9 Primal/Paleo Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Podcasts have become a lifesaver for me. Whenever I’m stuck in traffic (which is whenever I drive in LA), or have a long trip ahead of me (and I don’t feel like or can’t read), I use podcasts to make otherwise wasted time incredibly productive, engaging, and enjoyable. Here are what I consider to be the best Primal/paleo/ancestral health-related podcasts in the world. I’ll also throw in some of my favorite podcasts that have nothing at all to do with health and fitness and Primal living.

Let’s get right to it:

The Primal Blueprint Podcast

Sure, I’m biased, but for good reason: we get some great guests and feature some excellent hosts. I’ve had a lot of fun with the podcast. It’s something I’ve always wanted to get into but never felt it was the right time to jump in. Turns out you just have to go for it and make sure you have plenty of great support. Which I do: hosts Brad Kearns, Elle Russ, and Brock Armstrong have done the lion’s share of the work on the podcast, allowing me to hop in when I can. It also doesn’t hurt that we have some a wealth of content to share, whether it’s answering reader questions or talking to ancestral health superstars.

Highlights: Laird Hamilton, Kelly Starrett, David Perlmutter.

The Primal Endurance Podcast

We’ve just launched the Primal Endurance Podcast, but it’s getting good buzz despite its youth. I’m known as the “anti-cardio” guy, which is a misnomer and misrepresents my actual position. Really, I’m anti-chronic cardio, the kind of day in, day out, sugar-fueled and oxidative stress-accumulating high-intensity endurance overtraining that so many people think they have to do to be healthy and fit. Since I’ve been in the game for decades, and I’ve seen it from the inside, I know why it happens and what we can do to fix it. I know people want to train for endurance sports. This podcast is about showing you how to go about that in a safe, effective, and health-promoting manner.

Highlights: Tim Noakes, Phil Maffetone (Parts 1,2).

Revolution Health Radio

Chris Kresser, together with Steven Wright of SCDLifestyle fame, typically uses his podcast platform to delve deeply into one or two health-related topics. Each episode is a special report on things as disparate as methylation, diabetes prevention, coffee, juicing, and what lipoprotein A means for your health. Chris gets his hands dirty sifting through the murky world of alternative (and not so alternative) health, nutrition, and fitness. As a clinician and researcher, he brings a unique blend of real-world experience and book learning to the table. And with every episode, you’ll learn what Chris ate for breakfast that day, which always seems to involve sauerkraut.

Highlights: Chris Masterjohn, Paleo Nerd-a-Thon with Mat Lalonde and Robb Wolf

The Paleo Solution Podcast

Robb Wolf — what a guy, right? Nobody does it quite like Robb, who manages to blend crass humor, razor sharp insight, blunt but effective advice, and irreverence into perhaps the most popular (for good reason) podcast in this arena. Some episodes are Q&A from the readers. Others are formal interviews with notable health experts. And some are just roundtable discussions akin to a night out with your pals, if your pals happened to be ancestral health experts. If you’re at all interested in the world of paleo nutrition, you need to listen to this podcast. Heck, you probably already are listening to it.

Highlights: Kurt Harris, Kirk Parsley, yours truly.

Balanced Bites

Diane Sanfilippo and Liz Wolfe are a dynamic reader question-answering duo. Diane wrote the bestselling Practical Paleo, while Liz is the author of the recently released Eat the Yolks. Their show is hilariously conversational, with lots of tangents (in a good way) that spin off and somehow circle back around to stay relevant to the discussion at hand. This is a paleo podcast that non-paleo adherents can enjoy because it goes off the rails so often (again, in a good way). But don’t mistake it: this is a legit source of fantastic exercise, dietary, health, and wellness information. If you’ve got a question about all this Primal stuff, check out their archives because they’ve probably addressed it.

Highlights: Chris Kresser, burning fat vs. burning carbs.

Underground Wellness Radio

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 2.07.17 PMIf you were to look up the word “infectious” in the dictionary, a picture of host Sean Croxton would appear. Because of his enthusiasm. The guy just sucks you in. And I’ve met him. I’ve appeared on his show. It is not an act. It is full-on unbridled, ultra-sincere enthusiasm for health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition. When you subscribe to Underground Wellness and listen to it regularly, you’ll get exposed to a diverse sampling of “alternative” health practitioners, experts, coaches, authors, trainers. Sean crosses all borders and respects no boundaries, making his show good for hearing from people with whom you might disagree (but can learn a thing or two from).

Highlights: Gretchen Rubin, Terry Wahls, Katy Bowman.

