5 Easy Lunches From Primal Leftovers

PrimalMost days of the week, Mark’s Big-Ass Salad is the best lunch for his day. But not everyone would say the same, and that works, too. On days when you crave something different for lunch, the most convenient and money-saving solution is packing up leftovers from the night before. Pack as much or as little as you want, throw together some tasty Primal sides, and you’re good to go. To offer a little inspiration toward your midday meal prep, here are five dinners that make excellent lunches the next day. Be sure to share yours in the comment board as well!

Pulled Pork


There are many ways to slow-cook pork shoulder to tender, succulent perfection. Pack the pork up with one of these delicious lunch box combinations:

Pulled pork + Fermented veggies (pickles or kimchi) + Fresh Berries + Almonds and unsweetened 100% cacao chips
Pulled pork + Primal Cornbread + Coleslaw
Pulled pork + Hard boiled eggs + Macadamia Balls

Chipotle Lime Mayo Chicken Salad


Here’s an easy lunch: Leftover chicken + Primal Kitchen® Chipotle Lime Mayo = instantly flavorful, spicy, chicken salad

Pack up your chipotle chicken salad with:
Bell pepper strips + Parmigiano-Reggiano Crisps + Kiwi and Berries
Nuts and Olives + Steamed Broccoli with olive oil
Apple slices + Nut butter

Hot or Cold Soup


Every time you make soup, like this Aromatic Beef Soup with Mushrooms and Chard or a simple 10-Minute Seaweed Soup (pictured), ladle a single serving into a resealable plastic bag and freeze it. Pop that frozen bag into your lunchbox, and it will mostly be defrosted by lunch. Yes, a hot bowl of soup does require a microwave at the office. Or, pack up a refreshing cold soup.

Salmon Burgers


This recipe for Cajun salmon burgers has simple instructions for making the perfect salmon burger. Add the Cajun spices, or not, and definitely double the recipe because these salmon burgers are delicious served hot or cold. Either way, make sure to pack a small container of Primal Kitchen mayo for dipping.

Need sides for you salmon burger lunch? Try:

Roasted beets + Green beans + Olives
Pumpkin Seeds + Unsweetened Coconut
Keto Muffin

Larb Lettuce Wraps


Larb is a quick dinner made from ground meat. Double this recipe, and you’ll also have larb lettuce wraps for lunch. Mint, cilantro, lime and hot sauce all add more flavor. Pack larb lettuce wraps up with:

Cucumber and Shredded Cabbage + Nut Butter with Cinnamon + Apple + Dark Chocolate
Hard boiled egg + Clementine Orange
Fresh berries + Fat Bombs

As mentioned, pack enough to fit your personal appetite and tailor sides to complement your Primal or keto goals. Thanks for stopping by today, and share your feedback and favorites with the group. Be well.

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