2009 Primal Health Challenge: Contest Prizes

I’m bringing back the annual Primal challenge in August, and this time I’m giving away prizes. The challenge is different this year. Rather than an all-or-nothing 30-days-at-100% challenge, this year the focus is on the transition, the daily choices and changes people make to go from unhealthy average Joe to healthy Primal Grok, or from healthy Grok to toned, alpha Grok. And whether or not you fully participate in the challenge, you still have a chance to win the prizes…

In addition to the regular blog post, we’ll have a contest post each weekday featuring a Primal-related product with details on how to win. Some of the prizes will simply require leaving a comment in the comment board, though a few of the better prizes will require a little leg and brain work (creating a Primal recipe or workout video, for instance). I’ve locked down several choice goodies like kettlebells, clubbells, and fresh caught Alaskan salmon, but I still have some spots open for additional prizes.

If you have a product you’d like to see featured on Mark’s Daily Apple during the 2009 30-Day Primal Health Challenge drop me a line by clicking here. If it helps you cook a Primal meal, break a Primal sweat, or live a Primal life, and I can comfortably get behind it (no gift cards to fast food joints or lifetime supplies of “Lean Pockets” thank you very much) I’ll feature it as a contest prize.

If you know a company who might be interested, feel free to shoot them a line.

If you have a prize suggestion, feel free to leave it in the comment board, and if you know someone who makes it, leave a link to their website!

Again, I’m not looking for sugar-filled energy drinks, magic weight loss pills, useless exercise gimmicks or anything else antithetical to the Primal Blueprint health paradigm, but I certainly don’t mind giving away a few sensible vices or products that fit under the broad category of “play.”

Also worth noting:

  • I won’t be doing product reviews of all the prizes. The product will simply be featured in the contest giveaway post with a photo and link to the product site.
  • Gift cards are fine as long as the company meets PB standards.
  • I’m not averse to giving away non-Primal prizes if they’re amazing (i.e. if I could give away a car or vacation package, that would be awesome, right?).
  • The contest begins August 3rd so if you’d like to be a sponsor contact me soon!

Lastly, I want to remind everyone to mark their calendars for this challenge and to tell their friends and family to show up on day 1, August 3rd. It will be the perfect opportunity for anyone new to the Primal concept to jump on the bandwagon and begin leading a healthier lifestyle, and for Primal veterans to refine what they’re already doing. Not to mention the free stuff…


It has just been brought to my attention that the contact form may not be working properly – as in not at all. I have my support team looking into it. An update to the latest version of our blog platform may have broken the form. I’m not yet sure how long it has been broken, but if you have attempted to contact me and never received a reply my sincerest apologies. If you have a question, comment, or otherwise need to get in touch with me please do so by clicking here for the time being. I’ll update this blog post announcement once the issue is resolved.


The contact form is now working. (07/20/09) Contact away!

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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    1. I love my Vibrams! Took a little doing, but my boss finally allowed me to even wear them at work!

  1. Hrm. And your comment filter doesn’t like the links you’ve asked for.

    Or has comment moderation become a necessary evil here now?

    Let’s click Submit Comment and find out.

  2. Yup. It’s the link that did it. Waves @ Mark to be fished out of the spam filter.

  3. I’m excited to actually do this challenge. I’ve been a comfortable PB for 6 months and am ready to take it the next level. A couple of prize suggestions; your book, grok T-shirt, a pair of vibram 5 fingers.

    Thanks for the awesome work you do.


  4. Ooh give away a gift certificate for Vibrams!!!! I have a pair of Sprints but really want a pair of Classics too…or KSOs, or Flows…that would be an awesome prize.

  5. Looking forward to the challenge…my wife and I have both made the leap..

    Gord–I second the VFF!

  6. Fantastic! Count me in. I’d love to see some samples of your protein powder for a prize, because I definitely am a poor student who loves it but can’t afford it most of the time!

  7. One can never have enough VFF’s. A supply of some of your supplements would also be cool. Autographed books. Grok T’s. You could also make an overall winner something of a Grok celeb by giving them supplements and whatnot while following their quest for an extended period of time or something like that?

