Adult Sports Leagues, and Why You Should Join One

Last week’s post on the buddy system got me thinking about the importance of general camaraderie in physical activity, beyond just the fact that having a person who relies on you to work out will get you off your butt and moving. I think you can go further than a single buddy – how about an entire team of them?

I don’t know where I’d be without my weekly Ultimate Frisbee games. That may sound silly or infantile, but I’m serious: it keeps me sane, melts the stress away, and represents an opportunity to keep up with friends (in person, not over some social network or through texting). In other words, it’s my primary form of playing. And though I realize it’s ultimately my fault, I don’t think I play up Play enough around here. Sure, there was the Definitive Guide some time back, and we all remember the post on dance (no, I still haven’t uploaded any videos), but it really deserves more emphasis. It’s one of those aspects of life that seems to fall by the wayside, even as you intellectually acknowledge its importance. Heck, with children having trouble getting a good solid play session in these days without strict adherence to a daily planner, is it any wonder that adults need the occasional nudge toward carefree play?

So consider today’s post an official nudge.

Play doesn’t have to be totally unstructured, though. It’s not necessary to flail around like a young kid exploring the extent of his or her physicality, or climb around on jungle gyms amidst odd looks from parents. In fact, there’s something to be said for engaging in cohesive, structured group play – also known as sport. Our ancestors surely played sports, both for fun and as tests of physical prowess, and there exists extensive evidence of sport in the ancient world, from Gaelic field hockey-esque hurling to Chinese soccer-esque cuju to Roman rugby-esque harpastum to the mysterious Mesoamerican ballgame. A Native American game called chunkey, in which spears and sticks were thrown through rolling stone hoops, may have helped usher in inter-tribal peace in what’s now the southeastern United States. Sport is powerful. While it’d be pretty cool to start up a Primal harpastum league, you’ll probably have better chances with one of the more contemporary pursuits.

But how? Where?

Back when I was a kid, finding a pickup football game was as easy as heading down to the local field on a summer’s day. Basketball games could be had at any open court, and kickball or baseball games were always popping up at the local diamond. How’s a person to get involved nowadays? Well, it depends entirely on what sport you’re interested in.


People still play basketball outside without needed structured leagues to make it happen. Just visit a local park and, if the sun’s out and there’s a full court available, you’ll probably be able to get a game going. I don’t play the game myself (I enjoy watching, though), but one of my buddies plays pickup games all the time. His advice? Find a park where people are playing, making sure they’re not too good (or too bad) for you, and put your name in to play. It also helps to ask what time of day and day of the week people generally play, since you’ll find that outdoor pickup courts follow an unofficial schedule of sorts.

There are also more organized avenues. For pickup games or open gyms in your area, check out Infinite Hoops or No Fouls. For adult amateur leagues, try googling “adult basketball leagues [your city here].” I tried looking for a comprehensive aggregator, but they were all regional.


Yeah, I’m biased, but it’s just a fantastic sport. I’m also biased toward meat and vegetables. Ultimate also has a lower barrier to entry than some of the other sports, where you might face off directly against opponents with vastly superior talent, strength, speed, and size. Don’t get me wrong; you still gotta have accuracy, speed, and the ability/willingness to throw your body out there for some big catches, but total beginners can have fun with it.

If you can’t get enough friends together to play, check out some local leagues through the Ultimate Players’ Association. As always, Google is your friend. LA people, check this.


Ultimate’s lesser-known relative that combines golf and frisbee, frolf is kind of the black sheep of the disc-related sports. We don’t really like to talk about or acknowledge its existence, to be quite honest, but I felt for completeness’ sake I’d give it a plug.

Though my Ultimate teammates would crucify me for doing this, here’s a frolf course finder for the United States. Enjoy.


Sure, hipsters may have obfuscated and ruined just about every fond childhood memory through layers of cheap irony, but they can’t take kickball away (try as they might). Kickball is like baseball, only with big rubber balls and feet. It is a true joy. You probably won’t get an amazing intense workout with kickball, but you’ll have fun, and that’s really what we’re going for here.

