Month: October 2017

A Big Announcement (and Our Keto Team’s Day on Facebook)

I’m not often bowled over. Maybe it’s my age or personality, but I endeavor to take events as information (whether positive or negative) and not get too caught up in the feedback.

Today, however, I’m bowled over—and a little overcome. I’ll admit part of me wanted to title this a “big-ass” announcement, but who knows how Google reads these things….

Let me cut to the chase…

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Making Change Happen: A Transformational Personal Mastery Course

Hey, everybody! I have an upcoming post and VERY special announcement soon, but first let me share a great opportunity being offered by my friend and Primal Health Coach partner, Christine Hassler.

Many of you loved the “No Regrets” Masterclass that she delivered yesterday! I knew you would….

(If you missed it, you can still check out the recording for a short time. The stuff she shares is GOLD.)

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7 Longevity Biomarkers to Track

Last year, I wrote about 10 of the most interesting predictors of longevity. Many of them were subjective, but, as we all know, the objective physiological processes that occur in the human body also predict how long we live. Luckily, we can measure most of them. Some are standard at doctor’s checkups. Some require more involved (and expensive) testing. Some you can complete yourself at home with simple household objects.

But if you care at all about how well you’re doing in the longevity game, it’s worth paying attention to some of them.

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Enzyme Supplements: Uses, Suggestions, and Alternatives

Few would disagree that a Primal way of life advocates simplicity above all else. Nutritious foods, strategic movement, and an aversion to stress bordering on (healthy) obsession.
This “simple is good” mentality works swimmingly most of the time. Aligning our lifestyle to our evolved biology allows us to achieve a modern semblance of that all-important homeostasis, and I generally see no reason to tinker if it ain’t broke.
But, unfortunately, it’s not always black and white….

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Dear Mark: Is Keto Ancestral, Ketone Breath, and Keto for Lupus?

For today’s edition of Dear Mark, I’m answering some questions about keto (hey, you folks keep asking!). First, is being on a ketogenic diet actually congruent with our ancestry? Is there historical precedent? Next, is bad breath really a reliable indication of being in ketosis? And finally, could going keto help treat the autoimmune disease lupus?

Let’s take a look:

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Weekend Link Love — Edition 472

Research of the Week
Women who exercise before breakfast burn more fat throughout the day.

Whole eggs beat egg whites for gains.

Taking alpha-linolenic acid (ALA, an omega-3 fatty acid found in flax and canola oil) prevents exercise-induced metabolic improvements in obese rats.

LSD promotes freudian slips.

Vitamin K2 supplementation may support weight loss.

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