Let’s Get to Know Abbott Labs!

Do you know your pharmaceutical companies? You should, because they’re awesome! Today, boys and girls, we are going to learn all about Abbott. Do not worry – we will get to know all our Pharma friends in the coming weeks!

Abbott (founded 1888) employs 65,000 workers in 130 countries and rakes in around 20 billion bucks a year. Not too shabby! Abbott is the company that has brought you:

Meridia (“weight loss”)

Humira (arthritis)

OxyContin (everyone’s favorite!)

Synthroid (synthetic thyroid hormone)

Norvir (for HIV)

Ensure (the best drink, ever!)

Nutripals (“healthy” snacks for kids that are high in “fiber” and “protein”!)

Similac (now in an organic version)

But that’s not all! Abbott also has the distinction of getting all gangsta on Thailand for daring to put its HIV-suffering citizens ahead of this global company’s profits. Go Abbott!

Abbott also owns Abbott Diabetes Care and part of Guidant. Now, the Fuming Fuji has railed against Abbott for producing Nutripals, a children’s snack that claims to be a good source of fiber and protein for growing bodies, complete with antioxidants (hooray!), but is actually a candy bar full of delicious industrial waste like glycerin.

But Abbott labs isn’t all bad. Just look at the breakthrough medicines they’ve produced! For example, they’ve created life-changing drugs, like Humira. So when some rude person posted information about a mainstream journal’s scientific study proving how dangerous Humira is, a thoughtful employee at Abbott Labs anonymously deleted the reference. Unfortunately, some pesky internet geek was able to track down the IP codes of such Wikipedia corporate thoughtfulness, and wouldn’t you know, the IP led right back to Abbott! I did a little research, and you’ll be relieved to know that the Wall Street Journal talked to Abbott about this, and Abbott is just as horrified as you are that one of their own editors employees tweaked their Wiki page in secret. Whew.

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