Month: December 2013

Why Personalizing Your Diet and Lifestyle Is the Key to Success

This is a guest post from Chris Kresser of and author of the new book Your Personal Paleo Code. Join me, Chris and numerous other presenters and Primal enthusiasts from around the world at the 5th annual PrimalCon Oxnard in 2014.

Every week it seems there?s a new bestselling diet book promising the ?secret? to losing weight, building muscle, or even curing chronic disease. Over the last few decades we?ve seen books that make a wide range of claims:

Fat is the enemy, and we should all eat a low-fat diet
Carbs make us fat and sick, and we should all eat a low-carb diet
Protein is the key to weight loss and health, and we should all eat a high-protein diet
We should all eat 40 percent of calories from carbohydrate, 30 percent from fat, and 30 percent from protein
Animal products are to blame, and we should all follow a vegetarian or vegan diet
Cooked food is the source of our ills, and we should all eat a raw food diet
We can eat whatever we want and still lose weight?as long as we don?t eat anything at all two days out of each week

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Final 24 Hours of Death By Food Pyramid Special Offer

This is just a quick reminder that today is the final day of the special offer period for the newly released book Death by Food Pyramid by Denise Minger.

If you’ve been meaning to pick up a copy, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet, this is your last chance to grab a copy and get the free gifts, including: a collection of gift certificates and coupons from popular Primal/Paleo retailers, a personal invite to a private Live Webcast Q&A Session on January 8 with author Denise Minger, your name entered for a chance to win Primal prizes worth $1800 in total.

You can learn all the details here.

Many thanks to everyone that has already purchased a copy. I hope you’re finding it as eye-opening and riveting as I did.

If you already have the book in hand, Denise, myself, and our entire team would be incredibly grateful if you would publish a review of the book on Thank you in advance for your support. Grok on!

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Dear Mark: WiFi Effects on Health, Creatine and AGEs, and Introducing Solids

For today’s edition of Dear Mark, we’ve got a two-parter followed by a question for Carrie. First, I discuss the effects of WiFi on health. Or, rather, I explore whether the potential effects of WiFi on health are worth fretting over or whether we should focus on more actionable factors that affect health. Second, I answer a three-part question about creatine and advanced glycation end products. Is there an interaction between supplementary creatine and AGE formation? Are the two contraindicated? Finally, my dear wife Carrie answers a question about introducing solids to a breastfed infant.

Let’s go:

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Weekend Link Love – Edition 276

Pretty much anyone who’s ever tried the tired old “calories in, calories out, eat less, move more” way to lose weight can tell you that doesn’t really work, especially not for the long haul. Jonathan Bailor’s fantastic new book, The Calorie Myth, explains exactly why the old paradigm doesn’t work and shows you how you can lose weight by emphasizing the quality of what you eat and how you move – even if you eat more and move less than before. Enter to win a copy, or just buy the book outright (and get some awesome bonuses exclusive to MDA readers!). I highly recommend it.

There are still a couple days to take advantage of the special offer we’re running for Denise Minger’s Death by Food Pyramid. It ends December 31.

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Oysters Casino

Oysters Casino is a retro dish that should never go out of style. It’s the type of appetizer that’s so good you wish it was a main course, and maybe it could be, with a hefty salad on the side.

To make Oysters Casino, oysters on the half shell are briefly baked in a bath of butter flavored with roasted red pepper, shallots, bacon and a jalapeño pepper garnish. The whole thing goes down the hatch in one delicious bite. If you love raw oysters you’ll probably also love this rich and flavorful recipe. If oysters have never been your thing, then Oysters Casino is a gateway recipe that will turn you into a fan.

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The “Paleo Fantasy” That Saved My Life

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep coming in. Thank you for reading!

Dear Mark and the Paleo community,

This post has been a long time coming. What motivated me to share this story now is all of the current criticism of the Paleo diet in the mainstream media and from certain scientists. I read through some of their findings and felt the wave of fury and frustration crash down on me. It made me think once again, “Am I doing it all wrong?” But upon reflection I realized this (following a modified Paleo diet) is the only way there is for me. If I chose to take those findings and bloggers at their word I would thus begin my journey back down a tunnel of sickness and most likely a very short life.

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