The Fat-Burning Man Show

Host Abel James is a singer-songwriter, Primal nutrition expert, entrepreneur, best-selling author, cooking app developer, and all around awesome dude. He pretty much does it all, and does it well, which is why he’s been a PrimalCon presenter and Primal Blueprint Podcast special guest in times past. That also makes the Fat-Burning Man Show a real treat to listen to. Abel’s able (yep, that was on purpose) to bridge the gap between so many different worlds and expose the listener to perspectives he or she may not have considered. So while the stated focus of the podcast is evolutionary health and fitness, it covers way more than that.

Highlights: John Kiefer, Tim Ferriss, Nina Teicholz.

Latest in Paleo

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 2.08.45 PMAngelo Coppola grows and changes and molts with the times, morphing from orthodox paleo when he started to plant-centric paleo today. Although these seemingly shocking transformations may turn off some, they’re just evidence of personal evolution and, in my view, personal integrity. At the very least, it’s an interesting course to follow along with as a listener. You may not agree with the way he approaches ancestral health, but you’ll probably be forced to question your assumptions — which is always a good thing. And you’ll hear and learn from health figures you might otherwise not be exposed to, like a vegan cardiologist. The bulk of Latest in Paleo focuses on relevant news, scientific papers, and other paleo-related material from around the world, which anyone can enjoy.

Highlights: Stephan Guyenet.

Nom Nom Paleo Podcast

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 2.09.24 PMYou may know Michelle Tam from her incredibly popular and delicious recipe blog (yes, the blog itself is delicious), app, and book, but she’s just embarked on a podcasting career that appears to be going very well. Each week, she, her husband, and their two kids gather around the dinner table to record a podcast. It’s about as precious and endearing as you’d imagine from that description. You’ll hear the clan tell how they spend their days, discuss what they eat, interview famous chefs, and even have special surprise guests from the paleo health community. It’s a fun show with a lot of promise.

Highlights: Desperation Dinners, The Perfect Steak, Top Chef’s Gregory Gourdet.

What else is good?

I’ve got a few other favorites that you might find interesting. Be warned, though: they have little/nothing to do with health, wellness, nutrition, fitness, or Primal living.

Hardcore History — Host Dan Carlin makes an already fascinating subject — history — come alive and become even more engrossing. Each episode runs as long as 4 hours and draws on hundreds of primary and secondary sources. Highlights include the Wrath of the Khan series and the Death Throes of the Roman Republic series (which is now under a paywall, but still worth it).

Tangentially Speaking — Chris Ryan, author of Sex at Dawn, talks to interesting people about interesting subjects. Coursing through the episodes is Ryan’s basic view that life was simply better in prehistoric hunter-gatherer societies, a feeling to which many of you may relate. Highlights include the episodes with Murphy Pelot, Thaddeus Russell, Peter Gray, and Dennis McKenna.

Radiolab — Some people don’t like the production, but I really dig it. And the subjects they cover are worth it even if you’re one of the ones who don’t. Highlights include Patient Zero, Emergence.

This American Life — The best storytelling podcast around. Hard to go wrong here.

Serial — Everyone was talking about it, for good reason. Serial followed a real life crime story as the host investigated the guilt or innocence of a convicted murder. Listen to them all.

Star Talk Radio with Neil Degrasse Tyson — Great science stuff. Plus, Bill Nye the Science Guy is a frequent guest. Highlights include episodes with Dan Savage, Christopher Nolan (the science of Interstellar), and Temple Grandin.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin — Gretchen Rubin gives concrete tips on how to be happier, which is pretty much what we’re all after. Highlights include Stop Reading That Book and Be a Tourist in Your Own City.

Love+Radio — Really fascinating stories. Some incredibly disturbing ones, too. Often not safe for children. Highlights include The Living Room, The Wisdom of Jay Thunderbolt, Split Brain, Paremoremo.

That’s about it for me, folks. Now let’s hear from you.

What’s your favorite Primal podcast? What’s your favorite non-Primal podcast? What did I leave out? Let’s hear all about them down below!

Thanks for reading.

Prefer listening to reading? Get an audio recording of this blog post, and subscribe to the Primal Blueprint Podcast on iTunes for instant access to all past, present and future episodes here.

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Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. Dan carlin! What an immense guy! I absolutely loved wrath of the khans, can’t recommend that and the rest of hardcore history enough to people.

    London real is an excellent podcast that covers a tonne of different subjects, such as health, martial arts, business and even ayahuasca experiences.

    The Tim Ferriss show is great too, for inspiring guests and generally helping with productivity!

    I’ve always enjoyed latest in paleo a lot, angelo is a really good host.

