Month: March 2018

A Look At Swerve Sweetener

As we move into a new era of health awareness, there’s more variety than ever available to us. Overall, this is a very good thing—the average Primal consumer now has far greater access to a wider range of organic, free range, pastured, GMO-free, wholesome foods and products.
But this presents something of a dilemma when it comes to gray areas like sweeteners. While I don’t have much of a sweet tooth myself, I’m not a anti-sweetener purist either. While I lean toward stevia or monkfruit, I get a lot of questions about sugar alcohols, in particular a product called Swerve Sweetener, particularly from the keto crowd. 

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Dear Mark: Vitamin B and Lung Cancer, Folate Stability in Liver, and Less DNA Damage on No Produce

For today’s edition of Dear Mark, I’m answering three questions from readers. First, what do I make of the recent study showing a link between lung cancer in men and supplementation with vitamin B6 and vitamin B12? Next, how stable is folate in liver? Other foods with high folate content before cooking, like legumes and greens, lose a lot during cooking. And finally, what’s my take on the old study where subjects’ markers of oxidative damage improved after eating a diet bereft of produce?

Let’s go:

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 495

Research of the Week
Nearly 47 million Americans are estimated to have preclinical brain changes associated with Alzheimer’s.

Your coffee habit influences your endocannabinoid system, (but not how a cannabis habit does).

There’s a telling connection between stiff ankles and deep squat difficulty in the West.

Evolve or die.

Major depression doesn’t look the same (molecularly speaking) in men and women.

Looks like an animal-free agriculture may not be as “holistically sustainable” as many would hope.

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Turmeric and Ginger Fish

This recipe is a good reason to grab that bottle of turmeric in your spice rack and put it to work adding bright orange color and extra flavor to mild fish like cod. The slightly bitter taste of turmeric all but disappears when cooked with buttery ghee, ginger and garlic.

The shake of black pepper in the ingredient list is there for more than just seasoning; black pepper provides piperine, which is essential for absorbing curcumin. Curcumin is the whole reason to be eating turmeric in the first place, since it’s the part of turmeric that carries all the amazing health benefits.

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The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Making an Impact As a Primal Health Coach

In a newsletter last week, I shared the impetus behind the creation of the Primal Health Coach Institute, the world’s first ancestral health coaching school, and teased you with the promise of motivational success stories to come. Well, today’s the day to feel inspired as we see just how many lives a Primal Health Coach education can touch. Most of these coaches were once Mark’s Daily Apple readers like you. They had their own personal health stories and successes and felt the “primal” call to help others. Just as our Paleolithic ancestors traversed the vast terrain, hunting and foraging across continents, Primal Health Coach Institute graduates are branching out into many areas…from restaurant owners to clinicians…from authors to food photographers. Many Primal Health Coaches form their own businesses and go straight into the most traditional route of offering one-on-one in-person coaching; the “private practice” model. Others plan to jump in to the up-and-coming Functional Medicine realm, working with clinicians and other health care providers in a preventive health model. But, in fact, the entrepreneurial opportunities are endless, as shown by our graduates’ varied accomplishments. Here are just a few standouts: Barbara Vieira Gomes has opened a Primal health food store and cafe in Lima, Peru and gave us a shoutout on social media: “Thank you #marksisson and team of #primalblueprint! You inspired me, changed my life and health. So now in Lima Peru (South America) yesterday we opened the first #primalperu health store and cafeteria! It has been a roller coaster of followers and more! A dream to share your vision!” Chris Becker has pivoted his consulting business to cater to health coaches wanting to start and grow their businesses: “Knowing about nutrition, fitness and other healthy lifestyle factors is important, but unless they have the skills to effectively share that information with others, their contributions are going to be limited. I strive to equip coaches with strategies to build their brands, deliver value to their clients, and have a greater impact on the well being of their clients and society as a whole. I help coaches with their website design and optimization, email list building and automation, pricing and sales tips, as well as social media strategies to increase their reach.” Donna Crous transformed her food blog into a full-blown Paleo food photography business and wrote in to tell us: “Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect a career like this when I hit the button to start my Primal Health Coach studies. I love making healthy recipes and showing people how exciting primal eating can be and the many delicious options available…More importantly though, it is about meeting incredible like-minded passionate people within this amazing community.” Miléna Sinka (aka the Barefoot Superhero) has written and published three books on primal topics and has another coming out this year, along with two successful online nutrition courses serving fellow Hungarians. Adan Rios has been hired as a health coach by a clinic (Virta) that specializes in type 2 diabetes reversal, and he credits his … Continue reading “The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Making an Impact As a Primal Health Coach”

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5 Easy Lunches From Primal Leftovers

Most days of the week, Mark’s Big-Ass Salad is the best lunch for his day. But not everyone would say the same, and that works, too. On days when you crave something different for lunch, the most convenient and money-saving solution is packing up leftovers from the night before. Pack as much or as little as you want, throw together some tasty Primal sides, and you’re good to go. To offer a little inspiration toward your midday meal prep, here are five dinners that make excellent lunches the next day. Be sure to share yours in the comment board as well!

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