August 27 2009

A Primal Workout for Parents

By Mark Sisson

This reader created video was submitted for a Primal Blueprint Contest. Click here to find out how you can participate and win Primal prizes!

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14 thoughts on “A Primal Workout for Parents”

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  1. My favorite so far too! I might be partial since I’m a parent, but I think that’s a great workout and meets all of the law’s of grok including the part about having fun. I wish I lived in a such a beautiful wooded area as well!

  2. love this – great job!

    that hill looks really steep! i take my babies for a walk most mornings and pull them in a wagon up and down a hill at the park and it’s probably not half that steep, but it’s still quite a workout.

  3. Awesome and inspiring! I carry my baby in a wrap and push the toddler in a stroller around the neighbourhood. Someone I met today told me I was their hero for doing so!

  4. Interestingly, the life my mother lives in a semi-urban locality in the southern part of India, Kerala, we could do most of these exercises as part of a daily routine. Instead of driving to the market to pick up fish early morning, one could run or cycle and draw water from the well as some heavy lifting, and climb a coconut tree for the days’ cooking or get oil from the coconut, and do some tilling of the land for a whole body workout! But unfortunately, urbanization is moving people away from such natural routines and making them unhealthy in the process. And we forget many of these skills like climbing a coconut tree.

  5. Thanks for the great comments!

    This is the kind of workout I often do, especially now when we have our second son (only 8 weeks old).

    This video was shot on a early saturday morning, when my wife was feeding Floris, and then catching up some sleep.

    And we know, we’re fortunate to have these forest nearby. Although I think this workout could be performed everywhere, it is especially nice to do it in the early morning forest.

    (Belgium hasn’t got many forests, but fortunately we live just on the edge of one)

  6. Oh, by the way, because I made this video in a few hours, I took both the rucksack and the stroller.

    I wanted to include something on mental focus in the video, but it would have been too long and visually boring. So here I go now:

    When we go for a forest walk, we try to be focused to see some wildlife (minor animals in Belgium) or some birds. This, together with walking barefoot puts your mental focus on the PRESENT. You just cannot think about bad things of the past, or worrie about the future.

    You can use meditation, mindfulness, … for getting in this mental stage, but we prefer the barefoot walks! It is not only more fun when you see a ree, it is also more the way Grok would have done.

  7. I have been looking at all the other inspiring primal workouts on the site, and I have a question: should I have taken off my shirt? If your male, it seems to be an unscribed law 😉

    Funny is, normally I do move/practice/play a lot barechested. But I thought: this time I’d better be decent for the contest.

    I promise if I win, I will make another video containing more naked skin 😀

    1. Hey – a really nice workout. Our son is a bit too young to actively participate in workouts yet. 🙂

      Be careful when climbing those timber piles! They can easily start rolling and you and Aster might get caught.
      As I suppose you know, some of those bigger trunks are very heavy especially if they are wet.

  8. Truly scenic place, awesome workout, Super kid too!!

    Really enjoyed your video and hope to see more. By the way, shows how health and fitness can be a Primal Family workout!!

    Have a Great day!