at a point it become clear, this is no longer anything paleo or primal.

      Folks have been using shakes for a long time, so this does not really qualify.

      Ythink Marks next product is gonna be primal bread or pancakes. No, you don’t and that’s cause he follows his own rule.

      1. No, I don’t think we have to worry about primal pancakes anytime soon. But if they do appear, it’s going to be because there were enough people on this page who were complaining because they don’t know what to feed their kids in the morning now that Eggos are off the table.

        As much as I love this site and Free the Animal, my absolute favorite individual blog post is Kurt Harris’ “Smoking Candy Cigarettes.” It’s definitely worth many rereads, and I think it’s applicable to this entire conversation on here.

  71. I have three girls who are Primal with me (Wife, 7, and 10 year old) they get tired of eggs and bacon, etc.s

    A protein power. That is free of heavy metals (check your consumer reports) has no corn products, no fake sweeteners, lots of MCTs and is portable, can serve a huge purpose in my home.

    Would I buy it for me? No. I would rather not eat and grab a plate pork or steak later. But for my girls who need to make concessions to stay primal it serves a great purpose.

    I can afford it and it may have great value for me. I may be the market Mark is catering to. He didn’t say everybody should try it. He said here is a good product that will help those who need it. If you don’t need it or want it, then why borrow trouble.

    Just because its an opinion doesn’t make it intelligent, relevant or interesting.

    This thread has become king Arthur’s sword, each believing he/she has the mettle attempts a pull to to secure the kingdom.

    None of us has the eloquence or force of will to convince the other side of its error.

    We should all agree to disagree. and buy or not as we chose.


    1. Tell me why you are going to pay $100 for something that you can purchase for $33(with better ingredients–whey from grass fed cows and NO malodextrin)? Jay Robb makes a supreme protein powder with more protein per serving, no chemicals(sorry, malodextrin IS processed).

      1. Why do you care what people spend their 100 bucks on? Some people like 100 buck meal replacement. Some people like isolate. Some people buy cheap blend.

        Who cares? Let the consumer choose. People vote with their hard earned dollars based on what matters to them.

        Is anyone here hammering you because you are a cheapskate penny pincher?

        Are you from Wheyconsumerreports.org or something?

        1. After reading all of the comments you have recently posted I have realized that yes, you are indeed fat and are now butthurt that people are starting to expose mark for the scam that he has become. It’s clear you are in denial especially because of the fact that you are not only defending marks subpar product but the price as well, which anyone who is not some sheep drinking the mark koolaid can easily see. Good luck with the weightless fatty.

    2. A lot of us aren’t saying that the product sucks, we’re just saying that it is way overpriced. If you are rich, sure, buy it! If you a paleo newbie, buy it!

      If you are at all seasoned, and don’t have a bunch of cash to throw around, please don’t be fooled into thinking this is some special formulation. On the rare occasions when you need a protein powder, grassfed whey isolate with stevia is much much cheaper. Emulsifying coconut into whey protein to make it soluble does not mean you have to charge out the wazoo.

      1. Who said where and when this is some sort of “special formulation”?

        You and others keep injecting these false statements into the discussion.

        You keep making false statements but have nothing to backup your mouth.

        You keep insinuating that Mark and MDA is doing something dishonest, and you really should stop.

        Face facts, you are 1) too cheap and 2) too poor to be able to afford the product.

        Instead of just accepting that fact you have to piss all over Marks product launch like a brat and whine about how it is too expensive.


  72. “Bottom Line

    This product contain fructose
    This product contains pasturized milk
    This product artifical ingrediants”

    I feel sorry for Mark in a couple days.

    1. Maybe it’s time to wake up – I was shocked anyways when I read Mark adds sugar to coffee and drinks alcohol – takes artificial shakes … sorry, that has nothing to do with being primal.

      1. I am shocked that you have internet access in the crack house where you live. How do you afford crack AND internet?

        No wonder you cant afford primal fuel.


        1. Let’s say for a moment that people are actually angry over this crappy products price instead of the real reason people are mad which is because mark has turned into every other fad diet by churning out a product that is no better than anything else out there but swearing that it is. So now let’s say someone wants this product but they are upset because it is so expensive and they would like to buy it but can’t. Are you really going to degrade that person because you are more wealthy than them? It’s sad because you are clearly a trustfund baby that has had everything given to you if you are willing to degrade someone who works hard, tries to eat primal but can’t afford a hundred dollar bottle of whey protein (no matter how crazy they are for wanting it). Since money apparenty doesn’t matter to you why don’t you buy that person a bottle yourself? By the way would you mind posting a picture of yourself because I guarantee you are overweight. That is all.

    2. Bottom Line:

      I feel sorry for you now.

