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2009 Primal Challenge Progress Report

We?re closing in on half a year now since I first announced the 2009 Primal Challenge [1] ? the invitation to take on the Primal perspective and make it your own this year. Since then, we?ve come a long way, and I hope you have too. You?ve seen our redesign. Now I want to ask, how is yours going? To review, we started out the year with this question: on the scale of true wellness ? real vitality, where would you rate your life today? Remember your answers? What does that picture look like now? What continues to surprise you? Have you hit a new plateau [2]? Experienced a new breakthrough? What?s the next leg of the journey for you ? the next summit? Pull up to the PB [3] round table and let?s compare notes?.

Sure, when working toward goals it?s usually best to keep your eye on the ball, but it can also help now and then to look back at your progress. Remind yourself how far you?ve come, question what you?ve learned, gather up motivation for the next round, or realize that it?s time to reboot.

We love a challenge. We relish the brainstorming, the lofty intention. We?re smitten with the early rush of enthusiasm, driven by that initial impulse. Then we do the work. We spend our days building new routines, gathering new resources. We gain ground, feel results and continue doing what we?re doing. When we settle in, we naturally slow the pace and at some point begin to look around. It can be exciting to find ourselves in new territory ? or occasionally it can simply seem foreign and suddenly feel disorienting. In the last few months, you?ve likely adopted a series of PB steps, but a good question now might be this: do you feel you?ve actually absorbed them as personally meaningful principles? Does it seem to ?fit? yet? Do you feel like the PB is something you?ve been practicing or something you?ve been living? If it doesn?t feel like a natural part of your life, the disorientation ? the disconnect ? can be enough to stall momentum [4].

Perhaps you find yourself celebrating your Challenge experience and the new vision it?s given you. Or maybe you suspect you need to hold steady for a while, get a better lay of the land, and do the personal work of getting more grounded in your new lifestyle. (Take it as a sign that you?re truly invested.) We?ve likely all found ourselves in both places ? and everywhere in between ? at some point. Junctures like this are part and parcel for authentic change.

I always say that the PB is more than a diet and exercise routine. It?s a full lifestyle and holistic means to a healthy, vitality-filled life. And that leads me to another question ? this time for you ?old timers? out there who have been on board with the Primal Blueprint for a while now. What are you doing with that vitality? In the beginning of the PB (or any new journey) we often get motivated with the prospect of big change and inspiring goals. Sure, we get serious and focused as we move forward, and we enjoy constructing our routines. But flip the funnel, and return to that big picture of anticipation. What have your primal inspired changes opened up to you? What can you do now that wouldn?t have been possible before? Where is that unfolding vitality leading you?

For those of you who?ve joined us recently, I want to personally invite you to jump on the bandwagon. Resolutions don?t have to start January 1st. With summer upon us, it might just be the perfect time to begin a more effective workout [5] program, eat better [6], de-stress [7] more, and flat out change your vantage point on overall wellness. Even if you didn?t begin the year with us, there?s a full seven months left. Where do you want to be by year?s end? Why not get started now?

A note for those who are looking for a shorter term challenge ? either to give the PB an initial test run or to go for broke in the midst of a more gradual path (a PB sprint of sorts): we?ll be unveiling another 30- or 60-day challenge this summer. Check back then (and every day of course!) as we gear up for the Challenge. Although I?ve heard from some of you who finished The Primal Blueprint book [8] already (speed readers!), I think a July start date will coincide nicely with many readers finishing the book.

In the meantime, whether you?re newly committing or continuing your Primal progress, we?ll be doing our part by offering up more recipes [9] (to take the guesswork out of food preparation), as well as contests, giveaways, video features, workout suggestions and other Challenge tips and info. Regardless of how long you?ve been with the PB, tell us what you want for the Challenge. Tips for beginning baby steps (for yourself or others you?re encouraging to get on board)? Perspectives on digging deeper or delving into less explored areas of the PB? I want this challenge to be interactive so let us know your thoughts and what we can do for you.