Check out WAKA for a league near you, or spring for the kickball set and get your own games going. If that doesn’t pan out, you can always follow the trail of empty PBR cans.


Elementary school districts across the United States have been banning children from engaging in ultra-competitive, soul-crushing sports. You know, stuff like tag, freeze tag, hide and go seek, capture the flag, and, most famously, dodgeball. Dodgeball is a tough sport. I played it as a kid and there’s no ignoring the fact that getting pegged in the face by a rubber ball is embarrassing and defeating. It’s just you, the ball, and that annoying kid that sits behind you and flicks spitballs at the back of your head in class. Someone’s getting hit and someone’s walking away victorious. That’s a lot to handle, but it’s an important lesson for anyone, even adults. So, adults, think about playing some dodgeball.

Here’s a short list of local dodgeball leagues. Following the Google formula should reap results, too (“adult coed dodgeball leagues [city]”).


American football is a tricky one. There’s a reason high school, college, and pro players wear lots and lots of padding: throwing one’s adult body full force against another adult body can be dangerous to both bodies. Of course, those guys are incredible athletes, hugely strong and fast at once, so there’s a lot more potential force behind those hits than you see with the biannual warriors in the park on Super Bowl Sunday during half time. Some, though, have argued that the padding and helmets only make the hits harder, wilder, and more dangerous (kinda like how thick running shoes mask the damage that’s being done to your feet and lower limbs until it’s too late), so maybe playing naked (not like that) subconsciously ensures safer hits.

Flag or touch football is a good option if you want to avoid any career-ending injuries, or just play with friends you trust and tackle/tread lightly.


It’s the biggest sport, globally, but since I have a lot of American readers who may not be into it, it bears mentioning. Soccer is undeniably intensely physical; you have to be in great physical shape to keep up the pace of a 90-minute soccer game spanning the entirety of those huge fields. And you don’t necessarily have to be great at it in order to have fun – if you don’t believe me, just watch a youth soccer game sometime. They’re generally awful (lots of clustering around the ball, regardless of a player’s position on the team) but seem to really enjoy it. I see a lot of pickup games at local LA parks on Sunday evenings, right before dusk. Any city with a large Latino population will probably have games available.

If that doesn’t work, try a Google search for local adult soccer leagues.


This is not my favorite sport. Okay, I harbor an intense disinterest in it, bordering on dislike. That said, it is a sport that takes speed, strength, hand-eye coordination, accuracy, and teamwork. Maybe it’s because I was never any good at it that I don’t like it, but go ahead and do it if you’re a fan. Anything physical that gets people working together toward a common goal (the utter defeat of your opponents) is fine by me.

The ever popular corporate softball league is a good reliable option, or you could check out the Adult Baseball Association.

For any sport, Googling the phrases “adult [sport] leagues [your area/city/state]” or “coed [sport] leagues [area]” will generally produce good results. Another option is going to your region’s Craigslist “event calendar” and searching for “[sport] league” or “[sport] pickup games.” You can also get good results through Yelp.

This is serious stuff, guys. It’s not food and it’s not resistance training or sleep or which supplement is best, but it is vitally important. Sports are a way to test your mettle. Anyone can face down an inanimate object (barbell, your own bodyweight, a pullup bar, a steeply ascending mountain hike), but how often do you get to see how you stack up physically and mentally against your fellow (wo)man? The rush of victory is delicious and addictive, while defeat is a bitter pill that we should all learn to swallow. Both have their place in a healthy, happy, well-adjusted modern life, but it’s up to us to make it happen.

On second thought, this post is no nudge; it’s a well-placed boot.

So do it, and let me know how it goes in the comment board!

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. the worst, most horrible decision I had to make about five years ago was retiring from Rugby. The true “naked” version of american football, the original (and better) version. I still make it to pick up’s, in fact after finding and starting Paleo, I think I am better at it now, much more fit than in those days so that nudge may work for me.

    1. I love Rugby! I could never quit… It’s really the only full contact women’s sport there is. Unless you count roller derby, but that’s more of a spectacle than a sport to me. Sorry if I offend anyone!

