A Healthy Body and Mind in 2011: First-Quarter Progress Check

Spring’s in the air, folks. As we round out this year’s first quarter, I’m checking in with you about those New Year’s resolutions. (Did you honestly think I’d forget?) A whole host of you out there took the chance to make your first forays into the Primal Blueprint – whether it be selective toe dipping or canon balling right into the pool. Other long-time Primal types (myself included in the bunch) set out to conquer lingering challenges: committing to more sleep, enjoying more play, stressing less (my personal Achille’s tendon). Where do you find yourself these days on the path you selected?

For you visual folks out there, I’m including a PDF follow-up to January’s original list. Print it out, fill it out, put it where you can’t help but see it fourteen times a day. Make it part of the mesh of every day’s thought process and practice. Use it as a launching pad for an ongoing record of your journey. Keep a Primal Blueprint log – complete with weekly goals and reports – or (better yet) hop on the forum and share your experience along with other PB readers.

What are your plans for the coming quarter? Will spring usher in a new set of adventures like trying your first CSA, taking up a new outdoor workout, or just spending more time relaxing under the sun and stars? Where do you want to be at our next update in June? What will you have tried? What will you have mastered? What will you have added to the enjoyment and health of your everyday life? What is the one thing you could do that would most benefit your overall well-being these next three months?

Finally, think about how MDA can help. Revisit past posts on whatever is most relevant to this stage of your journey. Introduce yourself to the forum. Shoot me your questions and stories. Changing your life isn’t about some magical secret, singular formula, or quick fix. It’s how the small efforts add up. I ran across this old bit of wisdom again the other day. It seems an apt choice for this quarter’s quote:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


Pull up a chair, PBers! Share your stories, and enjoy those of others in the community today. Grand accomplishments, stumbling blocks, inspiring (or comical) anecdotes welcome! Have a great weekend, everyone.

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