88 Deadly Fast Foods (the others are merely really, really terrible)

A Calorie Counter blog has gone to the trouble of compiling the absolute worst fast foods from all American chain restaurants. The author looked through every single item offered at every single restaurant from McDonald’s to White Castle to Burger King to Taco Bell to KFC to Wendy’s – whew!

Why 88, you ask? Why not! Though there are hundreds more health offenders, these 88 were determined to be the worst foods based upon their trans fat content. The vegans over at Taste Better were horrified to learn that onion rings serve up nearly 30 grams of trans fat (daily recommended allowance: zero). But meatasauruses don’t get off so easily: fish is next on the list of dangerous, deadly fat portions. It’s not a good day for fast food in the blogosphere, but it’s a really bad day for White Castle (both the onion rings and fish are from this trans fat triumph of a food chain).

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9 thoughts on “88 Deadly Fast Foods (the others are merely really, really terrible)”

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  1. This is information that I would much rather have available than the calorie counts. Though I still don’t want the government to mandate it. Of course it partly the government fault the trans fats are there in the first place.

    Though glad the list came out before the holiday travel season, the main time I find myself eating a fast food meal or two. Hard to drive and eat salad or use a knife and fork. Maybe this year I will actually make something for the cooler.

  2. I don’t fear the travel season–it’s the holiday office-multiple-day-eating-orgy I have to overcome! 🙂 It starts tomorrow with the Halloween breakfast (hopefully I’ll be able to jump on a healthy egg dish).

  3. Not an enormous surprise, since this means that one must just continue to skip the vast majority of the fare offered at fast food establishments….

  4. Dave C, go for the eggs. FWIW, we’re planning to do a series of holiday food and stress survival articles in the course of the next several weeks 🙂

  5. What many people don’t seem to realize is that refined liquid vegetable oils are marginally better than hydrogenated trans-fats. Fried foods should just be avoided, period. Ditto for anything inside a pastry shell.

    While at the grocery store today, I noticed a product called “tofutti,” which billed itself as “better than cream cheese.” Now I don’t have any hangups about soy products in small amounts made from whole soybeans, not soy protein isolate. Reading the label of this supposedly healthful alternative to cream cheese, I was astonished to see listed as the second ingredient partially hydrogenated soybean oil. Tofutti is dressed up Crisco. It pays to read labels. Just because it’s in the health food section doesn’t mean it’s healthy.