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May 25 2010

Announcement: New Recipe Theme for the Cookbook Contest

By Mark Sisson

Enter your best Primal Blueprint recipes for your chance to win prizes and be featured in the Reader-Created Cookbook

The new theme: Your Best Primal Chicken Recipe

In the last couple months MDA readers have sent in some delicious Primal Salad recipes (the previous theme):

Curried Salmon Salad
Bacon, Egg, Avocado and Tomato Salad
Simple Spinach Salad with Grilled Steak and Raspberry Vinaigrette
Primal Poke Salad
Bacon, Chicken and Avocado Salad
Thai-Inspired Salad of Awesome
Zesty Lemon-Lime Seafood Salad with Homemade Salsa
Lamb?s Lettuce and Spinach Salad

All of these recipes will be featured in the Reader-Created Primal Blueprint Cookbook and the entrants have a chance to win an über cool Primal prize package. (Note: The Reader-Created Cookbook is not to be confused with The Primal Blueprint Cookbook that began shipping this week.)

But now I’m asking for your favorite Primal Chicken recipes. What are your favorite chicken dishes? Roasted? Grilled? Marinated? However you like your chicken I want to know and so do other Primal Blueprinters. If you’d like to participate in this contest email me your best Primal creations where chicken is the featured ingredient. Click here for all the contest details.

Stay tuned for today’s regularly scheduled post in which we’ll be exploring another “Smart Spice”: Turmeric.

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13 thoughts on “Announcement: New Recipe Theme for the Cookbook Contest”

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  1. Mark..I got my cookbook and poster yesterday and I must say, you’ve outdone yourself. Simply amazing. The fact that every single recipe had pictures is such a rarity when it comes to cookbooks and the recipes look incredible. Thank you so much (for everything you do). I look forward to the Reader’s Cookbook.

  2. Hey Mark, I’m from Brazil and can’t wait to grab my cookbook already ordered!!

    Getting primal around here too!

  3. Hi Mark,

    We received our cookbook – it looks great. My wife is already picking out recipes to try.

  4. Hi Mark,

    I too received your cookbook and am very excited to start cooking!

    Question for the contest- how long are you accepting recipes for this theme?

  5. Got the recipe book.
    Fixed the smoked sausage and cabbage
    with the Chocolate custard for dessert.
    great food!!

  6. I got my cookbook, I was so excited! I read it from cover to cover and can’t wait to try every recipe. I think I’ll do a “Julie & Julia” number on it, and go through the entire cook book and make everything in the entire book!
    The book is beautiful!

  7. I’m in Maine, cookbook arrived Monday, and I went straight to the grocery store! Very disappointed they did not have Dutch process cocoa, as I wanted to make the custard. Do I dare try it with normal cocoa?

    One surprise – NO salad recipes?! That blew me away. I will be making the Caesar dressing (although my anchovy options were all in oil), but I was really hoping for salad ideas. I’m not good enough with food to just throw things together.

  8. Can’t wait until my copy of Primal Cookbook arrives!! I pre-ordered it on Amazon and I am definitely looking forward to cooking up some soon!

  9. I’m sooooo anxious for my cookbook to arrive! I’m excited everyone is enjoying it and I hope my family will too :0).