Month: September 2010

The Primal Blueprint 30-Day Challenge Contest Updates

We’re almost two weeks in to the 30-Day Challenge. If you’re just tuning in, check out the main Challenge Page for instruction on how to get Primal, and then head over to the Contest Page for instruction on how to win prizes.

Here are a few highlights…

The entry pool is still small for the Grokfeast Challenge. Remember, there’s a whole cow at stake, so rally your friends quickly! Check out one competing team’s group photo to the right. Those tribal spears are authentic!

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Contest Contest: The Contest!

The Prize:

Praxis. In the department of simple/versatile, Praxis unrolls and attaches to a door, tree, fire escape, or anything else to give you six anchor points for your resistance bands. And yes, I’m talking to you P90Xers out there and anyone else who has been snapped in the face trying to jury rig a resistance band to a portable pullup bar in an over-sized door frame.The folks at Praxis have set up a special landing page for MDA readers, complete with a exercise video and $10 discount + $10 flat rate shipping. Winner will receive both the Praxis and a heavy resistance band.

But why stop at one resistance band.  Enter today’s second prize, the Rubberbanditz. It’s a package of resistance bands, door straps, handles, and carabiners; this is the second year running I’ve featured this little bag-o-resistance. Maybe it’s the charm of Ari’s video, but give me these over the mass-marketed “Biggest Loser” branded bands any day.

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The Perfect Pot of Primal Soup

When it comes to choosing our favorite nourishing comfort foods, soup is at the top of our list. It’s a whole meal in one pot, not to mention a great way to use up any leftover meat and vegetables lingering in your refrigerator. Soup always sounds especially good when summer turns to fall, but there are plenty of reasons to stop thinking about soup simply as a cold-weather meal and to start thinking about it as the perfect Primal meal any day of the year.

Let’s begin by clarifying what the ideal Primal soup is not. It is not canned nor is it over-salted to make up for a wimpy, watery broth. It is not weighed down by bland potatoes or pasta or filled with limp, overcooked vegetables and itsy-bitsy pieces of unrecognizable meat. The pot of soup on our stove is filled with hearty chunks of protein simmering in a broth richly flavored by bone marrow, collagen and brightly colored vegetables. With a little planning ahead, the perfect Primal soup can be simmering in your kitchen, too, any day of the week and any time of year.

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Contest: Primal is…

The Prize:

Unwieldy weight comes in all unwieldy shapes and all unwieldy sizes. Today’s heavy chunk of unwieldiness is call a Sandball. Part sandbag, part medicine ball, part kettlebell, good for heaving, swinging, and lugging around. It doesn’t have the wonderful scratch-your-hands-up quality of an actual rock, but you can always scrape your hands over concrete for a few minutes after using this sandball if you really need that “just got home from a long day of bashing my food’s skull in with a rough stone” feel. The winner of today’s contest will receive a blue logo BallBell sandball, courtesy of Alpha Strong.

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The J.J. Experiment: Week 2

Last week the J.J. Experiment began. J.J. Valdivia, a personal trainer in Miami, is guiding ten people as they take a 30-Day Leap into a healthy lifestyle. Let’s find out how they’re doing…

Hello MDA,

We are 11 days into the Primal Blueprint 30-Day Challenge and my Leapers and I are still as determined to succeed as we were on day 1. Last Friday, I was met by Thor Braathen and Sandra Mirabal for a one hour walk through downtown Miami.

We conversed the entire walk about Primal life and let me tell you, it sure does beat the chronic cardio I used to do 3-4 times a week. We returned from our walk feeling refreshed and energized, instead of “run down” and carb depleted. Gatorade? No, thanks!

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Contest: Share Your Success Story

The Prize:

An entire year’s worth of my top-shelf multi-vitamin-antioxidant, the Primal Blueprint Damage Control Master Formula. And what the hey, I’ll also include a year’s worth of Vital Omegas.

The Contest:

Beyond the informative, MDA is also a place where people can go to find encouragement and inspiration on the road to better health. And nothing inspires better than example. If going Primal has improved your life, great or small, now’s your chance to share it with hundreds of thousands of people. Make and upload a video sharing your Primal success story. Maybe you’ve had a life changing success such as dramatic weight loss, a body transformation, or the reversing of type 2 diabetes. Or perhaps you’ve simply had a successful day like finally grilling a perfect steak, achieving your first pullup, or nudged your stubborn aunt to start taking what she eats seriously. Whatever your success story is, share it.  The video doesn’t have to be long, a minute or two is fine. Nor does it just have to be a talking head, if you want to show how you’ve transformed your backyard into a Primal garden, or show us something you can do now that you couldn’t do four months prior, go for it. No points off for thinking outside the box. And don’t forget to say your name (or nickname/handle) and tell us where you’re from!

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