A Free Jar of Primal Kitchen Mayo for You

SissonAvocado_300x250_V1_CTA2_2I’ve got another sweet deal for you from Thrive Market: become a new member and get a free full-sized jar of Primal Kitchen™ Mayo. Just pay S&H of $1.95. If you’re an existing member, don’t worry. I wheel and dealed a perk out of Thrive Market for you too. Click here and you’ll get an extra 10% off your next order.

Primal Kitchen Mayo launched just 6 months ago and the reviews have been outstanding. After all, where would tuna salad be without mayonnaise and relish to hold it together? What’s a burger without that creamy special sauce? Even grilled artichokes are made better by a simple garlic aioli. Mayonnaise is more crucial to your meals than you might realize. But the conventional, mass-produced stuff is full of canola and soybean oils, not to mention laden with preservatives and added sugars to “improve taste.”

I dealt with the mayo dilemma by making homemade mayo full of nothing but pure and natural ingredients, and after experimenting with different recipes I found perfection with Primal Kitchen Mayo. Condiments seem to be a stumbling block for healthy eating, and I didn’t want to just keep my condiment creation to myself and immediate family and friends. So I decided to package my paleo-friendly mayonnaise and share it with health conscious folks like you.

Every paleo foodie wants a good mayonnaise, but making your own mayo from scratch is both inconvenient and time-consuming, as I discovered personally. That’s why Primal Mayo is the holy grail of condiments. Because every dollop of this mayo is full of good fats, phytonutrients, and other antioxidants, you can use it lavishly—not sparingly—to upgrade the flavor and nutritional profile of your meal.

Here are just a few of the features that make Primal Kitchen Mayo so special:

  • It’s the only mayo in existence made from nutrient-dense avocado oil
  • Made from cage-free organic eggs and egg yolks
  • Made from vinegar sourced from non-GMO beets
  • Locally produced in Southern California
  • Free of dairy, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and gluten
  • Compatible with gluten-free, low-carb diets of all kinds
  • Made from only five of the highest quality ingredients—and you can pronounce all of them

Plus, my avocado oil-based mayonnaise is super versatile. I use it in everything from homemade ranch or Caesar dressing, to tuna or chicken salads, to fresh dips and sauces.

Not an avocado oil convert yet? Let’s break down some of the fruit’s health benefits:

  • It’s rich in heart healthy monounsaturated fats, primarily oleic acid (the good stuff in olive oil)
  • It’s packed with bioavailable carotenoids (research has shown that avocado or avocado oil increased the absorption of carotenoids in a meal anywhere from 2.6 times to 15.3 times depending on the carotenoid)
  • It’s rich in potassium, choline, lutein, zeaxanthin, magnesium, folate, glutathione, and phytosterols
  • It’s concentrated with a desirable antioxidant profile

I want to make sure your tastebuds melt with my mayo, so I partnered with Thrive Market to give away a full-sized jar with every new membership, and give existing Market members a 10% off loyalty discount. Just follow this link for your FREE jar of Primal Kitchen’s paleo-friendly avocado oil mayonnaise (all you have to do is pay the $1.95 shipping fee) or your 10% off coupon. This offer expires on August 12, 2015. I have a feeling the jars will go quick so click away!

P.S. Thrive Market currently ships to all residential and commercials addresses in the Contiguous U.S. They do not currently ship to P.O. Boxes, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or Canada, but hope to do so in the near future.

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About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. The code for 10% percent off I was given, sisson10, is not working at checkout.

    1. Hi Natasha,

      I’ve confirmed that the Sisson10 code is working, but it does not appear at check-out. The discount is reflected once the purchase is made. Hope this helps!

  2. Yea, I need to quit thinking of this as just mayonnaise…its like a super food….
    I’m giving it a shot…

  3. I’m halfway through my second jar. It’s damn good. I’ve been hacking the In-N-Out “spread” sauce with Primal Mayo + fermented relish + a bit of organic ketchup. SO GOOD.

  4. This is the best mayo I’ve ever tried, and this is impressive for a “Primal knockoff” It tastes way better than traditional unhealthy mayo. I’m so excited I tried it! Slather it on and gimme those healthy fats!

  5. I am not concerned about the Thrive promo. I just want to buy the mayo. Can I buy from your business and have it shipped to Canada, just north of Toronto? Thanks.

    1. Hi John,

      Primal HQ ships to Canada. You can order here or call 310/317-4414. Enjoy!

  6. Thanks for the great deal! I ordered a jar and am looking forward to trying it.

  7. When is this going to Costco? I love this, but it is too expensive. I also joined Thrive and while it is great, we cannot afford it….trying to cancel was VERY difficult and literally I have over 30+ emails from Thrive. I would rather purchase at WF or Sprouts.

  8. Procrastination finally pays off!
    I meant to put in a Thrive order yesterday, but never got around to it. And today, the coupon fairy waved her wand over MDA!
    Yes, I just put in my umpteenth order of primal mayo!
    Here’s the easiest dinner recipe ever:
    1/2 cup primal mayo
    dash of sea salt
    1 Tbsp. curry powder
    Add in 2 (or more) cups shredded cooked chicken.
    Mix again.
    Dump in a bag of broccoli slaw. (I like to chop up the strings a little shorter first.)
    Mix one last time & serve topped with chopped raw cashews & organic raisins.
    You’re welcome. ????

    1. Thanks, Beth. This falls into the category of Glorified Chicken Salad, although I’ve never tried it with broccoli slaw. A big garden tomato stuffed with this recipe, served on a bed of Bibb lettuce with a fresh fruit medley, would be out of this world delish.

  9. Use lavishly. I put a huge glob on a burger (no bun) tonight. My guests probably thought I was nuts.

  10. I read tha Mayo based on vegetable oils (of any kind) contains a remarkable amount of trans fatty acids, did you conduct some measurements?

  11. Thanks for the offer would love to try it but Thrive doesnt ship to Alaska 🙁

  12. I love the mayo. I am trying to cancel my Thrive market membership and they are ignoring me. I can’t afford it. I am very worried they will charge me again. Please can someone help me.

  13. I got my free Primal Kitchen Mayo from Thrive! Thanks, it’s yummy! I just added a T to a can of tuna and added a bit of relish, salt and pepper and it was awesome!

    I’d like to know how to make ranch dressing from it though. I love Hidden Valley, but I’d much prefer to make it from this mayo. Are there some spices that would give that taste? I don’t expect an exact duplicate to HV. Thanks!