Month: August 2010

Throwing: Another Essential Movement?

Human evolution is usually described as a sequence of momentous changes or developments to our species. You’ve got the move from knuckle walking and tree dwelling to perpetual bipedalism that occurred a few million years back as perhaps the biggest step toward homo sapiens and away from the lower primates. There’s the big brain, too, as well as the tool making. Language acquisition, art, spirituality, and, yes, agriculture are other major milestones in our journey. These developments punctuated and defined our evolution, and they’ve come to define what it means to be human. What other animals walk upright all day long, manipulate and craft complex machinery, employ an over ten thousand-word verbal vocabulary, and shape the natural world around them?

Well, it’s probably time to augment our evolutionary CVs with yet another bullet point: the development of our unique shoulder joints.

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How-To: Proper Plank Technique

This is the last in a series of posts (Pushups, Pullups/Chinups, Squats) covering proper technique for the 4 Essential Movements of Primal Blueprint Fitness. Check back tomorrow when I’ll be covering the first of many ancillary movement patterns that will be featured in Workouts of the Week (WOW).

I don’t like situps, crunches, or most of their derivatives, as “core workouts.” Yeah, doing a ton of crunches day in and day out will get you perpetually sore abdominals, but that’s an improper usage of our torso. The core does not exist to contract or bend over and over again; it’s there to resist force. We need strong cores in order to maintain a stable torso while putting in work, whether it’s lifting heavy things, carrying a heavy load, or transferring power from our hips while throwing a punch or a ball. Having that stable, strong core with the capacity to resist the influence of outside forces is far more important than having the capacity to perform a million situps.

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Introducing The Primal Leap

Weight management is huge issue – even an obsession – in modern culture. Ironically, it’s a booming industry, yet one that has produced widespread dismal failure for decades – even with ever-greater attention, awareness, and education about healthy living and reducing disease risk. Since the inception of MDA, and particularly in recent months after the release of the Primal Blueprint, I’ve noticed just how important, complex, frustrating, and confusing the issue of weight loss is, even to devoted diet and fitness enthusiasts trying to do the right thing.

The Primal Leap is my aggressive response to making things right when it comes to weight loss. My team and I have prepared perhaps the most detailed and comprehensive 30-day course available anywhere, bringing an intense focus and detailed guidance to implementing the Primal Blueprint principles specifically for weight loss.

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Workout of the Week (WOW)

I am pleased to announce the inaugural Workout of the Week (WOW). Before we get to the workout, first an explanation…
What is a WOW?
In short, WOWs will test your agility, balance, coordination, endurance, speed and strength. They’ll periodically incorporate Sprinting and Moving Slowly, but will usually emphasize Lifting Heavy Things. Expect to see variations of the 4 Essential Movements (e.g. lunges, dips, rows, kippings, burpees etc.), plyometrics, and HIIT (both time and task priority). WOWs will often ask you to use added weight. In most cases, the kind (sandbag, kettlebell, dumbbell, slosh tube, plate, etc.) and amount (5 lbs, 20 lbs, 50 lbs, etc.) will be up to you. Thus, I generally recommend that you master the 4 Essential Movements of PBF Lift Heavy Things before attempting WOWs, and then using WOWs in place of one or both of your regular PBF LHT days each week.

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Weekend Link Love

Fast foods and statins, together at last. What won’t they think of next?

It’s funny because it’s sad. Or maybe it’s funny because it’s scary. Either way, I laughed out loud when I found out about little televisions being installed in grocery stores right next to foods to be advertised. Does anyone get the creepy feeling we’ll see a day where instead of snapping, crackling, and popping, Rice Krispies will actually shout, “Buy more!” in the mouths of pre-diabetic children at breakfast tables across America?

Already mastered the standard pullup? Al Kavadlo ads a few pullup variations to the mix. And by a few, I mean about 20.

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Shrimp “Grok-amole” Salad

Some meals are just meant to be eaten underneath a bright blue sky with the hot summer sun shining down, and in our opinion, Shrimp “Grok-amole” is one of them. Cold, plump shrimp doused liberally in lime juice and tossed with juicy red tomatoes, crunchy orange pepper, spicy jalapeño and as many avocados as you can fit in the bowl is our idea of good summer eating. Shrimp “Grok-amole” salad is refreshing, nutritious and (this might be the best part) you don’t have to turn on an oven, stove or grill to make it. Just get out your knife and start chopping.

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