    1. +1 Dan Carlin & Tim Ferriss — Tim’s latest with neuroscientist Gazzaley fascinating. Tim has a great group of guests though I find that it is the guest that makes or breaks the show (and not necessarily the interviewing skills).

      Some of my other favorites, a RadioLab may be entitled extinction or something about the end of the dinosaurs – riveting.

      This American Life — awesome old episodes (1) entire show about a missing child 100+ years ago, Bobby someone (2) entire show about 2 girls switched at birth. Both compelling stories.

      1. One of my favorite This American Life episodes was about the worlds largest truck stop in Iowa. There are many other favorites, but for some reason that one has always set itself apart.

    1. I download them onto my iPhone, then plug the iPhone into the car AV system with a stereo AV cord. Most cars are equipped with them nowadays.

    2. I have old cars, so use an FM transmitter that plugs in to my iPod. I select an FM station on the transmitter that is not being broadcast over (meaning quiet in the area) and then tune my car radio to that same station (88.5 FM where I live). This cheap little gizmo works great, transmits from my iPod to the car antenna to the car radio speakers.

    3. Hi,

      I use bluetooth, works a treat, but I guess it requires your car has the connectivity.

      Best wishes,


  2. Great list, Mark! I listen to a few of these already, but there are definitely a few others I want to check out!

    I’d also recommend The Paleo Women Podcast with Stefani Ruper and Noelle Tarr. Despite the name, it’s a great podcast for all listeners (male or female), and they do a good job of addressing the mind/body components of a Paleo/Primal lifestyle. (Not to mention it’s hard to beat listening to Stefani talk about her power animal, the sloth, to break up the Paleo chit chat.)

    1. Totally agree. Stefani and Noelle are one of my few “must listen” every week podcasts.

  3. Great list! I really enjoy podcasts as I workout at the gym, hike, or ride my bike. No chronic cardio for me anymore !

    Other fun podcasts:

    Tim Ferriss
    Vinnie Tortorich, the Worlds Angriest Trainer

  4. Try the Rewild Yourself podcast by Daniel Vitalis. Not exactly “primal” but great info on primitive skills and getting back into nature.

  5. Great list and I listened to most of them regularly. Another podcast that I really enjoy is High Intensity Health by Mike Mutzel. Thanks for providing some of the other podcasts that you enjoy. Look forward to checking those out.

  6. Oh yes… Bulletproof Radio would be on my list too. It’s entertaining at the very least.

    1. My go o: the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast is awesome and super informative as well as fun.

      The Tim Ferriss show is one of my favorite, lessons from the best in the world.

      Dave Asprey’s Bullet Proof radio is a killer eye opener, tons of nuggets here.

      I always enjoy Barbell Shrugged, they are a bunch of crazy Crossfitters but there is always some great simple takeaways.

  7. In addition to the podcasts listed in this article, I wait patiently for Common Sense with Dan Carlin, Katie Says with Katie Bowman, and Hail to the Chief (about losers of presidential elections). I really miss Relentless Roger and the Caveman Doctor and Rob Wolfe’s The Controversial Truth 🙁 Come back, guys!

  8. The Living La Vida Low Carb always has episodes with notable nutrition and health experts. Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me is one of my favorite weekly podcasts.

  9. You got a lot of my faves, but here are some others, in no particular order:
    Skeptics Guide to the Universe
    Iron Radio
    Power Athlete Radio
    Science….Sort Of
    Mark Bell’s Powercast
    EliteFTS Sports Performance
    Barbell Shrugged
    Strong 360 Podcast
    Zach Even-Esh: Strongcast
    Technically Speaking
    Titanium Physicists
    Weekly Weinersmith
    WODcast Podcast

  10. I listen to a lot of podcasts…more than I watch TV now I think. A favorite lately has been “The One You Feed” – excellent advice about habit-forming and general life performance.

  11. Thanks for the podcast roundup Mark…..my playlist also includes Katy Says, Ben Greenfield, The Livin’ la Vida Low Carb, and The Model Health. Where oh where are Relentless Roger and the Caveman Doctor?????

    1. I think BEn and LLVLC should have made the list higher up, and I too miss Caveman Dr.

  12. How did I not know about Balanced Bites? I sometimes get tired of all the male voices. No offense, guys! Had to stop listening to robb wolf, I felt like I was trapped in a man cave. I love Mark’s podcast precisely because it doesn’t feel that way.

    So many health and fitness podcasts, so little time.

    Two favorites outside that category: Fresh Air and Dear Sugar

    1. For more fresh female voices, check out The Paleo View and Primal Potential: Mastering Fat Loss Naturally and Real Food Liz Radio.