      1. I have to disagree about the roller derby (but I’m not offended.) It might have started out as spectacle but it’s definitely a sport these days. No more crazy, dangerous hits and a lot more strategy. And it’s way harder to do than it looks.

        1. I’m with Mel on this one. Roller derby is an incredibly strategic sport once you get past the fishnets. And it’s by far the best sport to go and watch live.

    2. I had the same thing with soccer. After a few years of going Paleo/Primal I was back playing with my club team better than ever.

      However a collision with a goalkeep has taken me out of most contact sports for at least a year.

    3. Would love to try Rugby, but I’m quite afraid of getting more injuries. As I get older, I feel like I get injured all the time 🙁

      Crossfit => somewhat permanent elbow pain, running => somewhat permanent heel pain (2+ years now, but it helped to change from Fivefingers to some shoes with more gel in the heel)

      Mark: What about a post about how to avoid sports related injuries?

  2. I’m so glad you posted this Mark! I get so excited before every game. Whether it’s soccer, rugby, or hockey, they all get me as worked up as a little kid.

    I never feel like I’m working out when I’m playing sports, and I’m always trying harder when I’m playing as opposed to working out. I guess it’s the competitive nature in me.

  3. I definitely need to get into some Ultimate in the summer. Ottawa is the freakin’ capital of Ultimate (in North America, I think). We’re crazy about it here for some reason.

    So what about winter team sports? I was surprised there were none listed. (Are there any? I’m drawing a blank…)

    1. I hate to admit it but there is a throw together Winter Rugby or even American Football, it is horrible so please don’t subject yourself to the torture. Being in Wisconsin it is like doing the Polar Plunge for 60 minutes! then there is the cold too.

    2. Ultimate is a winter team sport here in Winnipeg (a little costly… but still nowhere near as expensive as hockey)

      5v5 indoor ultimate is WAY faster than outdoor ultimate – It’s killer

      The only unfortunate part is that I find the indoor turf harder on my knees

    3. My dragon boat team paddles year round but we’re in Oregon so the weather is rather temperate for the most part.

  4. My weekly play is walking 18 holes of golf with the usual suspects. If only there was a way to make it more of a workout…

    1. Try grabbing your bag and sprinting after each hit on every other hole. It will mimic bringing home a kill and probably bring a few laughs as long as you play for fun.

  5. What no rugby!? Blasphemy! The only way rugby could be more primal would be if the ball was a dead animal carcass and weapons were allowed. Ok maybe I am a little bias, but rugby deserves a spot!

  6. whoa…no saying anything bad about disc golf (frolf). it may not be as much fun as ultimate, but it’s a pretty fun game. you get to get out, walk around the woods, and the way we play here in hilly, wooded new england, you’ve got to have the skills to whip that thing through some pretty dense thickets of trees.

  7. How about martial arts? My son and I train in Taekwondo twice a week. We train as a group, but compete as individuals. I think it’s the best of both worlds. Camaraderie, combat, intense physical effort, courtesy, integrity, indomitable spirit, self control, & perseverance – all in one session.

    Might be more structured & disciplined than what Grok would have experienced, but nothing is more primal than getting in and doing battle with someone with nothing but what you were born with. It feels great. Makes me feel alive. 🙂

    1. Agree with you here about Martial Arts. The wife and I both attend Krav Maga 2-3 times a week. Not only is it physically demanding, but you get to give and take some pretty intense beatings!

  8. Playing team sports is one of the most satisfying uses of time I can imagine and a part of growing up that I’m glad I experienced.

    For people in the Chicago area the Chicago Sport and Social club has a ton of options.

  9. Strongman is my sport of choice. Not for everyone I understand but nothing is more primal than lifting giant stones and odd objects with your buddies.

  10. yet another pro-rugby offering, my work has a team in a mixed touch rugby league and its great fun. Decent exercise, good fun to play and a great post-game social scene.

    I’d also like to plug both outdoor and (but especially) indoor cricket but given Mark’s audience is, as he says, primarily American I suspect this won’t get too much love but it should being the best sport in the world and all….


    That is a winter team sport worth playing!