  8. London Kettlebells or The Strength Company – I recommend both companies to other UK primal’s if they’re after simple but effective training equipment.

  9. I second the VFF, your book, grok shirt and some of your supplements.

    Also the idea to “create a grok” and follow their progress is fantabulous!

  10. I am very excited for this Mark—thank you for this opportunity! (:

  11. Thanks, everyone. All good thoughts. Yes, expect giveaways from my company, Primal Nutrition: The Primal Blueprint, t-shirts, vitamins etc.

  12. Waa Hooo! I am pumped & amped to get trimmed & ripped. Nothing like the hope for a prize or recognition by your peers to give some of us the little kick in the pants to get us Moving (constantly @ a steady pace)

  13. I will be participating as a virgin Grok, just reading PB right now!!!

  14. there’s a very primal-looking kitchen gadget over on Thinkgeek – I can’t post a link to it here, obviously, but if you go to their website and search for “caveman” (no quotes) you should see what I mean. Might make a nice primal prize…

    And a question I must answer, due to the international nature of the Internet – will the contest only be open to residents of the “Continental United States”, or can us foreign primalists join in?

    1. Good question. Some prizes will be available to everyone while others will only be available domestically. It depends on the sponsor. Some will only ship state side. I’ll make it clear which is which in the contest posts.

  15. Frisbees could make fun, easy prizes (Grok’s gotta play, right?).

    Maybe medicine balls for other exercise equipment.

    And I always love clothes; shirts, fleeces, vests, socks, etc.

    1. It’s hard to say just yet how many contests will be eligible to people outside the US. I’d put the number at half or better right now. Looking forward to your participation, maranne!

  16. Fun! How about a nice food dehydrator? I’ve been meaning to look into those.

  17. This is awesome, since I just missed the last one. Gives me a chance to see if my fiancee and friends will join in on the fun.
    Prize Suggestions:
    Vibram Five Fingers, Jump Rope, Water Bottles, Mountain Bike, Backpack/hiking pack, Gift Certificate to Grasslandbeef
    1/4 or 1/2 cow from local farm,Chest freezer, Cast iron cookware

  18. Joe: Chest Freezer?? dude, you are ambitious & hopeful, aren’t you.
    I’m with Brian: Frisbees!!
    Mark: maybe someone can get some made with a Grok on them? I’ve been collecting frisbees since the 70’s (old Ultimate player from back-in-the-day)

    1. Another vote for Frisbees! Though they’ve never been the same since I stopped taking acid back in the seventies . . .

  19. Nice initiative Mark. Some ideas:

    – portable coal or gas grill
    – some cool set of butcher knives
    – blenders, juice extractors and the like
    – crock-pots

  20. I am in transition mode now. I am looking forward to it. Problem where I live is getting Grass fed or pastured animals. Gonna have to load up on venison and game come fall. Lots of suggestionsfor 80-20 rule but saving them for the contest.

    Suggestion for prize or future project.

    GROK’s Cooking Glyphs- a cook book for Grok wannabes

  21. ^^^lmao^^^

    Sweet! you can count me in! Did someone say prizes?!?!?! 🙂

    Prize Idea: New T’s with some primal verses! 🙂

  22. I’m looking forward to the challenge. How about body weight pull up straps like the Lifeline Jungle Gym? Also, aluminum water bottles.

  23. I’m in it to win it. Count me in too. I think next your though you should do the challenge in May, so people will have results to show off all summer. Just a thought. Good luck to all they are gonna need it. JK



    1. Good thought, Chris. Yes, next year we’ll have to do it a bit earlier. This year the launch of the blog redesign and the release of the book took up my time during May/June.

  24. How ’bout something for our 4-legged friends?

    We feed our dog food from “Orijen” – a Canadian based dog food company. They have a very primal (implicitly) philosophy, and for dry, pre-packaged dog food it is the best thing we’ve been able to find (note: my wife is a veterinary student).