  13. I also recommend adding the JASSA podcast (formerly Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness podcast) with Jason Seib and Sarah Fragoso to the list. It’s my favorite and I look forward to it every week! Legit, sound info/advice and really good people!

  14. I love and listen to most of the Paleo/primal podcast list you have offered and I’m excited to have primal endurance in my lineup now too! One of my additional favorites is “The One You Feed” podcast. His info states “Conversations about Creating a Life Worth Living- Named Best of 2014 by iTunes. Open minded discussions of habits, wisdom, depression, anxiety, happiness, psychology, philosophy, and motivation.”
    It’s a great one for perspective, mindset and inspiration. Thanks for all your great work Mark! You’re a gem!

  15. I’ve been listening to Steph from Stupid Easy Paleo on her new podcast, Harder to Kill radio and I love it and her. It’s still in the early stages but she has had great people from the paleo world and beyond, so far and it has all been very interesting. Plus, I just love her!

  16. Can’t believe my two absolute favorites are missing from this list:

    Primal Potential: Mastering Fat Loss Naturally
    The Paleo View

    Other noteworthy podcasts:

    Primal Foodcast
    The Primal Shift
    That Paleo Show
    Paleo Magazine Radio

  17. This list really should contain Jimmy Moore too. He is much more than low carb now. He is high fat, low carb & paleo which is incredibly valuable to the many folks like myself that are insulin resistant.

  18. The Art of Manliness features great interviews with scientists, authors, coaches, and more. You’ll want to read their books. They’re also reasonably short, no-nonsense, and always end with “what can our listeners do to…” content.

  19. I’ve decided to “kickstart” my return to a better lifestyle with “Primal Blueprint 21 Day Transformation” created by Mark Sisson. I knew deep down inside I had to do something and the “Primal Blueprint” made sense to me. I also for the last couple of month have been playing with the idea of what I call the “Heavy Metal Health” workout lifestyle. My vision is to incorporate the Primal-Paleo lifestyle, kettlebells, meditation, yoga and of course Heavy Metal! I’ve been documenting and talking about my successes and challenges so far on “The Heavy Metal Health Podcast” here’s the link to the first episode https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/heavy-metal-health-podcast-1/id927532183?i=344247013&mt=2

    Sorry I reposted but the first one was incorrect. Thank you!

  20. Coast-to-Coast AM is good. Download podcasts to iPod, etc for pennies. Yes, a little “woo-woo-weirdo” (UFOs etc.) but also a lot of solid info on a variety of subjects, including health.

  21. Best new podcast – Harder to Kill Radio: forging unbreakable humans with Steph Gaudreau.

  22. The Ancestral RDs: the hosts are two of Chris Kresser’s protégés, Laura Schoenfeld and Kelsey Marksteiner. These two do Q&A and topic-oriented podcasts on nutrition. They occasionally cite studies but focus on client-based experiences for their advice.

    Dr. Ruscio Radio: Ruscio’s a chiropractor in Walnut Creek, CA, but he’s educated himself far beyond his initial training by studying the medical literature on nutrition and any other topic he decides he’s interested in. He does a topic-oriented podcast, covering thyroid health (a 4-podcast series), cost-effective functional medicine testing, and the myth of the need to detox, among other subjects.

  23. Listen to most of these and like a lot of the suggestions in the comments section.

    Would like to add The Unbeatable Mind with Mark Devine (founder of SealFit)

  24. Non-health related: The Moth podcast << real stories, told by real people. Usually 8-15 minutes long, and they also have a radio hour if you have more time.

    Also, YNAB (You Need A Budget): Jesse Meecam has some great perspective on budgeting and putting your money toward your priorities. He sells budgeting software and the podcast revolves around the "4 YNAB Rules" but even if you don't have the software the podcast is good. And they are usually short, so you don't have to carve out an hour to listen. Short and sweet. And I found the budgeting software to be completely worth every penny, and it's alleviated a lot of stress in my life about money. Highly, highly recommended.

  25. Great podcasts (LOVE The Moth, as someone above mentioned.

    But my all time favorite Paleo/Primal podcast is JassaFIT w/ Jason Seib and Sarah Fragoso. Check them out. They post every Tuesday.

  26. I get a lot out of The Institute for the Psychology of Eating’s podcasts.

  27. I get all my entertainment news and lots of yucks from Hollywood Babble On and science tidbits and giggles from Edumacation. Also like Stuff You Should Know series particularly the conspiracy version.

    Besides listening to many of the others already listed.