    I am really really hoping the weather chills out soon and they can start making ice. It was RAINING here (7000′ above sea level in the mountains of Colorado, USA) yesterday. it should NOT be raining this time of year. Grump

    But anyway. Broomball. It’s kinda like hockey, kinda like soccer, kinda not.
    Basically divide a hockey rink in 3 crossways. Each section is one broom ball court (so you can play 3 games at once!).
    No put a hockey goal at each side of each court.
    Get the ball (which is a rubber ball, heavyish, about 5-6 inches in diameter) and put it in the center of the court.
    There are 6 players per team (plus if you have kids under 10 you can have a 7th)
    1 goalie, 2 defenders and 3 offensive (mostly)
    Each player has a broom (wooden handle for safety, metal ones bend and break) and the bristles are covered in duct tape to make a paddle.
    You play in regular shoes or boots, not skates, cleats, yaktraks, etc allowed.
    I suggest a helmet, knee pads and possible elbow pads and wrist guards depending on your desire for protection.
    And no the padding isn’t to protect you from the other team. It’s to protect you from yourself because you WILL fall down. After all you are running around being competitive in snowboots on ice. Slip/wham is common!

    It’s great fun, totally sandlot and if you can keep the testosterone toned down (having kids on the team is great for this! even as young as 4-5 can play pretty well!) it is REALLY fun for every one!

  12. If you have fitness in mind, there is no better adult rec league than Hockey. More fun than any other sport to play and definitely faster, the game will make you want to play every night.

    1. Hear hear! I played defense all my life, then started playing centre last year — oh man, what a difference in conditioning. I packed on about 8lbs of extra lean muscle mass over the season.

  13. try is very always have to go with are outdoors…it is both physical, mental and so primal…as far as the carry heavy backpack and do tons of hiking…you do short intense exercise on the rock which used mostly core, hips, is the best sport that i have done so far..

  14. Dear Mark,

    I love your blog, have your book and I am on the path to more completely become wild again. Now 57, I started playing hardball – baseball again 12 years ago. Everything about playing this game in particular enlivens my life.

    Being more Primal over the last 11 months resulted in huge increases in energy levels that was noticed on the playing field by everyone. I can’t wait until Winter Ball (indoors here in New Jersey) begins in January.

    Whacking a ball with a tree branch, squatting behind the plate and sprinting to first base might have been Lou Grok’s real passion. Grok wouldn’t have stopped to slide though. An inside the park home run and stealing home plate would seem to have been right up Grok’s path.

    He would have enjoyed the roasted meats our tribe enjoys after a battle and might even have tasted the fermented beverages we consume (probably honey based instead of grain??!!) LOL

    All the best to you and yours,

    Frankie in NJ

  15. I play badminton with my husband twice a week, and that’s definitely playtime. We play hard, but we have a lot of fun together, it’s great.

  16. I have to add my voice to the chorus for hockey. You don’t need to join a league – at least in Canada, there is shinny everywhere if you just look for it. I bought myself gear this year and joined a women’s team because I’ve always wanted to play on a team and hadn’t been on the ice in 20 years. And once you own the gear, a whole world of shinny opens up to you. I play on a team in a league with women, and shinny with guys, and each has its advantages. Once you start playing again you get obsessed with how to find more ice time, you strategize where to play hockey on which days to maximize your fun but still have enough rest days. I dream about hockey now.

    There is also floor hockey for those who can’t skate, and in some places (Winnipeg) there’s sponge hockey, played wearing broomball shoes rather than skates, and with a sponge puck.

  17. also for baseball leagues, you can google MABL(Men’s Adult Baseball League) and MSBL(Mens Senior Baseball League)

  18. I can’t believe being from California he forgot sand volleyball!! Playing doubles in the sand is a killer workout and so much fun.

    1. I keep trying to re-convince my friends who are still in town to get a team back together. I’m in Rochester NY but we have a surprisingly great set of indoor sand courts in a warehouse.

      Volleyball rocks!

    2. Yes to volleyball!!! I mostly played indoor 6 person teams, but it’s highly social and a great workout too. Jumping, squatting to pass the ball, quick sideways movements, lunging and diving for the ball (well, some folks dive.) Sand or grass doubles is indeed a killer workout.

