Announcement: Free Events

This is a last minute reminder for two events I’m speaking at in Northern California. The more the merrier so bring your friends and let’s get Primal!

Here are the details for both events. RSVP now to guarantee your seat!

Sunday, December 6th
Catalyst Athletics

1257 Tasman Dr., Suite A, Sunnyvale, CA, 94089

Please RSVP at or 408-400-0067

Monday, December 7th
Diablo CrossFit
2447 Estand Way, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Please register for the event by clicking here.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. Any chance those abroad will get to see the content of these talks? A video perhaps? Would be fantastic!

  2. Hey Mark, when are you gonna be speaking a little closer to home…

    I, as well as a few of my friends would love to come out to hear you…


  3. adrian – I’ll be releasing all kinds of media in the near future. Stay tuned!

    Joseph Michael – I don’t have anything scheduled just yet but some local CF affiliates have shown interest. If we can get a large crowd together I’m there. Stay tuned on this, too.

    Gordie – No plans as of yet, but if the PB really takes off I may be globetrotting before you know it!

    Thanks for the interest and the comments!

    1. Thanks Mark, please feel free to add my email to any list of yours that might alert me to future events and such…JM

  4. Hey Mark! I dont think Ill be able to make the Pleasant Hill talk. Damn shame too, I work at the ambulance company on the other side of the court..but made plans before seeing the post this morning. D’oh!

    You picked a good day though. First time in 23 years of life I’ve seen so much snow on Mount Diablo (overlooking Concord/Pleasant Hill). Looks like someone plucked a mountain out of the sierras and put it there. Simply beautiful.

  5. Damn. I probably could have made the Sunnyvale one. Back from SF in plenty of time. I had known about the Diablo one somehow, but not the other one.