Month: September 2012

Special Offer: Try Both Flavors of Primal Fuel – SOLD OUT!

**Update: Sorry Folks, this offer in no longer available. However, you can still check out both flavors of Primal Fuel by visiting!**

Instead of a contest today, I have a special offer for MDA readers…

In the two years that Primal Fuel has been available, thousands of people have tried it, and if the daily emails I receive from happy customers are any indication, nearly everyone absolutely loves it. Some prefer the delicious Vanilla Coconut Cream variety, others the decadent Chocolate Coconut. I’m more of a chocolate guy myself, so I have a Primal Fuel chocolate shake regularly for breakfast, when I’m on the road and to satisfy the odd sweet tooth I might get. I’m confident that once you taste Primal Fuel and take a look at the short list of healthy ingredients on the label (nutritious fats from coconut milk, the gold-standard version of whey protein, just enough sugar to be tasty and Primal at the same time, and prebiotics) that you’ll love it, and it will help you get and stay Primal. This is why I’ve put together this special offer. I want MDA readers to have the chance to try it on for size, so for the first 300 people that take advantage of this offer they’ll get a trial serving of both flavors of Primal Fuel for the cost of S&H ($3.00). (One order per household.) If you’ve been wanting to try Primal Fuel for some time now, this is your opportunity to give it a shot. Also, I have a 15-serving Primal Fuel in the pipeline, so stay tuned for that, too. Grok on!
Limited to First 300: Get a Trial Serving of Both Flavors of Primal Fuel for Only the Cost of S&H

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Action Item #5: Slow Life Down

Of all the Action Items, #5 can be the hardest or the easiest for people. (Confession time: it’s the one I still work on.) It’s probably the most far-reaching of the AIs, but likely the most fun. In the midst of great Primal fare and Grok approved exercise, there’s the rest of life after all. This Challenge emphasizes genuine transformation, and that means optimizing all the major fronts of life and lifestyle. Overhauling your diet and movement will absolutely reshape your health, but true thriving encompasses a broader, more nuanced sense of well-being. It’s about fulfillment, contentment, and vitality – both physical and mental. Just as the other Action Items guide you to examine and often revamp your daily choices for better health, #5 brings the same scrutiny and strategizing to other aspects of life. The purpose is familiar by now: to let go of practices that don’t serve your well-being and implement those that do.

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Contest: Title Twisters

The Prize:

Organic, grass-fed, grass-finished beef jerky, dried mango, roasted and salted macadamia nuts, marcona almonds and dried cranberries, all conveniently vacuum-sealed into perfect serving sizes and delivered directly to your front door? Umm… yes please! And don’t forget Primal Pacs have no preservatives, grains or gluten, so they’re perfectly Primal.

The lucky winner of today’s contest gets 25 Large Primal Pacs. Retail value: $160.

Bonus: Use promo code “mda” for free shipping. Good for only two days.

And all you have to do for a chance to win is…

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Action Item #4: Exercise Primally – Move, Lift, and Sprint!

For as much as I emphasize the importance of food with regards to health and body composition and deemphasize the purely mechanical act of burning calories through arduous, protracted exercise, you still do have to move. You have to lift heavy things. You have to move very quickly every once in awhile. You have to stay active. These behaviors are absolutely essential to your Primal foray. So, let’s dig into Primal exercise, shall we? Enough food talk.

First off, if you haven’t downloaded a copy of Primal Blueprint Fitness, my free e-book that lays all this stuff out, go sign up for the newsletter to gain access. It’s free and you get tons of other cool freebies, so there’s really no reason not to do it. Plus, it’ll flesh out everything discussed in today’s post. Second, click on the pyramid to the right to zoom in. And we’re off…

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Contest: What Do You Want from Upcoming Book, Primal Woman?

The Prize:

The ULTIMATE posture correction package courtesy of Esther Gokhale, owner and founder of the Gokhale Method Institute!

Do you suffer from mild to chronic back pain, inhibiting your sleep and daily life? Have you succumbed to the fact that this is “just how it is?” Not so fast… The Gokhale Method is a systematic, non-surgical process of restoring pain-free posture and movement based on the way our bodies were naturally designed. Learn how to sit, sleep, stand, walk and bend in ways that actually protect and strengthen your bones and muscles.

The lucky recipient of today’s challenge will receive:

Stretchsit® Cushion: Unlike a lumbar support cushion, Stretchsit elongates rather than compresses your low back, giving you the natural, healthy spinal shape shared by children, athletes and people in traditional societies the world over. This mobile, adjustable cushion can be easily moved from the car to the office, so you can enjoy the benefits throughout the day.

8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back: A step-by-step guide designed to help those suffering from back pain re-educate their bodies and regain the posture for which our bodies evolved.

DVD – Back Pain: The Primal Posture Solution: Follow along with Esther for 60 minutes of guided posture corrections and techniques as she addresses the root cause of most muscle and joint pain with healthy posture and movement techniques.

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Action Item #3: Make the Healthiest Choices Across the Spectrum

Most of us aren’t hunters. Most of us can’t take days off from work to gather some edible bulbs and silently stalk a wild beast whose pursuit might not even end in a kill and meal. No, we are modern humans who go to work, who wield income rather than spears, who mosey on down to the grocery store when we need food. We have the luxury – and some might say burden – of choosing what we’ll eat and when we’ll eat it. But strangely enough, there was a sort of freedom in the way we obtained food in years gone past, wasn’t there? When we filled our bellies solely by what we could catch, grow, and gather, there wasn’t a whole lot of junk food sneaking onto our plates. No Twinkies, no double gallon jugs of soybean oil, no golden arches looming over you.

And so now we’re tasked with making healthy choices, whereas before healthy choices were all that existed. It’s great to have the freedom to choose, but we should try to make the right choices.

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