    3. Along the lines of volleyball, has anyone ever played walleyball?

      It’s sort of a cross between racketball and volleyball. It’s played on a racketball court with a volleyball-height net and a volleyballish-sized ball (but softer.) Everything except the net is “in” (including your face if you aren’t paying attention) and like volleyball, the objective is to keep the ball from hitting the ground.

      Lots and lots of fun!!

  19. ! Master’s swimming is the best… all abilities included, age groups go up to 95++. I watched a 90 year old competitor break a national record at a meet I held.

    Its great fun, competitive to the extent you want it to be, and we laugh. A lot. 🙂

    GO SWIM!

  20. I used to be on an ultimate frisbee team, imo it is the most grueling of the team sports.

  21. Hi

    Very interesting post. I have just myself started playing soccer again in my forties after a ten year lay off. I was concerned my body would fall to pieces but although I am in pain after most games the feeling of being competitive and working for the team is well worth it.Plus it feels good to get respect and accolades when you play well. It is frustrating that I am not as sharp or quick as I was but neither are many of the other players so it is definitely more relaxed and the social aspect is a great bonus. I think team or skilled based activities are a great blend for mixing with the gym as an overall fitness and wellness lifestlye.



  22. I’ve been considering lacrosse… always wanted to play when I was younger but didn’t have any leagues where I lived. Seems like a nice combination of sports like hockey and soccer, etc.

  23. Harpastum sounds like a good primal workout, Grok’s rivals didn’t ‘play nice’. It would be even more intense played with a medicine ball.
    I should find a rugby team willing to try this.

  24. Nice post. But where’s the love for some TENNIS!?!?! Its super easy to get out and play, and can get one hell of an all around workout. I’m an amateur, but play competitively and here in central NC there are tons of good p layers that play all the time.

    Somebody else, please, TENNIS!

    1. Admittedly, I always looked down on Tennis when I was younger, but then a couple of years ago I did it as class at my JC, and man…. Now I love it! It’s a lot of fun, and at the end of the morning class, I was exhausted.

  25. You mentioned dance in passing: my favorite group sport is my belly dancing class. Mostly women, an occasional guy. Really fun.

  26. Here, in the Seattle area, soccer is huge. Part of this is that we can play outdoors year round. My firends convinced first my boyfriend, and then me, to join their co-rec team last year, despite not having played since high school (and I was never very good) and we’ve been playing year-round ever since. In addition to the fun and the esprit de corps so rarely otherwise found in the adult world, we’ve found that our weekly game both ensures at least one heavy workout in a busy week, but also encourages us to excercise more throughout the week – those 90 minutes can feel like 9000 when you’re not in shape.

    Now to come up with a soccer replacement for the upcoming 3 week holiday break… there are a few leagues but we play it costs around $75/season, which is about 10 games.

  27. Okay, I’m nudged. I’ll go riding with other people this weekend. The steep trails and steep back-roads around here turn any ride into intervals. I now just need to decide which bike, and which group.

  28. In the book born to run, they talk about the races the tarahumara have frequently. Of course it starts as a big party the night before, where members from surrounding tribes get together and get drunk then go run a race thats a few hundred miles. The point of this isn’t about competetion though. Its a form of bonding between tribes, and its very important in the fact that it reassures tribal members that they can count on members in surround tribes in times of trouble. It brings them together as a people and strengthens them as a community.

    I would imagine other tribal cultures around the world and historically have always had similar “games” they played for this purpose. Ah, another aspect of primal life that we are loosing out on in our societies.

