A Big Fat Blog Post

Cut the fat with these bloggers as your guides. Though we can’t condone every health tip offered by these ever-slimming scribes, the will of these bloggers to lose weight is inspirational and noteworthy. Check out these blogs and then head down your own obesity-free path to well-being.

U-Turn: My Journey to Health

Kevin Graves is sick of being fat. With age 50 fast approaching, Kevin has made an oath to get healthy before it is too late.

The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl!

After six years of learning how to eat smart and love exercise, Shauna has lost over 170 pounds.

Body Recovery

Donna’s goal is to regain her pre-grad school body before she graduates this May. Can she do it?!

The Skinny Daily Post

JuJu and Jane have a lot of advice to give. After years of Yo-Yo dieting they lost a combined 375 lbs. by adopting smart habits and making health their number one priority.

101 Reasons I Hate Being Fat!

The title says it all.

Renee Gets Fit

Stats, graphs, pics and video posts help you follow Renee as she tries anything to get fit.

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