Month: June 2021

Getting Into Fitness at Age 50 and Beyond

The big 5-0 rolls around and you start grappling with your own mortality. You wonder about your place in the world and how long you have left. Sure, 50 is just another number, but it’s a number that society has placed a large bolus of meaning. For better or worse, whether it’s real or not, turning 50 makes you re-evaluate everything. Especially your health.

One of the most important ways to preserve and enrich your health is physical training, fitness, and movement—and it only becomes more important the older you get. It also gets more important to do it right. If you’re 50 or older and just getting started in fitness, doing it wrong might make your health worse. You might get injured, and injuries incurred as we age become more catastrophic. You probably won’t bounce back from injuries like you did when you were 20 years old; you might never make it back.

So how should you get into fitness at age 50 and beyond? What should you avoid? What should you do?

Let’s dig right in.

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Preparing for a Primal Road Trip

Nothing says classic summer vacation like hitting the open road with friends or family on a road trip. The summer of 2020 brought this old-school family tradition back into fashion, with folks hitting the highways like never before, eager for COVID-safe travel.

So before packing your bags and gassing up the car, consider some pre-planning to help bring your Primal lifestyle on the road. More than just packing cleaned up snacks, the secret to a successful road trip lies in staying engaged, gathering the right gear, finding ways to keep moving, and making those less than desirable moments float by fast.

Last year I drove cross-country twice, from coast to coast, in my beloved but definitely impractical bright blue VW Beetle. While cruising the open road in my “punch buggy” I learned a few make-or-break tips for long-haul journeys. Keep scrolling for itemized lists of what to pack, what food to look out for, and ingenious accessories that’ll smooth out the inevitable bumps along the road.

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Turn Your Grill Into a Smoker, Plus a Smoked Pork Chops Recipe

The flavor and aroma of smoked meat scream summer to me, especially after spending the last eight years in North Carolina. If you want to try your hand at smoking at home but don’t have a dedicated smoker, you can actually transform your propane grill into a makeshift smoker.

You can use this same set-up to cook any meat from chicken wings to brisket to pork roasts. Turning your grill into a smoker is fairly simple. All you need is:

A full tank of propane
Wood chips
Aluminum foil
Time – smoking takes longer than grilling, especially for large cuts of meat

In this post, I’ll walk you through transforming your gas grill into a smoker and then show you how to make simple, tasty smoked pork chops that will get you hooked on smoking meats at home. Get ready to get smoky!

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New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week—Edition 135

Research of the Week
Extraversion is linked to more happiness than being agreeable.

More testosterone, views more discordant with the majority.

Barefoot walking is easier on the knees in people with osteoarthritis.

For lowering uric acid, a high protein diet beats a high unsaturated fat or high carb diet.

Low-carb diets reduce LDL particle number and increase particle size.

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Ask a Health Coach: Who’s Keeping You Accountable?

Hey folks! In this week’s Ask a Health Coach, Erin is answering your questions about shaking up your eating routine, wrangling sugar cravings, and how to know if you should hire a health coach. We love getting your questions, so ask yours in the comments below or in our Mark’s Daily Apple Facebook group.

Diana asked:
“I’ve been paleo for about six months and I’m getting sick of eating all the same foods day after day. What ideas do you have for mixing things up?”
This is a question I get asked all the time. And my answer is typically something in the realm of, “if you’re sick of eating the same things, then eat different things.” Honestly, if a nutritionist tells you what to eat, you’ll have some resistance to some of those foods. It’s one of the reasons I don’t offer meal plans to my clients: I don’t really want to tell people what to eat! As humans, we’re pre-wired to resist when someone tells us to do something that goes against what we’re familiar with. That, and the fact that I want you to learn how to feed yourself long after our sessions wrap up.

Maybe you’re not sure what to eat. Thankfully the internet is filled with amazing resources, including this one right here. Eat anything on this list, in any combo you want. It’s that simple! No complicated recipes required. Still need ideas? Keep reading.

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What Are Postbiotics and What Do They Have to Do With Gut Health?

Gut health is an enormous topic that just got even bigger.

You know about probiotics: bacteria that provide benefits to our gut, metabolic, and/or overall health when eaten. Some probiotic bacteria colonize our guts—they take up residence in our digestive tract and provide lasting effects. Some probiotic bacteria are transients—they visit and impart benefits and interact with our guts and its inhabitants, but do not stay.

You also know about prebiotics: non-digestible food components that nourish and provide food for the bacteria living in our guts. Prebiotics include fermentable plant fibers, resistant starch, “animal fiber,” and certain polyphenols.

This is standard stuff. Entire store shelves are devoted to fermented dairy, pickles, sauerkraut, supplements, kombucha, and other sources of probiotics. You’ve probably got all sorts of strange gums and fibers and powders that serve as prebiotic substrate for gut bugs. Gut health is mainstream.

But you probably don’t know about postbiotics.

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