  29. Mark-your website is just so amazing to me in so many ways. I recently rejoined the Nordic ski team I grew up training with (Im now almost 30 so I am in the master/senior group), Im working out with the same coach who I started training with at 12 yrs old till I was 20!!! Its given me meaning to my life that I thought was worthless and empty. Im in love with skiing again and I even started racing again last weekend! My physical and mental health have increased so much just in the past month. I have also discovered I seem to be gluten intolerant so I have really really been good about my primal eating. The pounds and low self-esteem are finally starting to go away, I think for the first time in my 29 years of life Im starting to like myself, and this is the best lifestyle change I could have ever made. So thank you for giving me the motivation to change my ways……

  30. Yeah, has to be soccer and hockey. Where I live there is drop in hockey at all the rinks and pick up games where it is a cold enough to play on ponds outside. Also, soccer, like Seattle is, mostly year round here nad they have a soccer mom league at my son’s club…so i really have no excuse to not come out and play on Friday nights with the other soccer moms!
    But, in the winter, I love the snow sports that are not necessarily team sports, but often things done with others, such as skiing, snowboarding and cross country skiing and skating. We have some great rinks where I live and a couple of wonderful outdoor rinks that are fun as well. Love me some winter sports!!

  31. I miss basketball. I’m almost 48, but I tore my ACL playing basketball at 40. I get what you say about stress relief, and at that time I was in the best shape of my life. But not playing anymore lead me to less ballistic pursuits like hiking.

  32. I can’t believe I missed this post!!

    I must put in a plug for Dragonboat racing. 20 paddlers pulling together in a 500yd sprint. It is the ultimate team sport – there are no stars and everyone must work together. It is the ultimate total body workout – sprinting, pulling your weight and the weight of your boat through the water using arms, legs, core, and back. It is ridiculously fun, relatively low-impact, and can be enjoyed by people of any age and fitness level. There are high-school teams and there are senior-citizen teams and there are cancer survivor teams and there is every kind of team in between. There are teams for beginners, teams for hard-core competers, and teams in between. The sport, which originated in China about 5000 years ago, is huge on the West coast and spreading rapidly across the country.

    It is the ultimate Play in every way.

  33. I enjoy MMA myself, but admit that it’s not for everyone.

    My trainer likes to say “there’s no such thing as mma light”.

    If you can handle the occasional bruises and stiffness, it’s very satisfying.

  34. I play in a coed Adult Sports Club called Beach City Sports ( in Orange County, CA. I play Huntington Beach beach soccer but they also offer beach flag football, basketball, and dodgeball.

    I loved this article, you’re so right, my games & the sponsor bar afterwards are my favorite things to do every week!!!

  35. To be honest I can’t believe tennis wasn’t in this list. It’s a little more skill intense but I play with a couple of guys that are into their 70’s and can still beat me because of their experience level compared to mine.

  36. I joined a local Dragon Boat team and after the first three weeks or so of getting used to using new muscles I loved it. I’ve been paddling competitively ever since! Cured the back pain from my desk job as well 🙂 My team finished this season in 4th place in the Division A finals so given we had been competing with 32 other teams we did quite well!

  37. C’mon Mark, a good Maine boy and you don’t mention hockey? I play in a 55 or older group. Great fun many laughs

  38. My wife has decided that the two of us need to get more exercise, and she thinks that the best way to do that is through team sports. I’m a bit hesitant because I haven’t really worked out in a while, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up. So I like how you say that kickball is really all about having fun and that you won’t get that intense of a workout. That sounds like the perfect place to start for me. My wife and I will just have to find a gay kickball league to join.

  39. no one got back too me were can i sigh up too play softball on woman team over 50 yrs i live in moreno valley ca i used too play ball in covina ca 30 yrs ago k thanks look for coaching job too i love sports

    1. i wrote alot of tme no wrote me back thanks nancy

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  41. i live in inland empire ca i know were can play soft ball at over 50 yrs old i play soft ball a long time ago i can still hit the ball thanks nancy glaviano,avila i am look for a ast manger job too 18-55 yrs old i will work with okay happy sat

  42. i live in moreno valley ca iam 53 yrs old look for a tap dance class or too play on a softs ball team let me now asp it no were can sigh up thanks nancy

  43. these nancy dose some need help on a softsball team let me know i love sports okay 16yrs 55 yrs i can help okay the i can’t work is on wed friday and sunday only can work night game okay thanks nancy on wed friday and sunday my 17 yrs old she used the car nancy

  44. hi i live in moreno valley ca iam 54 yrs old i live know were can play slow pitch softsball thanks nancy good day