      1. Let me guess? Overweight housewife whose husband buys her whatever weightless crap she wants while she sits on the computer all day defending whatever diet she is on at the moment, all the while getting fatter. Does that sound about right?

  73. I must say I’m quite shocked. While it’s true that Mark has given much free value, it does not justify this. It does not give him a “pass” on charging such a ridiculous price.

    Some poor people will feel forced to choose his expensive whey just to feel paleo enough instead of buying a cheaper supplement that is 30% of the price but 99% as healthy and effective.

    They would be much healthier and fulfilled if they took that money they saved by buying the cheaper whey and spent it on their family and loved ones. instead.

    1. “Some poor people will feel forced to choose his expensive whey just to feel paleo enough”

      You are a moron for posting something so stupid.

      1. This seems pretty close to reality. I dunno how many times I have seen people ask on the CrossFit nutrition forum if protein shakes are paleo.

        There is a sucker born every minute.

        1. But Marnee (whiney voice), I don’t want eggs or steak. I want something sweet. And I cannot figure out why I am hungry all the time. Wahh! I want a protein shake because, because, well, because I want one. Wahhh! 😉

  74. How can people presume to tell Mark what is Primal? He invented the concept. If you say its not paleo, ok. You can make the argument.But since Primal is more comprehensive, more a lifestyle and goal than diet you cannot presume to tell Mark what is or is not Primal.
    Fact is, since “he wrote the book” what he says is Primal is, in fact, Primal. You can disagree that it should not be considered Primal, but that doesn’t change anything. You could also leave or start your own “movement” and host a massive website, for free. Then you can tell people what you think and sell your products for what you want.

    Opinion or not, free speech or not, the reaction to his product and as of late the personal attacks are just plain rude and ungrateful. To come onto to his free Blog and try to convince others not to buy is product is the height of ingratitude It like going to someone’s house for dinner and complaining about the food.

    Mark has always been a supplement salesman, he has always been honest and disclosed “conflicts of interest” and aside for the occasional blurb he has been very moderately handed with his sales tactics.

    I thought Mark’s whole intention with PB was to create an almost an anti-program program that didn’t get bogged down with a bunch of rules. He started with Ten Comman..err rules and suddenly we have Dogma, Orthodoxy, sects. rebellion, reformation.

    Be careful Mark I think I’ve seen this once before.


  75. Just to see what the H everybody was talking about I went to a competitor’s (JR) website to check out his product, might as well save some money right?

    Great protein, No MCTs $29.40 a lb for 1.5. Drops to $27.00 if you commit to 5lbs. Add back in coconut milk and you are in the Neighborhood of Primal fuel. According to the ad PF is mixable with shaker. Every been in an airport?

    Saving less than $4.00 a pound is worth this much argument?

    Clearly what has angered people is that Mark sells supplements and this is the first one that he marketed directly to “us.” Its not that Mark has gone “Bill Phillips” on us it that many are realizing for the first time Mark has always had a little “Bill Phillips” in him. Its just that Mark’s research and ideas have more validity and integrity. take the good with the “bad” and Grok On!


    1. Good heavens, I’m so confused. The first protein powder you mention is $27.00 for 5 lbs of product… which equals $5.40 per lb.
      Primal Fuel is $99 for 2.84 lbs of product… which equals $34.86 per lb.

      $5.40/lb vs. $34.86/lb (even after compensating for the addition of coconut milk) is quite a difference. Not sure where your $4/lb savings comes into play.

      Perhaps I misunderstood your post?

      1. I think he was saying $27 a pound for 5 lbs.

        1. Thanks! Apparently my reading comprehension skills are below par today. 🙁

  76. Agreed, if you don’t want it don’t buy it! Yes it is expensive for most primal budgets but no one is forcing you to buy the product. Whether someone has giving past free advice or not I really don’t care, if the demand is present the product will sell whether or not the benefits are on par without he costs. Even that is speculative and individual. I have read very little that I disagree or question that Mark has written/put out. Mark believes in his products and sells them for that reason(obviously outside the reason of making a living). If he was lying or misrepresenting a product then anyone would be well within their right to call Mark out and allow him to respond. I like to reference back to the 80/20 rule about it not really being primal/paleo/whatever. Seems like the legalistic and sanctimonius have come out to add their attacks without really adding to the situation. Bottom line do your research ask lots of questions and buy the products you want and don’t buy the ones you don’t! Either way stop your crying!