  28. Shawn Stevenson’s The Model Health Show – so informative and easy to listen to. Shawn ranks w/ Bdn G and Sean Croxton

    On Air with Ella – fresh, new and female. Adds personal development/mindset to health/wellness/Paleo-sphere (and she’s funny).

  29. Rewild yourself
    Katy bowman
    Tim ferris
    Seeds of liberty
    These are my everyday must have shows.

  30. I can’t miss the Paleo View. Science with Sarah is always enlightening. They answer listener questions and talk about what their family eats and their struggles.

  31. The most popular (non-health related) podcast of all time – Serial. Sarah Koenig is incredible. She was even spoofed on SNL; that’s how you know you’ve made it. Other favorites (from @Gimlet) – Startup, Reply All, and Mystery Show.

  32. OK, he’s not strictly Primal but wow does he bring in a variety of knowledgeable guest….Jimmy Moore and the Livin’ La Vida Low Carb Podcast!

  33. Love all of the podcasts you listed Mark. I would like to add Wodcast Podcast — very funny podcast with a very irreverent crossfit theme — it definitely doesn’t take crossfit too seriously, also Barbell Shrugged, and another podcast about Strength and Conditioning called Rdella Training with Scott Iardella a former Physical Therapist who is now a kettle bell and olympic lifting coach.

    A few non health and fitness ones that are favorites of mine are WTF with comedian Marc Maron – he has great musicians, actors, fellow comedians, even the POTUS. For you Fresh Air fans he did a great interview of Terri Gross- he managed to extract all sorts of interesting details that I think even she was surprised she was divulging.
    I also love a new podcast from the Villa Cappelli people in Italy — fascinating information about the little corner in the south of Italy where they have their Olive Farm. I’ve learned so much about Italy that for the first time ever, I have a real desire to travel there and stay for a bit. I learned about them from the Vinnie Tortorich podcast — I don’t listen to Vinnie quite as much now since he went all commercial on us — selling his line of nutritional supplements — it’s not as interesting to me.
    From Michelle Tam’s podcast I learned about the America’s Test Kitchen Radio podcast which is all about food prep, wine, chefs, and food production — not paleo but you still can learn a ton of new things.
    I also listen to the TED Radio Hour and The Moth Podcast — another story telling podcast – not of the same caliber as This American Life but interesting none the less.
    I like Laugh out Loud from Canadian radio — lots of very funny Canadian comics (who knew?? — nah.. just joshing)
    I also like The Naked Scientist which is broadcast from Britain.

    I listen on my i-phone using the free Stitcher Radio App. When I’m in my car I have a tape deck adaptor that I slide into my tape deck and then I plug it into my iPhone and it transmits the content over my car speakers.

    Like you Mark I feel very passionate about podcasts and how wonderful they are. I fall asleep to them and wake up to them and listen in all my downtime moments and during the quiet hours when I am knitting.
    Anyone who engages in a quiet craft would do well to fill their time with podcasts.
    I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone els’s comments here and have picked up a few more suggestions that I didn’t know about so hopefully my suggestions will interest other people too.

  34. I listened to one episode about 6 months ago. Lost me in the first few minutes when the guy mentioned God. Just me?

  35. The No Agenda Show, hosted by John C. Dvorak and Adam Curry

    Not paleo-centric, but they do from time to time touch on mac n cheese as being Depression-era food and how it’s making a kind of a comeback. Their general diet advice is “don’t eat processed crap.” Above all, they’re the VitaminX everyone needs for a healthy news diet.


  36. Another vote for the Jassa Podcasat wtih Jason Seib and Sarah Fragoso – one of my faves!

  37. Home of the Brave
    Death, Sex, and Money
    Planet Money
    The Moth
    Radio Diaries

    My favorite podcasts that haven’t been mentioned.

  38. Since you’ve been on the show Mark, I’d have to shamelessly plug my top-rated podcast, Not Just Paleo 🙂

  39. Podcasts are life.

    In no order: (starred are my favorite though)
    1) The memory Palace*
    2) Radiolab*
    3) Song Exploder
    4) Serial*
    5) Invisibilia*
    6) Ted Radio Hour*
    7) You are Not So Smart
    8) Lets Build a Tiny House
    9) Tiny House Chat
    10) Very Bad Wizards
    11) FW Thinking
    12) Motlet Fool Answers
    13) Freakonomics
    14) Infinite Monkey Cage
    15) Startalk Radio*
    16) Mortified Podcast
    17) Criminal
    18) Meet the Composer*
    19) 99% Invisible*
    20) Love + Radio
    21) Snap Judgement*
    22) The Moth
    23) Tim Ferris Show
    24) Primal Blueprint Podcast
    25) Waking Up

    I have a problem…