4 Low-Carb (& Keto-Friendly) Cocktails

It’s holiday party season, and no one wants to be left out of the celebration. Whether you’re eating Primal, paleo, general low-carb or even keto, there’s no reason to relegate yourself to club soda when you’d rather be enjoying something more… festive. Today we’ve got four delicious takes on classic cocktail recipes for your holiday.

With natural, no-sugar wine (we use Dry Farm Wines), you can enjoy lighter, low-carb versions of your favorite drinks. So, raise a glass—and be sure to make enough to go around.

Low-Carb Holiday Sangria

Sangria is a versatile drink that takes on the character of whatever fruits you put in it. Citrus, apples, even peaches are often used for traditional summer versions of both the “red” and “white” recipes. We happen to think this holiday version is the best yet.

Light, fruity and festive, white wine and seltzer are brightened up by cheery pomegranate seeds and cranberries for a tart taste and fresh finish—all with a beautiful presentation that will add wow-factor to your cocktail serving or dinner table.

Low-Carb White Mint Julep

While mint juleps are certainly a cooling drink for the intense summer heat, winter’s quintessential flavors also claim mint among for their own. With a bright taste and fresh bite, mint juleps are traditionally made with bourbon and syrup. That’s a little heavy (and sweet), however, for those on a lower-carb protocol like Primal or keto.

Here’s a lighter, less potent version of a julep with just as much classic flavor. Mix up a garnished pitcher for your guests at your next party.

Low-Carb Ginger Bliss

Ginger Bliss brings together the classic combination of ginger and lemon, but this recipe pairs the combo with dry white wine rather than heavy liquor for a lighter, brighter taste.  All the flavor with fewer carbs and none of the regret…. Consider it a fizzy and festive option for any cocktail party year round.

Low-Carb Mulled Wine

This time of year nothing rings in the festivities like traditional mulled wine. Warm, spicy and rich, it’s the perfect drink for both comfort and celebration.

Regular mulled wine recipes include a hefty dose of sugar, but that’s unnecessary when you take advantage of the many incredible varieties of natural low-carb sweeteners out there. All the flavor, none of the added sugar. Tradition is back on the table.

Which of the above is on your holiday list now? Share your favorite low-carb cocktail recipes below.

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