    Your a good man Mark keep doing your best(and forget the rest?) I joke in hope that most will get the pun as I don’t do P90x

  77. I agree with the recent comments. I am embarrassed by the comments of all of you primals that were written before. I agree that the price point is high, but arent you already paying more money for all of your beef and chicken. The price probably even pushed me out cause I am a poor college student who could only possibly justify up to 40 bucks, but why does that mean everyone can complain and say Mark sold out. Im confused, did he start charging for his free website or did he set every single person up on autoship for his product? I know people just like to complain and I probably shouldve just saved my time, but reading through all of those comments really got to me, it reminds me of the constant complaints on the crossfit message board which is ridiculous because its a free website and noone is forcing you to do anything, if you dont like it or want it then dont do it. I am sure its just a small group of people complaining that are louder than the majority because I have seen tons of people asking for this product, and he made the product for the price he felt it was worth. I have no affiliation with anyone here just wanted to put in my 2 cents.

  78. Is this site censored? I left a comment yesterday which was critical of Mark’s product and now it is not there. Interesting!

    1. I love how the last two comments by Debbie downer have been down right disrespectful and childish, going so far to use name calling because some people would like to voice their opinions on marks product, yet they are not moderated because they are pro-mark. I have personally posted two comments that were against this product and they were almost immediately taken down simply because it exposed mark for what he has become. So to answer the question, yes this site is censored for people who don’t agree with mark. If you do agree with mark, you can say all of the offensive things and curse words you want to someone. I’m sure this will be censored soon as well though.

      1. I don’t think that’s a fair statement to make. It looks like comment moderation was enabled in the beginning, but I don’t see it anymore. Besides, I’d say at least half of the comments on here are critical, and most of them haven’t been polite at all. But some sort of conspiracy to silence the true voice of the people? Come on. Get over yourselves…

        1. Well why don’t we just see how long the comment you replied too lasts…

        2. Oh so its okay to moderate any critical opinions in the very beginning when there is the most traffic, but once everyone has moved onto the next article and no one is really paying attention the moderating can stop? Your right that’s perfectly alright.

          And don’t try to bring some “true voice of the people conspiracy” crap into this when you clearly admitted that they were moderating people in the beginning. “At least Half of the comments on here are critical?” Yes, exactly like you said, all of those comments came after the moderation had “stopped.”

          Thank you for admitting comment moderation and making my argument easy….Sheep

        3. “Admitting comment moderation”? It said it right here on the site: “Comment moderation enabled.”

          Face it, Truss, you’re looking for something that isn’t there. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th comments on this page are critical and not ‘pro-Mark’ at all. And considering your comments are still up here, as well as mine, as well as all sorts of comments calling him a charlatan and a snake oil salesman, it’s more than a little disingenious to say he’s stiffling critiques at this point. A day late or not. Frankly, if this was my site, I’d be a little tired of hitting ‘approved’ on 200+ comments and would give up on moderating too. But I understand that doesn’t fit into the view of Mark Sisson as an evil puppetmaster. But anyway, I’ve got an article about how good or bad rice really is for me to read. Have fun!

        4. I’m pretty sure comment moderation is usually reserved for spam, racist remarks and the like. Not for disagreeing with marks views. But if that is what mark’s comment moderation is like then it would not surprise me, him being the sell out that he is.

      2. What you post arent opinions about Marks product. They are lies about Mark himself. Have some basic respect for all the decent things he has publicly done for the health of no doubt thousands of people.

        Stop posting the disrespectful lies and childish personal attacks on Mark.

  79. 99$ haha OK….Defense Nutrition makes an excellent grassfed whey that is cheaper

  80. Fail. Let’s see how long it will take for the price to drop or the product to be discontinued.

    There is NO WAY to justify that kind of price tag. Except for greed of course. If you can make your owner version in the kitchen for 10 times the cost of the product, how much do you think it costs them to buy bulk ingredients? Hint: it’s much less.

    1. “NO WAY”

      Sounds like You may have never developed and brought a product to market. Don’t fret. 99.9999999999% of people haven’t, nor likely have 100% of the commenters here, excluding myself.

      – R, D, testing, R, D, more testing an repeat.

      – Source raw materials for a modest first production run.

      – Store them in a refrigerated facility.

      – Test them.

      – manufacture them

      – package them

      – store them as inventory inna refrigerated facility

      Oh, I forgot, the raw materials must be shipped in refrigerated transport.

      It’s so easy to lose your ass on something like this if y you’re not a huge company.

      Having lost upwards of a quarter million dollars in a very short time at least three times, I’m just sayin’

      1. You apparently aren’t a very smart business man then.

        1. I dunno, Ton. Maybe you’re right and I should have quit while I was behind.

          As everyone knows, better safe than sorry and other such wisdom filled bromides.

          What a dunce I was to keep at it until…now.

          But I’ll spare everyone the bragadocio.

  81. So is there a legitimate defense to the notion that according to mark we only need about six hundred calories a day?

      1. Well it actually is a legitimate point. Mark says that this contains thirty of our 90 to
        100 meals a month. That is about three meals a day. Considering this is 181 calories, that come out to about 550 calories a day. Can you elaborate on why exactly is a lie? I’m sure mark doesn’t believe we only need 600 calories a day so he simply needs to address this question which I’m sure he can. Although you seem to think you contain just as much knowledge as him so maybe you can explain?

