A Few Primal Musings

A few more “primal” odds and ends that have popped up. I welcome your thoughts on any and all.


Beneficial Fat

No, I’m not talking about our editor’s love of lipids (although I’m all for that – I’m a big fan of plenty of dietary fat). I’m talking about junk in the trunk, if you will. Neal posted an adiposity-related article from the New York Times in the forum yesterday. I’d like to open it up for discussion and dissection here. Scoot over and read the piece, then let me know what you think about it. I plan to write a post addressing this issue at length at some point in the near future, but let’s get the ball rolling today. (Help me out, will ya?)

Flying Vs. Driving

Can’t recall if it was the back of Time or the New Yorker, but I noticed an ad last week from Allstate comparing our fear of flying to our fear of driving. To paraphrase: “If 12 loaded jumbo jets crashed in a year, something would be done about it.” The kicker: that’s how many teenagers are killed in car wrecks every year. It got me thinking about this piece on risk I wrote some time back. Read the piece and click back to comment here. Once again, our “primal blueprint” hasn’t fully adapted to modern life. It’s fascinating how we perceive and react to risk. Unfortunately, it’s also inaccurate.

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