Month: May 2014

How to Establish a Healthy Gut in Your Primal Baby

Yes, folks: it’s another post about the gut. But today’s advice is geared toward all the Primal babies out there in preconception, in utero, and in diapers. Because for the first few years, they’re pretty helpless and ignorant in matters of the gut. They need your help to establish and maintain a healthy intestinal environment. They need your expertise and guidance and occasional intervention. And sometimes, as you’ll see, they need you to give them the freedom to do some often unpleasant-looking activities that pay dividends to longterm gut health.

Since most of the immune system resides in the gut, and the development of a kid’s gut microbiome is in many ways the development of his immune system, this turns out to be a helpful guide for parents interested in optimizing their child’s immune system.

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A Primal Primer: Leaky Gut

After I mentioned it in last week’s 10 Principles of Primal Living (Finally) Getting Mainstream Media Coverage post, several readers emailed asking about leaky gut. What is it? How do I know if I have it? Why should I care if I have it? What do I do if I have it? And so on. Turns out many and maybe most people have but a vague idea of what leaky gut actually means.

Today, I’m going to fix that.

In most popular conceptions of human physiology, the gut exists primarily as a passive conduit along which food travels and breaks down for digestion and absorption. It’s where bacteria hang out and digestive enzymes go to work. It’s a “place,” an inert tunnel made of flesh and mucus. Lots of things happen there but the gut itself isn’t doing much.

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Don’t Miss the First-Ever East Coast PrimalCon, June 5-8!

Greetings friends, it’s been a busy Spring for me with PrimalCon Vacation Tulum, Mexico in March and Paleo f(x) in April in Austin, TX. Next on the horizon is a trip back east for the BEA book publishing convention in New York City on Memorial Day weekend, followed by PrimalCon New York on June 5th-8th. I’m going to take a little time with the family between events to cruise out to my old stomping grounds on the coast of Maine. I really hope you can join me at the Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY, for this is going to be an amazing first-time event.

I’ve been finalizing the details with the resort, including our custom dining with all-Primal menus. The chefs at this historic resort are world-renowned, and they are eager to please our highly discriminating group. We’ll have a custom omelet bar in the mornings, a 52-foot long colorful buffet lunch, and some amazing four-course dinners served in their fabulous Victorian dining halls. How do these grab you at a glance? Pan-seared Filet Mignon tournedos, blue crab succotash, and lemon peppercorn butter; Grilled ahi tuna with papaya kiwi salsa; Apple-smoked duck breast with field greens and figs; Gorgonzola-crusted lamb rack with mango relish and cabernet pan sauce – and you know I could go on and on! As usual, we’ll be busting out the red wine and dark chocolate in front of a huge lakefront campfire in the evenings.

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Dear Mark: IBS and Gluten, Tweaking Calories for Fat Loss

For today’s edition of Dear Mark, we’ve got a short but sweet two-parter. First up is the connection between Irritable Bowel Syndrome, gluten, coffee, and alcohol. A reader with a history of IBS triggered by gluten, coffee, and alcohol wonders if giving up gluten really could have solved his intolerances of the other foods. Then, I give my take on the best dietary strategy for losing the last few pounds of body fat for an otherwise lean individual. Believe it or not, I even mention and recommend counting calories.

Yep. Let’s go:

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Weekend Link Love – Edition 294

Episode #17 of The Primal Blueprint Podcast is now live. I discuss various aspects of fitness and peak human performance. If you have any ideas for future podcasts, please let us know by using the blue “Submit a Question” button in the sidebar!

Got leaky gut? Think you might and want to find out? Solving Leaky Gut will help you figure out how to fix your gut, improve digestion, and reduce food sensitivities.

The Reversing Diabetes World Summit starts tomorrow. You can watch the presentations as they unfold live online, free of charge, or you can get the all-access pass to all the content whenever, wherever you want. The early bird discount for the all-access pass ends at midnight tonight. Save $20 by entering promo code “EARLY20” when you check out.

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Pressure Cooker Braised Short Ribs

A pressure cooker just might be one of the most overlooked kitchen appliances for meat lovers. Want to cook a whole chicken and flavorful broth in less than an hour? Use a pressure cooker. Homemade beef stew in 30 minutes? No problem. Tender braised short ribs in an hour? Yes, please.

The short cooking time in a pressure cooker doesn’t sacrifice flavor or tenderness. Serve these pressure cooker short ribs next to short ribs that have been oven braised for three hours and no one will know the difference. The meat is so tender it’ll fall off the bone before your fork even gets near it. The flavor is rich and meaty, with subtle but enticing seasoning from ginger, garlic, allspice and cumin.

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