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It IS Possible to Take Control of Your Health and Your Life

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep coming in. Thank you for reading! My name Kevin Pollack. I’m 34 years old, I’m happily married for 8 years, and have three boys ages 6, 3 and 15 months. I’m 5’10″ and weigh 195 lbs, and I consider myself in good health (at least I do now). But that wasn’t the case two years ago. I’m about to share with you my personal struggles with my weight and with my health, the rude awakening I received that made me change the way I approached my daily living, and how I came across the Primal Blueprint and my current means of exercise. Let me take you back to when it all started. I was 15 years old when I got my first “on the books job.” I was working at a fast food restaurant called Roy Rogers. It was a fun job. I worked the grill and made the best damn fried chicken in that store, but more importantly (at least for me) was that I could eat all the food and drink all the soda I wanted for free. I was a very active kid growing up. I played baseball, football, soccer, basketball (I had a mean jump shot), lifted weights and rode my bike everywhere, so burning off the food that I ate was not a problem for me. Unfortunately for me, Roy Rogers closed down when I was 16, so I was left without a job, and an appetite the size of the Grand Canyon. Like my father would say, I would have an egg sandwich in one hand and a hot pocket in another – come on, those things were good. So I did what any other kid who liked to eat would do, I got a job at another fast food restaurant, Burger King to be exact, and couldn’t have been happier. I loved whoppers and french fries and those chicken tenders were awesome. I worked a lot there after high school and never had time to make food at home. I didn’t really need to because of where I worked. Soon my diet consisted of lots of fast food cause that’s all I ate, but I wasn’t really gaining weight or if I was I didn’t notice because I was always a big kid. My high school weight was 220 lbs. I had pudge but you would never have known it. I carried my weight pretty well. Soon I was promoted to team leader, then shift manager, and then eventually store manager. My job consisted of very long hours and to make things worse I had a 110 mile round trip commute to my job. All I did was … Continue reading “It IS Possible to Take Control of Your Health and Your Life”

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A Primal Take on the Holidays: Surviving or Thriving?

Often I hear people talk about “surviving” the holidays. I read “holiday survival guides” and the like. I’ve even used the term myself in the same way on occasion. You could say perhaps the whole survival reference is purely tongue-in-cheek, but the fact is too many people do feel imposing stress this time of year. According to one sizable survey (PDF), close to 40% of us (higher for women than for men) experience stress around holiday preparations/family gatherings, financial pressures, commercial hype, limited time and food temptations (especially true for those who embrace a counter cultural diet). That doesn’t sound like much of a Primal party to me.

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10 Common Arguments Against Dairy Consumption Explored

I’ve celebrated the goodness of dairy fat quite enthusiastically in recent weeks. If you were just joining us, you might have gotten the wrong impression that you’d stumbled into a PR wing of the dairy industry, and that the streets of Mark’s Dairy Apple run whitish-yellow with grass-fed milk fat. No, children aren’t busting open fire hydrants on warm days to dance around in the effervescent spray of kefir, and on winter days it doesn’t rain milk and snow globs of thick Greek yogurt in these parts.

I’m well aware of the darker side to dairy, and today I’ll be exploring the common arguments against dairy consumption. Let’s jump right in:

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Amber Waves of Shame

The following passage is an excerpt from Chapter 3 of Denise Minger’s riveting new book Death by Food Pyramid. Order your copy of Death by Food Pyramid by December 31 and get free gifts plus a chance to win Primal prizes valued at $1,800. Learn all the details here.

On a spring night in 1968, thousands of Americans witnessed the televised death of an infant, body no bigger than a toy doll, lying limp as he took his last breath beneath the unflinching gaze of the camera. “This baby is dying of starvation,” the narrator’s voice boomed. “He was an American. Now he is dead.”1

The gut-wrenching footage was part of a CBS documentary called Hunger in America—an expose? on the nation’s hidden plague of starvation. From the backwaters of Alabama to the dusty Navajo reservations of the Southwest, the program pulled viewers into a world of struggle and pain, sending shockwaves throughout the country. Under the nation’s rippling flag of freedom lay a shadow few knew existed: deep poverty and malnutrition in a land that prided itself on abundance.

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Dear Mark: Peppermint Tea, Heirloom Wheat, Dips, Waking Up When It’s Dark, and Feeding an Adopted Infant

For today’s Dear Mark, we’ve got four questions. Actually, there are five because one of the questions has two parts. First, I discuss the anti-androgenic effects of peppermint tea. Beneficial for PCOS, a mixed bag for males? Next is a two-parter about heirloom wheat (is it Primal?) and failure stories (do I get email from people who haven’t had resounding success with the Primal lifestyle?). Then, I explain what your dip technique (tricep exercise, not chip consumption method) should look like in order to minimize the risk to your shoulder health. Finally, I help a reader out with a conundrum: being unable to get going in the morning because it’s so dark outside upon waking. My wife Carrie takes over from there, giving her take on a few approaches to feeding an adopted infant.

Let’s go:

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Weekend Link Love – Edition 274

Submit a story about how your life would benefit if you won to Tara Grant, (possibly) win five copies of her smash hit The Hidden Plague!

New dates/locations have been added to the Primal Blueprint Transformation Seminar series.

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Research of the Week
Paleolithic hunter-gatherers residing near the English Channel area of England and Northern France just so happened to select sites with the greatest availability and density of important macronutrients and micronutrients. This suggests that true Paleolithic diets were replete with desired nutrients; they weren’t scrounging on the outskirts of starvation just to get by.

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