23 Easy Keto Snacks

easy keto snacksOur 20 Keto Snacks All Under 5 Minutes has become so popular that we realized that many of you might enjoy a snack or two here and there, whether you identify as intermittent fasters, keto, Primal, Primal-keto, low-carb or other real-food eating ethos. In lieu of fasting when there aren’t any Primal- or keto-friendly food options available and you’re hungry, bringing a snack with you can get you through that long wait at the DMV, the long flight made even longer by delays, or the kids’ football game that went into overtime. Some of the snack ideas we recommend below are pre-packaged (Remember: We’re not anti-convenience here so long as the food inside the package is real and high quality.), and some are quick and easy to whip up on a moment’s notice.

Protein-Rich Keto Snacks

1. Teriyaki Meatballs

teriyaki meatballs

We love this recipe because it’s just three ingredients, and the meatballs are pre-made. Leftovers make the perfect snack to pop in your mouth, warmed up or cold.

2. Mini Crab Cakes

crab cakes

Pretty and posh for a cocktail party, and easy to dress down for a book club or game-watching snack, these crab cakes can be made with all the veggie and herb fixings, or simplified to a few ingredients.

3. Collard Green Tuna Wrap

tuna collard wrap

Eat half for a protein- and nutrient-rich snack, or two to three halves for an easy-to-tote lunch. This handheld tuna salad packages protein, veggies, and good-for-you fats in one neat little package.

4. Egg Cups

egg cups

These muffin-tin egg cups are part omelet, part frittata, and all flexible to suit your individual tastes. Eat two for breakfast, or one for a nutritious snack.

5. Bacon-wrapped Water Chestnuts

bacon-wrapped water chestnuts

Crisp bacon, refreshing water chestnuts, and sweet-salty teriyaki sauce make one showstopper appetizer—or easy-to-make bites to stock in your fridge.

6. BBQ Chicken Skewers

chicken with BBQ sauce

Barbecue chicken never gets old—from pulled chicken cloaked in smoky, salty, sweet sauce to skewered and grilled chicken tenders—this two-ingredient combo provides a satiating snack.

7. Salmon Spread with Nori Chips

salmon spread with nori

The unctuous flavor and silky mouthfeel of salmon is enhanced with olive oil and butter, then spooned onto brittle, briny nori chips for a Primal spin on rice-free sushi.

8. Caprese Salad Skewers

caprese salad skewers

This salad and antipasto platter on a stick coats the tongue with the fatty richness of salami, soft creaminess of fresh mozzarella, sweet and juicy burst of tomato, and the palate-cleansing crunch of bibb lettuce. Dip in Primal Kitchen Italian Dressing for extra herby vinaigrette flavor.

9. Collagen Gummies

collagen gummies

For a shot (or two) of collagen peptides, these collagen gummies provide a fun-to-eat way to get more protein. Stash them in a reusable bag or container in your gym bag, or bring them to work for an afternoon snack.

The Best Packaged Keto Snacks

10. Bone Broth

bone broth

Salty, thick, and welcome on a chilly day, bone broth purchased online or from the store can be dressed up with herbs and aromatics, if desired, for a sippable or spoonable snack.

11. Primal Kitchen® Protein Bars

mint chip protein bars

These four-bite squares deliver protein and healthy fats in the form of real-food ingredients like almonds, eggs, and flaxseed.

12. Keto-friendly Jerky


Chewy, salty, and portable, jerky without additives and sugars makes an entirely Primal and keto-friendly option.

13. Pork Rinds

pork rinds

Crackly, salty crisped pork skin… we’re just going to leave this recommendation right here.

14. Primal Kitchen Keto Collagen Lattes

chai tea latte

These new tea lattes combine collagen with coconut milk powder and vanilla extract to make creamy, caffeinated ways to enjoy collagen peptides.

Sweet Keto Snacks

15. Keto Donut Holes

keto donuts

Redolent of cake donut holes, these two-bite treats combine macadamia butter with collagen and monk fruit to make irresistible sweets.

16. Chocolate Bacon

chocolate bacon

Dark chocolate and smoky bacon… do we have your attention? Dip crisped bacon in melted dark chocolate and try not to drool.

17. Keto Trail Mix

keto trail mix

Who knew that three simple ingredients could combine to invoke a ballet on the tongue? Combine (salted or unsalted) macadamia nuts with dark chocolate and unsweetened coconut chips. Attempt to ration your portions.

18. Mark’s Vanilla Collagen Hemp Latte

hemp latte

Born from a desire for an epicurean way to boost magnesium, Mark added hemp hearts to his vanilla collagen latte. This warm, cinnamon-flecked brew can be concocted and enjoyed warm or refrigerated overnight to sip cold the next day.

Plant-Based, Vegetarian Keto Snacks

19. Nut Butter on Celery Sticks

celery with nut butter

Remember ants on a log: peanut butter-slathered celery boats dotted with raisins? Make a grown-up version by ditching the raisins and peanut butter with added sugar.

20. Keto Mozzarella Sticks

keto mozzarella sticks

To make a keto-friendly version of this favorite bar snack, whisk an egg and dip mozzarella cheese (cut into 4-inch logs) into the egg. Coat the egg-dipped cheese logs in almond flour and place on a baking sheet. Turn your oven to broil (500ºF); bake mozzarella sticks for three minutes, or until golden brown.

21. Mini Bell Peppers with Cream Cheese

bell peppers and cream cheese

Sweet and crunchy, baby bell peppers make the perfect cups for a spoonful of cream cheese and a sprinkle of chopped chives.

22. Onion Petal with Melted Cheddar

onion petals with cheese

Sharp and pungent, red onion mellows a bit when placed under the broiler for a minute. Top red onion petals with generous cuts of cheddar cheese, then place under the broiler for 30 to 40 seconds, or until the cheese melts.

23. Snap Peas with Primal Kitchen Ranch Dressing

snap peas with ranch dressing

Herb-studded, creamy, tangy Primal Kitchen Ranch Dressing upgrades any snappy veggie.

Photographs by Priscilla Chamessian, Janee Meadows, and Kali Meadows


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