    Here’s a blurb from their website about what is in their food:

    “Stated simply, ‘Biologically Appropriate’ means mirroring the foods that Mother Nature evolved the animal to eat – in other words, matching the digestive anatomy of the target animal.

    World’s away from conventional pet foods, Biologically Appropriate dog and cat foods are concentrated and varied in fresh animal ingredients and supply nutrients in species specific ratios to mimic the natural diet.

    Biologically Appropriate ORIJEN is:

    They ship to us in the UK and 40+ other countries. Some bags or samples would be a great prize!

  25. How about a primal beauty pamper packs for the grokettes!

    Also how about a primal pantry pack of coconut, olive and nut oils, herbs & spices, various nuts, some jerky and things like that

  26. I really appreciate that you are doing a small wins strategy. I find i get really discouraged and fail at all or nothing type things, and that small wins are the ticket to big change.

  27. Awesome! I’ll be getting back from a trip to Las Vegas the day before the challenge starts. Perfect timing- haha!

  28. Yay. . .this will be fun. Maybe it would be a good time to expand the “grok on” clothing line–sweatshirts, ball caps?

  29. just ordered the book today! have been reading the archived articles on the site the past couple weeks! cant wait for the challenge, so pumped for it!!! thanks mark!!

  30. Perhaps a heavy duty sand bag would be a good prize. Or Paleokits. I love paleo kits.

    1. It would be wonderful if the Paleokits were made out of organic nuts and seeds!

  31. Super sweet! I was getting back into PB this summer anyway, but now there are prizes! Exciting!

  32. I’m new… sorry but I’m not sure how one signs up for the challenge, gets started, etc. Have I missed that, or am I just jumping the gun and need to chill and wait? :}

    Great site, btw. Very motivating!

  33. Looking forward to the challenge, making the transition to alpha Grok!

  34. yaya – I am new here so this will be a good way to get started – and good timing as I get back from vacation on the 1st – hoping the book comes before I leave so I can read it and sprint on the beach LOL …

  35. this is SOOOO perfect! i can hardly wait to get this challenge going!

  36. and i saw the “big stick” yesterday at a surf shop. its basically so you can practice paddle boarding with a long board (skateboard) for those of us who are painfully land locked….i wish i had more information about it but this would make an AWESOME prize (for me) 🙂

  37. Yeah! another Primal Challenge! I love reading about everyone’s progress, and their inspiring stories. I finally have my husband convinced that primal is better. He’s finally switched his diet too! By the way, I added you as a link to our website! I’d be lost without Mark’s daily apple and I want to share it with everyone!

  38. A month, two month, three month membership to a local crosssfit box of your choice

  39. Under the sensible vices, I’d recommend Hotel Chocolat – they are a UK company but also opened in Boston a while ago, so can ship to US customers also. They do fantastic boxes (including a less sugar selection) but I’m guessing most of the folk here would be more interested in the huge selection of dark bars they do. The link is hotelchocolat and then dot com or dot co.uk depending on which side of the Pond you are.

  40. I vote for a couple different size ironwoody sand bags.

    Or a Dynamax ball or two.

    Or better yet – a 2in 20FT nylon rope – that is a primal beast!

  41. This sounds great! We’re going Primal around here, myself, my husband, and even our 5 kids! 🙂 Learn early to live well!

  42. As to prizes, samples of the products, signed books, t-shirts… any and all of these would be great!

  43. Yes, I was going to mention 5 Fingers as well. Maybe as some sort of TOP PRIZE.
    That’ll sure make a lot of us work harder:)

  44. Do we need to be signing up for this challenge? I would love to participate.

  45. I also am among those who have no idea where to “show up” or how to participate…

    And do we need a book to participate?

  46. I’m in! Just finished the book, taking notes, and making my plan! Awesome book!

  47. Clubbells and kettlebells will be great prizes along with Vibrams as many suggested. Other suggestions would be videos on how to use clubbells or kettlebells, sandbags, weight vests. Whatever it is, when you say “free” you get people’s attention.

  48. Some California estate olive oil would be pretty special/rare for winners outside of the region. I like the Alaskan salmon idea a lot too. VFFs seem like a natural choice.