        1. Cary/Wolfollower Find where Mark states that Primal Fuel replaces 1/3 of your daily caloric intake, and then come back and we can discuss your bad math and assumptions.

          While you are out looking for that proof, see if you can find a mirror, and if it doesnt crack when you look in it, look your self in the eye, and ask yourself “why am i giving mark such a hard time even though he has never done a damn thing to me”

          ok buh bye now.

        2. Sorrrt, Carry but I don’t do forced stupid. If anyone thinks Mark is advocating 600 something kcals per day they they are simply not worth the time.

          You’re dismissed.

        3. I’m not sure how else to put this?


          If either of you (especially Richard who clearly is blindly defending mark for the sole fact that he ripped off his ideas and created a blog of his own) would take the time to do simple math, you would realize that this comes out to 3 meals per day. Now stay with me here. If one serving of primal fuel is 181 calories, abs mark says that it is a full meal, then the other two meals would be around that amount of calories or about 200 per meal. Now let’s go back to our previous apparently high level calculation of three meals per day and what do we get? Yes!! 3 x 200!!! Which although you two may not know, comes out to 600 calories!! Amazing!!

          So I’d like to hear your defense for that Richard.

          On a side note. Mark I know there is a probably a good explanation for this and am sorry if I sound like I am attacking your statement but I don’t like the fact that Richards response to anything he doesn’t agree with is that it is simply a lie. I would just think that if this is a meal replacement, then it would have more calories?

        4. One must draw the line somewhere, and an allegation that Sisson advocated 600 calories per day is simply too ignorant to even bother addressing.

          And considering the source then, no need addressing any of the rest of it, either.

        5. Don’t fret everyone. Richard is getting his panties in a wad because someone disagrees with his mentor. I’d be defensive, too. He prob can’t articulate the best arguments because it’s too close to home.

        6. The fact that you keep saying that I’m not even worth your time, yet you keep responding with the same line over and over again shows me that you really can’t defend the argument that this is not a primal meal. It is a snack and is therefore NOT 1/3 of Antibes monthly meals. That is all. Good day.

  82. Wow. My comment was definitely deleted! So… I’ll say it again. Personally.. I’m disappoint. If you want to sell protein powder, fine, I get it. But don’t falsely promote your product as coming from “real” food when clearly it’s not. There is nothing “real” about “maltodextrin” or “sucrose” or “Natural Flavorings.” If the everyone here knew of the chemicals that are allowed to be named as “natural flavorings” – there would be even more of an uproar. But apparently, your team knows this because they deleted my comment I made about this initially.

    1. What insight into the sourcing of the ingredients in Primal Fuel would you care to provide as proof of your claims?

      Start “the uproar” with some proof. Not some 3 minute cut and paste job from wikipedia or general googling..

      Start “the uproar” with your specific knowlege of the sources of the ingredients of Primal Fuel.

      Better hurry hotshot, the clock is ticking on your credibility.

  83. I am very very very disapointed… After seeing that, Grok should be upside down in his grave!!!
    What do you think is natural and unprocessed in this meal replacement product????
    You are on a bad way on the paleo community… Too bad :/
    I loved this site…

    But… Money, money, money… must be funny…

    1. You sir are a moron. Mark never claims to be 100%. He is trying to make a healhty community of people in a *modern* world. Get over yourself.

  84. Debbie Downer is the biggest nut hugger on the planet. Hold on for dear life Debbie!

  85. This is how other “experts” started off like on T-Nation. Build a community. Start selling over priced products. The protein shake is still not worth purchasing after this debacle. There is alot of nut hugging going on. Primal Fail

  86. Wow, there are so many trolls here you’d think you were reading a World of Warcraft forum. 😉

    You know, people have asked Mark for a product like this and he stuck his neck out and delivered. The product is here for those people. If you don’t care for it, that’s fine, but why do you need to spread such negativity and troll these forums like children? Simply say you don’t care for it, state why, and be done. Then go out and get some primal exercise and let it go. Sheesh.

    As for me, I know there are plenty of people who would like something quick and easy for a busy lifestyle. Primal Fuel must surely be better than rushing out the door and stopping for a Big Mac or whatever. And sure, like Mark says, if you want to mix some whey isolate with coconut powder and be content with whatever taste you get, more power to you! He’s okay with that, so why can’t you be okay with Mark giving interested people additional options? The more options out there, the better in my opinion.

    Anyway, in case you missed it, Mark addresses a lot of the complaints here:


    Troll me now if you want. I won’t bite back.