7 Tips to Beat Stress Right Now

There are hundreds of positive things you can do to help alleviate or banish stress. Here are some of our current favorites:

1. Own your stress.

Sometimes we stress about our stress. Seriously! If, like most, you’re a sensitive and thoughtful person trying to make the best choices in your life, you may have to guard against the all-too-easy habit of judging yourself and beating yourself up over the negative feelings that come with stress. I find that the judgment of a stressful situation or emotion is often more upsetting than the original issue. This can create a spiral of negativity. If you’re stressed, own it! You are allowed to experience all your feelings, including the stressful, negative ones. Accept them and find a way to channel them in a positive direction, such as outcome-based thinking. This is where you say “I don’t like this situation. I feel awful. What do I want it to be like instead? How do I want to feel instead?” rather than “I don’t like this situation. I feel awful! It’s hopeless!”. At the risk of taking us all back to the 1970s, be your own best friend; be gentle with yourself. Give yourself permission to have your feelings. And if that’s hard for you to do, no problem: I give you permission! 😉

2. Set priorities.

Sometimes we just don’t set priorities, so everything develops a sense of urgency and this creates an enormous wall of stress. It can be paralyzing. Set priorities every single day. Write down your 3 most important things that must get done. Make a separate list of all the other things you’d like to address. Just concentrate on those 3, and if you get more done, wonderful! But get into the habit of viewing your day as a hierarchy of priorities.

3. Play the hypothetical game.

This is also about prioritizing. Play Aaron’s hypothetical game – only with a bit of a serious twist. Everything can feel important and urgent, but few things really are. Ask yourself what would really need to be dealt with if your car broke down, or you woke up with a cold, or your office was shut down for the day. This can help you put things in perspective.

4. Simplify.

Mark talks about this quite a bit. Stop putting so much on your plate! It’s easy to say “yes” and difficult to say “no”, but in the long run, doing less will benefit everyone in your life far more. Do less better, rather than more barely. You don’t have to be in God’s business.

5. Omega-3’s.

Another Sisson favorite, and something we all follow ’round these parts. For me personally, eating more fat and supplementing with Mark’s Vital Omegas has helped me to banish my migraines, manage my health, and simply feel more alert. I actually take a double-dose of the Vitals almost daily. If you haven’t read about how I went from flabby and sick to sleek and healthy, check out my story.

6. Basic indulgence.

You may not have the time or resources for a vacation or weekend at the spa. You may not be able to take time off from work right now. So find a way to indulge your senses via one of your daily routines. For example, spend a little extra cash on shampoos, conditioners and bath oils that smell wonderful and make you feel great. Or start your morning off with a simple ritual like a delicious cup of tea or five minutes of meditation. Another small indulgence that makes a difference is to dab your temples with an essential herbal oil you enjoy. These are easy ways to make “basics” more luxurious.

7. Exercise.

We can’t emphasize the power of exercise for your health and stress management enough. Exercise releases hormones that reduce stress, balance your mood, and help you handle everything from injuries to aches to germs to forgetfulness. Your body has a built-in system for stress management, and it’s called movement. Get that blood pumping several times a week!

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12 thoughts on “7 Tips to Beat Stress Right Now”

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  1. Stressing about your stress = metastress. Which would be a totally cool band name.

    Amusing myself by such thoughts is one of the ways I relieve stress. 😉

  2. Basic indulgence is right on spot. A little extra spent on spa session can be a well worthy investment. I’d rather indulge myself in no food way whenever I am stressed out since I know that there’s 90% chance I would overeat.

  3. Finding that perfect indulgence can be a challenge: food, if in moderation, can be a great “treat”. Try going to a gourmet restaurant, or order a favorite (more expensive) dish. Food is not a reward if it falls in the junk-food category, then it easily leads to overeating and it doesn’t nourish body nor mind (console is not nourish!).

    Exercise, a bubble bath or a professional massage can all be indulgences!

  4. I could only wish if it worked this way!

    While replacing perception stressful reality by what you like it to be distracts from after-effects, it doesn’t prevent future stress – not everything could be changed at will. But mentally going to a happy place and living there the life you would like to be works for stopping a carousel of thoughts.

    Setting priorities: good idea, impossible unless you are alone or have somebody doing a lion share of essential work for you. Other wise each of 3 tasks for a day will be mega-tasks, each including a lot of sub-tasks requiring full-day or more.

    Hypothetical game has a large fire-back in the world after 2008 for a lot of people, and is a direct contradiction to advice 1, so don’t hurt yourself unnecessarily. Unless having a cold or a one day off are worst of your worries 🙂

    Simplify is the king, the way to go. With one caveat: you have to be healthy or full of energy just to provide yourself with a healthy way of life. And if not? Share your experiences, please.

    Omega-3s: not solves the problem but makes you healthier, and oils one’s brain machine. Plus add natural vitamin E (tocopherols and tocotrienols mix), a couple tablespoons of lecithin granules in the food (A. Saul again), the problem is to find no-soy lecithin. While soy is not primal, neither are shampoos, so choose your own poison. Helps, tried. And try another natural source of omega-3 oils: flaxseed oil and quark diet (Budwig), it’s as natural as it can go. Quark-maker, fermenting own food and finding source of oil without additives contradict simplifying and 3 must to do tasks a day, of course.

    Indulgence: not that simple, unless fragrances (mostly artificial) are what works for you. What works for me, one has to catch when rare opportunity presents itself: fresh air after rain (when not to cold to enjoy it), breese, moving of water, sun, and a view of abundantly growing plants, with no others to interrupt one’s enjoyment.

    Exercise: thumbs up! For those who can’t: isometric exercises and get lymph flowing by deep breathing, who is better – stretches and sitting moving on rebounder.